Pakistan and rise of separatism in Balochistan

  • The greatest problem facing Pakistan today is rise of separatism in Balochistan. The solution to this problem found by our military and related agencies was by lifting balochis who were playing a lead role in this wave of separatism. Military never understood the lesson that we learnt when East Pakistan separated from us. Military did exactly the same thing there by kidnapping separatists and denying Bengalis their rights. It all ended in a humiliating defeat for Pakistan and military in which Takka khan ended up as a prisoner of war throwing his pistol before the feet of Indian generals and more than a lakh of Pakistani soldiers ended up in Indian jails as a result. It seems like history is repeating itself. India is again playing a similar role by igniting more and more flames of independence in Balochistan and using its money ruthlessly for this purpose. It seems that America, whose butts our generals are never tired of kissing, has a great interest in a separate balochistan as was made evident by a recent conference about conditions in Balochistan under auspices of American government.

    It is more important today than ever that we have to win the hearts of Balochis. It is the poorest province in Pakistan but has large natural resources. It is crucial that whatever natural resources are produced in Balochistan, major part of their earnings goes for uplift of Balochis something our federal governement never learnt to do. A major portion of natural gas produced in Pakistan comes from Balochistan and very little of its revenue is actually given to Balochistan. It is also very important that only balochis decide about how to unearth huge deposits of copper, silver and gold and how their revenue would be used. Even if Federal government is unable to spend large amounts of money from its pocket for uplifting balochistan, the natural resources of Balochistan must be used for Balochistan by people of Balochistan.

    Again as I earlier said we cannot prevent another catastrophe for Pakistan by abducting Balochis and adding fuel to fire of separatism. We have to win their hearts and this is only possible by addressing their grievances and making them play a constructive role in all decisions about Pakistan and especially about Balochistan. A federation cannot exist if its parts are not ready to live amicably together. We really have to see the writing on the wall and change the course of time and future history before it is too late.

    We really have to appreciate the actions of our Chief Justice who has taken actions in retrieving abducted people from agencies. Though it is a great actions, it is too little and too late when seen as a part of broader picture. Unless all elements of our society and all provinces learn to respect each other and uphold the rights of each other, it will be a remote scenario that only actions of supreme court will be enough to prevent a disaster. We really have to have a debate about how we can win hearts of people of Balochistan province and let Balochis play a lead role in this debate. This is paramount that we allow the people of Balochistan to have a sense of being masters of their destiny and have a sense of inclusion in the federation of Pakistan.

    1. there any Pakistan and if then answer is yes, then where is it.

    2. What factors are creating and sustaining the feeling of isolation an desperation in Balochistan?

    3. Who is behind creation of that feeling?

    4. If these are external forces, than how come we as a nation cannot defeat that external force?

    5. Are we one nation?

    1. What factors are creating and sustaining the feeling of isolation an desperation in Balochistan?

    The factors that have created a sense of isolation are extreme poverty, lack of good education standards, a feeling of neglect. There is also a strong feeling that resources of Balochistan are not being used for uplift of people of Balochistan and little is done by federal government for reduction of poverty.

    1. If these are external forces, than how come we as a nation cannot defeat that external force?

    We cannot defeat external forces because they exploit the feeling of resentment and neglect in people of Balochistan. We actually have to be one nation and the way it is possible is, by making a just use of resources of Balochistan and most of the revenue of Balochistan should be used for poverty reduction there thus making them feel a proud part of the federation.

    1. Are we one nation?

    We have to be one if we want to live with dignity and respect among other nations and be proud of our country. We are not a successful nation as of now but the tide has to be turned and we have to make ourselves prominent among league of nations by being a successful nation.

  • Ahsan Amins ahib

    Thank you sir for your insights. Seems the rot cause of the current issue on hand is pretty simple and the solution is also simple.

    a) Steps to eliminate poverty

    b) Just distribution of benefits derived from local resources

    c) Provision of fairness, equality and justice

    I am really alarmed as to why the provincial and federal governments are not being able to take necessary steps to implement basic solutions