Is it possible to convict anybody in Pakistan?

  • I believe that its almost impossible to convict any culprit without independent investigative agency, independent prosecution and free judiciary. We have seen in recent past that govt. is influencing the investigators and prosecutors (NICL, Hajj cases etc).

    Here, it looks Gilani Sb is trying to do the same, to cover his son's corruption.

  • @abdulhameed

    I think you meant to ask question about people with power.

    Is it possible to convict anybody with Power in Pakistan?

    A poor person without connection can be convicted of even a small offense.

  • @sipahi

    now, it looks that any one can can escape conviction, as all the parties are in power.

  • Its possible to convict anybody who has a bit of public support & hint to stand against BAHDUR FAUJ. Start from Shurwardey to bhutto to NS (Plane high-jacking case). What was the crime ?? And didn't these guys were convicted ??

  • @Sharif Aadmi

    Come on bhai, we need to get rid of this "blame game" mindset. we are blaming us and india for blasts, instead of controlling our own religious & political militants. we are blaming army for coups, instead of realizing the mistakes made by politicians. its our corrupt politicians who make mistakes and give a chance to army. Do you know how ppl were protesting against ZAB and how much happy they were after marshal law? Do you know what was mian sb doing when mush came in, Benazir bhutto also congratulated mush for the coup, and ppl were celebrating it, even lahories.

    bro, we need to learn from our mistakes, instead of cursing the past. the current political leaders are making same mistakes, they are corrupt, not investing to get general public support.

    What have they done to reduce the corruption? Infact they are supporting and protecting corruption.

  • abdulhameed

    Do u know what crime was of Suherwardy ? Do u know what crime was of politicians ABDO'ed by "FIELd MARSHAL" Ayub khan ???

    None of those was named for corruption but whats history of Ayub Khan and how his sons are billionaries know ? Whats history of Gen.Akhtar Abdul Rehman or Zia and how their sons are billioners ??

    And if politicians are committing the mistakes then isn't the BAHDUR FAUJ committing the same crimes by kidnapping and killing innocent Balochs ?

    Bro,there is an old saying

    "RESONSIBLITY COMES WITH AUTHORITY" and its very much clear in pakistan that who commands the authority ?

  • @Sharif Aadmi


    Who has got executive authority in Pakistan? PM or COAS? Of, course its PM, but how can he use his authority to challenge army or ISI, if he himself is corrupt and agencies has got all the details of his corruption? Moral Authority is stronger than Physical Authority or power, so we need to have a Gilani who himself is not corrupt and looking after the general public to get maximum public support instead of saving corruption of zardari sb to get his party's support.