NA 87_Jhang II Analysis

  • Last time in 2008 results of this NA were as below;

    Ghulam Bibi Bharwana (PMLQ) 63,190 votes

    Sughra Imam (PPPP) 55,545 votes

    Makhdoomzada Syed Asad Hayat Independent 21874 votes

    2008 result Comments:Ghulam Bibi had a good repute here because of her grand father and no corruption charges.Last time Sughra Imam lost here with very close margin though she drew sympathy votes of PPP as well.PMLN had no candidate here.

    2013 analysis:

    PMLN:Shahbaz sharif has earned good repute in this area because of his work but they can only win here by eluding any one of Ghulam Bibi or Sughra Imam.Rumours are spread that PMLN will accept eighther Imam family or Ghulam Bibi.

    PMLQ:PMLQ have to try best to retain Ghulam Bibi to have some chances of win.But still it seems difficult if PMLN gives ticket to Sughra Imam.

    PPP:PPP have no chances here.If Sughra Imam contests on PPP ticket then this seat will definately go to Ghulam Bibi,in whichever party she contests.

    PTI:I have not yet listened any news for PTI candidate.

    Comments are welcomed!

  • @zaheer

    i think talks with imam family r underway . so for me sughra wil contest on N ticket. but in case if she denied a ticket then Ghulam bibi will contest on PMLN ticket. that is for sure k in donon mein se jo bhi pmln k ticket per contest kare ga will win .