NA 88_Jhang III analysis

  • In 2008 Elections results were as below;

    Faisal Saleh Hayat (PMLQ) 72,065 votes

    Abida Bibi (PPP) 56,729 votes

    Rai Sarfraz Bhatti (Ind) 19,851 votes

    2008 Result comments:

    Here Faisal Saleh won by margin of 16000 votes because of being in king party.Syeda Abida had collected PPP sympathy votes but an indepandant candidate Rai sarfraz worked as a spoiler and begged 19,0851 votes which could go to Syed abida.PMLN could not claim anything here

    2013 analysis:

    PMLN:Shahbaz Sharif has good reputation here but they can only win if one of Faisal Saleh or Syeda Abida joins them.Rumours are that both are in talks with PMLN.

    PMLQ:They can retain here if Faisal does not join PMLN,but will have very less chance of PMLN gives ticket to Syeda Abida on other side.

    PPP:Syeda Abida will lose here again if she contests on PPP ticket and seat can again go to Faisal Saleh.

    PTI:Have no information if they have announced any candidate yet.

    Comments are welcomed!

  • @Zaheer Bhai,

    What are the chances of either Faisal Saleh or Syeda Abida Hussain being bagged by PML-N? Who could act as a spoiler in this constituency next time around?

    As for PTI.....Lol, they haven't even announced if they are going to contest the elections or not; we are jumping way ahead of ourselves rather prematurely in their case.

  • PMLN ticket can be the deciding factor here.Whoever gets PMLN ticket will become favourite.But in all conditions this will be a great contest.

  • @ siddiqi.

    bro PTI ka candidate wo ho ga jis ko pmln ka ticket nai mile ga. means ager faisl saleh ko PMLN accept ker leti hai to begum abida might join PTI. and if faisal denied by N then faisal will go to pti.

    @ zaheer

    bro is there any party votebank for any party . and what abt PTI. have they got any party vote. and what abt personal reputation.mean faisal and abida mein se locally kis ki reputation achi hai ??

  • @Chaudaru

    PTI can not bag any party vote in Jhang.I do'nt think any of both(Abida or Faisal) will join PTI.If Faisal joins Abida will contest on PPP ticket.Faisal has little edge over Abida.

  • PMLN candidate in 2008 (...bukhari ) is a relative of Shah mehmood qureshi

  • @ daani.

    bro moin riaz qurashi who is pmln candidate from PP 194 in bye elction in multan is also relative of shahmehmod.

  • @Zaheerabbas

    bro do pmln posses prty vote in that halqa ?

  • @Chaudaru

    In Jhang people will caste votes against PPP.

    20% will be catsed to PMLN in large towns and small cities but rest 80 % will be casted anti-PPP.So PMLN,PTI and independent will divide these votes on candidate repute and families support.

  • so do u think k pmln cud win 3 NA seats frm jhang ?

  • Is there any news about Faisal Saleh or Fakhar Imam family?Who is going to join PMLN?

  • @Zaheer Bhai,

    PML-N is working one constituency at a time. All the big wigs in Jhang and its periphery are lining up to make their next moves. Hence, the likes of Sheikh Waqas, Faisal Saleh Hayat and Fakhar Iman family will show their cards in the coming days.

  • @ zaheer bahi

    siddiqi bahi is right . there r some backdoor negotiations are going through but every thing will ne cleard on the eve of electins.