NA 90_Jhang V

  • 2002 Results:

    Shahbaz Ahmad Gujar Advocate MMA 3517

    Sahibzada Muhammad Nazir Sultan National Alliance 56180

    Ms.Saima Akhtar Bharwana Independent 56647

    The results in 2008 were as below;

    Saima Akhtar Bharwana(Ind) 52,909 votes

    Sahibzada Nazir Sultan(PMLQ) 46,544 votes

    Sahibzada Tahir Sultan(PMLN) 2,889 votes

    Maulana Zahid Anwar (MMA) 2,715 votes

    2008 Election result comments:

    Saima is though to be daughter in law of gujrat Chauhdries but now seperated.had won here because of her support in city area(shorkot) which used to be supporting Nazir Sultan before.she had provided gas connections in this area with support of PMLQ.Nothing else she could do in last 9 years.

    2013 Election analysis:

    PMLN: PMLN has very good reputation here.But they need Sahibzada Nazir Sultan or Saima Bharwana.Saima could ensure their win on PMLN ticket but now there r rumours that she has joined PPP which will give benfit to PMLN cadidate.MPA Aslam Sargana has joined PMLN who has very good repute and will bag enough votes for PMLN candidate in rural area,2nd MPA in this area should be able to bag city area votes for

    PMLN to ensure victory.

    PMLQ:They can have a good conest if retain sahibzada but seems difficult on PMLQ ticket for any one.

    PPP:If Saiam joins PPP then PPP in some how can have a good chance here.But generally people hate PPP in this area and PPP ticket may give benifit to opposite.

    PTI:Do'nt know if they have any cadidate here

    Comments are welcomed!

  • @ zaheer bhai.

    good analysis bro so it will b 2 way fight again b/w sultan and bharwana .and who ever gets pmln ticket will be fav. i think nazir sulatn is gonna join pmln.

  • @Zaheerabbas

    There was news of Saima Akhtar Bharwana joining PMLN

    Independent member of the National Assembly from NA-90 Shorkot Saima Akhtar Bharwana has announced to join PML-N. She took the decision after meeting with CM Punjab Shahbaz Sharif in Lahore. During the meeting MPA from Jhang, Mehr Sultan Sikandar Bharwana and former Adviser to the Chief Minister Mehr Muhammad Aslam Bharwana were also present.

    Saima Akhtar Bharwana is daughter of former Punjab Industries Minister and former District Council Jhang Chairman Mehr Akhtar Abbas Bharwana.

  • @ daani.

    bro saima ne Shabaz sharif se mulaqaat kerne k baad zardari se bhi mulaqaat ki hai . and bilwal house karachi ki press realse k mutabiq she has joined ppp. by the way aap kia kehtay ho . sultan family is bettor option For pmln or saima ?

  • do u have any reference for her news of joining PPP ??

  • Still people r confused about Saima.She will eighther contest as independant or will contest on PMLN ticket i think.If she contests independant she will be difficult to defeat.

  • what abt nazir sultan ? where he stand ?

  • Nazir Sultan family is 'permanent lota' family.

    they are in PMLQ. announced to join PMLN, then after initial PTI wave, leaked news of their joining PTI. When their opponent (PPP candidate Ataullah ) joined PTI, they met Ch brothers and announced to be in PMLQ till their last breath.

    PMLN is inlinced to promote current MPAs like Najaf Sial to NA seat and they have support of all MPAs who supported Sultans and Saima Akhtar Bharwana.

  • 4 different conditions may occure here;

    1-If both contest independently then Nazir Sultan will lose against Saima.

    2-If Nazir Sultan contests on PMLN ticket and Saima on PPP then Nazir Sultan may win.

    3-If Nazir Sultan contests on PMLN and Saima as independant then Saima may lead but in case Nazir Sultan somehow manages to grab city area votes with support of 2nd MPA candidate of PMLN in city area(May be Khalid Ghani) then Nazir Sultan may win.As rural area votes will be divided among both almost equally.

    4-If Saima contests on PMLN ticket she will win in any case.

  • @Daani

    Najaf Sial may contest in NA91.These Sultans have never done

    anything good in that area.Here he has to face Attaullah on PTI ticket and Mehboob Sultan in case Sultan do'nt join PMLN.

    For NA90 there seems no 3rd option other than Saima and Nazir Sultan.Though i had listened that Aslam Sargana sitting MPA may also be PMLN candidate for NA 90.Aslam Sargana has very good repute but is not famous in city areas.

  • @ zaheer abbass.

    so saima is in good position than nazir sultan. plmn shud persue her to join

  • I think Saima will contest on PMLN ticket.Her father Akhtar Bharwana used to be an intimate friend of Nawaz Sharif and always contested on PMLN ticket.Nazir Sultan has changed 3 parties by now.But Saima did not join any one else after her father left politics.PMLN can rock here without Sultan family.

  • Zaheerbahi,

    there is a very confusing statemetn in your opening analysis

    "PMLN: PMLN has very good reputation here." and then all your analysis revolves around two families . no party vote. then from where this party reputation comes ?

  • @Sharif Aadmi;

    You are true.It seems strange.PMLN has good reputation because of work,but in rural areas our people consider personalities and family system more while casting votes.70 % population in this NA 90 is living in rural areas.Like last time people did not like Musharraf and Q league in general but many illiterate and simple people had voted to Q league candidates because of personal affiliations of families.

    I have already told in another thread that around 20% votes will go straight to PMLN candidate on party basis.But the rest 80% will be divided among all the rest on candidate reputation and family affiliations.

  • THE currrent situation of na 90 is totally differenrt what u r discuusing...madho lal iz trying for pmln ticket for mna with the help of najaf sial and making panel of khalid ghani and zahoor sajid aur may b qureshisfrom haveli bahadur shah

  • @haris ghani Bro who is Madho Lal and is he going to be in a position to win from this constituency??

  • Saima Akhtar Barwana has joined PML N...And Jung V Na 90 is one of the confirm seat now for PML N....

    Saima Akhtar Barwana will be the PML N candidate for NA-90.She earler win Na-90 as an independent candidate.....NO more discussion is needed...this time Zamanata Zabit ho g as halqa sa.....PML N is the clear favourite

  • @ muazzamali

    bro saima ne pehle pmln join ki thi but us k baad wo PPP mein chali gayi thi . aur ab wo PPP mein hai .

  • in politics nothing iz final .....cum to pp79 which ali abbas kamlana of pti creates a great mess for qamar kathia the sitting mpa..saima iz not cnfrming about any news about her joining to pmln but cm house lhr cnfrms her joining ....

  • Madholal is ex-Tehsil Nazim.But as far as i know PMLN will never give him ticket.He will Saima will contest on PMLN ticket.And for MPS seats forget about any on else.

    If Khalid Ghani contests on MPA seat then Kathia will support him because of Saima.Kamlana will not do any trouble for PMLN candidate.2nd PMLN candidate for MPA Aslam Sargana will win in any case.

    Madholal may contest as independant or PTI candidate but will not make any difference for Saima.However he will spoil vote bank of Nazir Sultan.