NA-125, Lahore VIII

  • 2008 Result:

    Khawaja Saad Rafique PML (N) 70752

    Muhammad Naveed Ch. PPPP 24592

    Humayun Akhtar Khan PML (Q) 13702

    Areas: Sadar, Cantt, Defence, Walton, RA Bazar, Bhatta Chowk, A mix of posh and downtown areas. Previous it was NA-93 and part of NA-93 is now under NA-124.

  • @ dani

    bro give analysis too that who is fav. there . IK chances or again pmln ?

  • PMLN is still a favourite here. Traditionally it has been a stronghold of PPP as ZA Bhutto defeated Justice (r) javed Iqbal of PNA here. Then in 1988 Aitzaz Ahsan won here (NA-93) with Salman Taseer on one of MPA seat. In 1990, Aitzaz could hardly retain this seat and 1993 onwards this area was converted to a PMLN stronghold.

    In 2008, Khawja Saad Rafique won from this area with a big margin.

    Some people might think of PTI being strong here due to posh areas like Defence and cantt, but most of the voting is in other areas of the constituency like sadar, walton.

    If there is a PPP candiate from this seat, then PMLN will won by a margin. If it is one to one PMLN vs PTI, then it will also depend on PTI candidate. If IK himself contests, we might see a good fight here otherwise PMLN will win.

    one one of MPA seat, Ex-PMLQ candidate(2008) shoaib bhatti has joined PTI and if he gets PTI ticket, it will make PMLN task easier.

    There are rumours of Abrar ul Haq being PTI candidate, but I dont think it will make a but difference.

  • @ daani .

    mera bhi yahi guess hai PMLN urban lahore ki seats aaram se jeet jaye gi . pti may b rural halqa Na 128 shayed win ker jaye with the support of PPP. but wahan party nai candidate jeetay ga . so i guess NA 119 se 127 tak PMln aaram se jeet jaye gi.

  • @Daani

    I think Sadar is in 124 now, correct me if i am wrong.

  • @Zufi

    No, Sadar is in NA-125.

    NA-124 is Dharampura and Mughalpura etc. areas


    NA-122, NA-126,127,128 will be a tough task for PMLN. They will need good candidates on these seats.

    NA-129, PMLN is still stuggling to get a proper candidate here as |Sardar Arif Rasheed and Umar brothers (Adil/Aqil/Kamil/ABC ) have joined PTI and Habibullah Warraich (NLC scandal fame) family is with chaudhries and PPP has sitting MNA of Meo bradari.

    NA-130 is half rural now as one of PP seat is almost all urban where PMLN won last time as well.

    BUt if PTI will cut some PMLN votes on urban part of this seat, then PPP might have slight edge.

    PMLN might stick with stick with the candidate of 2008 (daughter of one ex-MPA ) who belongs to rural part of this seat. Diyals have yet to decide but their role is limited now, though still important.

  • danni

    why 122, here PMLN won with record votes and no burger class here.

  • Also i saw sardar Adil omar in PMLN rally on 31st march.

    Also i think PMLN is promoting Rana mubashar too here.

  • @ zufi and daani

    plz concentrate on NA 125 only .

  • @@Zufi

    Lets create separate threads for NA-122,129 and 139 and we can discuss there.

  • @Daani

    You look like aware of Lahori politics, so please take the first step and start thread on all halqaas with yr comments please.

  • a Marasi like Abrar would be contesting against Khawaja Saad Rafiq? Not fair. PML-N might as well play fire with fire and gives a ticket to Almas Bobby against Abrar-ul-Billo.

  • @siddiqi73

    LoL :)

    nice idea and I can tell you PTI stands no chance against Almas Bobby here

  • @Daani Bhani,

    Long time no see! Where you been hiding dude? The Ilzami Burger kiddo have been missing you bunches ;)

    As for Almas Bobby, he/she would even give a run for the money to her opponent from the same community, Imrana Pommy.

  • @siddiqui bhai

    thanks for your comments

    Actually my posts were being removed by mods (SE Mirza and co) so i got a bit disappointed, but now I will try to be here more frequently.

    BTW, you can handle all PTI fans very well and I really enjoy your comments :)

  • @Daani Bhai,

    Please be a frequent visitor. It always takes two to tango ;)

  • PTI definitely enjoys majority support in Defense but in order to defeat Saad Rafique, Imran Khan will have to pay special attention to other areas. I was in Nishtar colony a few months back and you could tell from all the billboards of Saad Rafique that he knows he is in for a fight this time. This constituency will be the true test of PTI's emergence in Lahore.

  • @ lahoria84.

    bro mein ne to pehle he bet lagai hui hia k PTI lahore ki koi urban seat nai jeet sakti. mean NA 119 se NA 127 tak to pti nai jetae gi. ager mein galat hua to aap jo kaho gay fine pay keron ga . bulk mein ne to yeh shart lagai hai k IK will contest on any urban seat of lahore . haan aisa ho sakta hi k IK nawaz k against contest kare . taa k wo ksi second tear leadorship se na haare bulk nawaz sharif se haare . i agin repeat my bet k IK wil not contest any of urban lahore seat except against nawaz . and pti will not win ant seat from na 119 to na 127. mark my words, date and time plz .

  • daani

    Sorry i had to post them here but they are about Adil Umar and Rana Mubashar and they are both candidates for PMLN Ticket in 129. This is from yesterday.

  • @chaudaru80

    Ok I will take your bet and you can mark my words NA 126 is going to be a loss for PML (N).