Tsunami Reaches Abbottabad

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    Another round of sleepless nights for the corrupts and their supporters.

  • ahhahahaahahahhaahahahahah welcome mr Sangsaar kahn to abotabad

  • ALLAH Abotabad ki izzatdaar khaateen ko Sandsaar khan k shar se mehfooz rakhay. aamen .

  • @chandaru80,

    Please don't spoil the thread which is about PTI historic jalsa in Abbottabad. If you are the supporter of the corrupt Nawas, then I am sure it will pain you because N-league is finished in Hazara, and this jalsa will act as rubbing salt on the wound.

    And if you are an N-league supporter, then talking about "izzat of Khawteen" doesn't suit you after the records set by the corrupt womanizer Shahbaz Sharif and his equally characterless son Hamza Shahbaz, not to mention the other corrupt half of the family...

    We can discuss that on another thread. So please don't spoil this thread.

  • @Iamforpakistan

    yeh nawaz ki kaisi coruption hai k jo IK k pehle walid Gen Musharf bhi sabit nai kar sake aur saza dilwane k liye plane hijaking ka case banana parra .

    second thing brother eik seat bhi ager pti hazara se le gayi to aap jo kaho gay mein aap ko jarmana ada karon ga . plz mark my words ,date and time plz .

    aur mein ne kia kaha hai . iahve just siad k Abotabad k kwateen ko Allah Sandsaar se bachaye . kia mein ne kuch galat kaha. i think aap seta white ko bhool gaye ho . kia aap karen ko bhi bhool gaye ho. ? kia aap los angles ki us court ko bhi bhool gaye ho jahan se mr sangsaar khan k khilaaf decision aaya hai. waisy by the way r u muslim ???

    becoz koi muslim kisi zinnah kerne wale ko vote nai de sakta .

  • @Iamforpakistan

    meri jaan u can not compare a case of IK with Hamza. Hamza per zinaah ka blame nai bulk nikah ka hai . jab k IK per ZINNAH ka blame hai. aur aap ko shayed islam ka nai pata but i tell u . brother Zinanh Gunnah-e-kabeera hai. jab k nikah gunnah nai bulk shirayat ka mutabiq hai. so shame on u k aap ZINNAH ko NIKAH se mila rahe ho. may be aap ka kasoor nai hai. ho sakta hai aap ko is baat ka pata na ho. so ab mein ne bata diya hai . so plz Allah se maafi mang lein .


  • PTI own lot got scared of tsunami in Abbotabad.


  • @ zufi

    brother jo banda PTI chorr ker Q jaise party jis ka wajod kahtam ho gaya hai mein jata hai to aap uss party ko kia kaho gay. yani PTI Q se bhi farigh ho gayi hai . waisy mujhe lagta hai k IK bhi Q ya PPP mein chala jaye ga. becoz IK k 3rd walid Gen .kiyani b next march mien retire ho arhe hain.

  • ان ن لیگ کے چیلوں سے دلیل، منطق، یا فہم و فراست سے بات کرنا اور ان کو قائل کرنا ناممکن ہے. اگر ان لوگوں سے ان کہ لیول پر آ کر بات کی جائے تو ہی یہ دم دبا کر بھاگ جاتے ہیں. ورنہ یہ شیر ہو جاتے ہیں. ان کا کام صرف عمران پر کیچڑ اچھالنا ہے.

    جب عمران خان اکیلا ہوتا تھا تب بھی اس کا مذاق اڑایا جاتا تھا اور گالیاں دی جاتی تھیں. پھر اب جب لوگ اس کے ساتھ آ رہے ہیں تو بھی یہی صورتحال ہے.

  • @ asif

    then why dont IK answer abt seeta white .

    aur mein aap ko phir challnge kerta hoon k mere sath daleel ki baat kero . pehlay aap blame kerna pmln ko and i wil answer us k baad i will blame IK and u will answer. bhai jaan qabool hai to aa jao.

  • @chaudaru80,

    I accept your challenge. Read and weep:

  • kia koi muslim ZINNAH kerne wale ko vote de sakta hai .

  • @chaudaru80,

    No Muslim can vote for a person who has committed corruption, looted public wealth, made inroads into politics by licking up to dictators, made factories from corruption money, have taken billions of dollars out of Pakistan through money laundering!

    And the list is by no means exhaustive!

    A person who can loot, can commit any personal crime including Zinnah.

    Imran Khan has noted looted a penny from Pakistanis at least. He has given, in fact, in the shape of SKMCH, Namal, World Cup, and other of his achievements.

    I can return the favor if you want to go on like that. If you want serious discussion then stick to the topic of this thread.

  • @ Iamforpakistan.

    ager nawaz ne coruption ki thi to Musharaf jo un ka sab se barra dushman tha us ne wo cases kyon opne nai kiya aur kyon us ne palne hijacking ka case banaya.

    nawaz sharif ko politics mein aaye hue almost 30 saal ho chukay hain. in 30 years mein miyan sahb atleast 14 years absolute opposition mein rahe. In 14 years mein nawaz hsarif per eik bhi coruption ka case register nai hua . not a singale one . haan kuch money landring k refrences hain and money landring mein aur coruption mein barra faraq hai u know moneylandring k mattlab hai paisay earn legal kiye gaye but tranfer kyon hue mulk se bahir eik limit se zayada and coruption mean earning by illegail way. so meri jaan miyan sahb per apne legal pasiaon ko mulk se bahir transfer kerne ka ilzaam hai .aur un cases mein bhi jaan nai hai becoz ager un caes mein kuch hota to Musharf in moneylandring k cases ko chalta na k plane jijaking ka case banata . so sir u just name 1 single coruption case against miyan sahb. jhoot per jhoot nai hona chahiye . ager mein jhoot bol raha hon to plz correct me . aur scond thing aap kaho gay k ager miyan sahb ne money laundring nai ki to saudia and UK mein business kasy establish ker lia .tu meri jaan saudia mein jaisa wiki leakes mein bhi a gya tha sharif family pehli non saudi family thi jis ko saudi banks ne loan dia king ki guaranti per. and abt UK to aap kisi bhi bussiness man se poch lo k aap apni business good will k base per ksii bhi bank se loan le saktay ho. UK mien in ka kaarobaar 95% laon se start hua tha .

  • You repeatedly say that if Nawas Sharif had committed any corruption, Musharraf would have caught him. But you fail to realize that Musharraf had to go into a deal with Nawas Sharif under the pressure of Saudis (Nawas' fathers - mimicking your language!).

    How can you put all your trust on Musharraf?

    Money laundering is corruption, as this evades tax. It is also tax chori.

    Money laundering is also indication that the money earned was not legal in the first place!

    Read about money laundering:


    You are telling that that 2 billion dollars worth of business in UK is based on loans? From where the original capital came from? You are okay with the fact that Nawas Sharif has committed money laundering? You will be proud to have a money launderer as our PM? Tomorrow, the US and UK government can freeze all his assets and threaten him. It is this reason that he took a U-turn on APDM boycott of elections on the call of David Miliband because his illegal money is stacked in UK.

    And this is a small glimpse into his corruption.

  • Nawaz family was among 22 richest families in Pakistan in 1960s when Ik father was committing corruption and fraud in PWD.

    By the way shareefs steel factory in jeddah is worth 10 billion Dirham , so get more jealous.

  • I haven't had the pleasure of introducing myself properly to this new ilzami kid on the block, Iamfrompakistan.

    Would my dear like-minded brothers do the honour and introduce him to me instead.

  • By the way Nawaz family committed corruption or not, it is not proven But Ilzaami khans father was kicked out from his job in PWD for corruption in early 70s.

    He was sending all his haram money to son in London who blew it off in night life of London.

    So you see what happens to Haram money, EASY COME EASY GO.

  • ager election na contest kia jata to PPP and Q and IK k latest father MQM WALE IK k orgnal father musharf k sath mil ker 3rd november k iqdaamaat ko jaayiz qarrar de detay. aur phir jaisa k IK chata tha k judges kahbhi bahal na hoon to aisa he hota . aur judges history ho jate. u turn to janb sangsaar kahn ne liya tha on judges issue under ground ho ker . on MQM se sulah ker k . etc. aap ne kaha k nawaz family deal ker k chali gayi to brother tell me k 14 months wo pakistan mein rahe . in 14 months mein in cases ko kyon open nai kiya gaya . haalaank plane hijaking ka case bana liya jata hai . eik aur baat plane hijaking ma issue 12th oct. ko hua but Fir 29th ko register hui. can u tell k in 17 days mein kiya hota raha . i tell u i 17 days mein musharf nawaz k against coruption case talash kerta raha but usse koi khass case nai mila so is liye us ne plane hijacking ka case banaya . waisy i tell u k mushraf ne muyan sahbk against novembr 1999 mein 5 money landring k refrence court mein start kerwaye theabut january 2000 mein eik case kharij ho gya so musharf ne is base per baqi case wapis le liye in january k kahnen yeh case bhi kahrij na ho jayyen . ab mein aap ko in cases ki eik baat bata doon k in cases mein dacumentry evidance ya proof koi nai hai just ishaq dar ka statement hai k us ne sahrif family k liye money landring . and yeh biyan ishaq dar ne under custody diya hai aur ab wo pane biyyan se muker chuka hai . and u knw k court kahbhi bhi sultani gawah k biyan ko main proof nai tasleem kerti aur wo bhi aisa biyan jo undercustody diya gaya ho. yaar plz eik kaam kero ksi bhi supreme court k lawyer se in cases ka bere mein pocho . now tell k ZINNAH ki saza hai ???