Is this fair?

  • Asif Ali Bhutto ( Zardari )returned from India after his personal visit. In India Asif Ali Bhutto ( Zardari ) and his son Bilawal Zardari offered DUA i Ajmeer Sharif. Secondly sif Ali also donated one million dollar to management of tomb of pir Moeen Ud Din Ajmeeer ( RUA ). This is amazing that this was personal visit for prayer and the amount was donated from govt of Pakistan. Why, who authorised him to spend money lavishly on his personal visit.Second he met with prime minister of India for bilateral talks. In this discussion Bilawal Zardari also accompanied his father,but in which capacity? As he is not holding any office ,he is not member of any assembly, so why he accompanied his father in state visit to another head of state.Can anybody from PPP without any bias.

  • It is very unfortunate that our leaders waste public money like kings. It really hurts me. I just found a video regarding mian sb that he asked IG Punjab to arrange a visit of US journalist to investigate Ajmal Qasab case. What the hell! Mian sb kon hotay hy, public money ko ek us journalist pe spend karnay walay, jisne phelay unki ek column me tareef ki thi. leken baad sab raaz batay jab usne apni book publish karni thi. Beshak Allah asay behis or besharam leaders ko qiamat walay din poochay ga ke log poverty ki waja se suicides kar rahay thay or ap apnay bachon ko promote karnay k liy vists karwa rahay tha or laptop distribution ceremonies me karodon waste kar rahay thay.