Should AZ have left for India, while 135 citizens are buried in Siachen Glacier?

  • Should AZ have left for India, while 135 citizens are buried alive in Siachen Glacier?

    Another shameful act by Pakistani leadership.

  • what a cheap, low level thinking and propaganda from Noon leaguer.

    One sad incident can not handicap whole nation. we should pray and help our national heros, But life must go on. Zardari prayed for these national heros and their safty on Hazrart Mohaian Chashti Dargah.

  • @msyedh

    I thought AZ trip was a private trip.

    Being President of Pakistan and Head of Armed Forces, his responsibilities as President are much higher than that as a private AZ.

    Those brave souls were serving Pakistan with orders from the President. How AZ can absolve himself from responsibility and show indifference by leaving for India.

    It just goes to show that people on the highest positions of Pakistan and their jiyalas have no understanding of the responsibilities that go with the positions.

  • What about those who have put hundreds or perhaps thousands of soldiers in harms way by posting them at the highest battle ground in the world. For what?

    Has India or Pakistan achieved greater progress by fighting for a no man land.

    Has India or Pakistan spent their meager resources effectively by posting these soldiers way up there where avalanche do occur and will keep on occurring.

    The president may not have the authority nor any moral sense and questioning his action or lack of it may not mean much. I think the question shall target events and intentions beyond this tragic incident .

  • sipahi@

    There is very little difference in private or official visit when president of Pakistan is visiting neighbor country like India.

    Life must go on, you can not disable whole nation just because of one sad incident.

    Zardari prayed for these heros on his visit to that dargah, inshallah Allah will help them in this critical and sad time.

    Noon league should not play dirty politic on this sad incident.

  • If India was responsible for the catastrophe, then by all mean he should have abandon the trip. But if not, then their is no harm in visiting India.

    Secondly, this catastrophe remind us why we need a more then normal relations between Pakistan and India, has the relation was normal, neither countries needed to deploy army in such remote areas to defend the border.

  • @msyedh

    shahji agar eske pasay zardari sb ne apni pocket se diy hy to phir theak hy


    Allah ko kia jawab dengay ke jab log poverty ki wajha se suicides kar rahay hy or zardari sb public money pe apni olad ko promote kar rahay hy or dargah to 10lak dollar de rahay. logon ki jan bachana zarori hy ya dargah ko dena or olad ko promote karna? or apkia jawab dengay jo unko defend kar rahay hy?

  • @msyedh

    So AZ and his yars lied, when they said it is a private visit.

    Daily, I learn more about my current President.

    By they way, who authorized AZ to have an official visit when Pakistan is a parliamentary democracy, where the head of state is PM.

  • @hypocrite

    "For what?"

    Short answer Siachen Glacier is the source of Indus Water.

  • sipahi@

    President does not need any authorization from parliament or prime minister for this visit.

    Does not matter this is private or official visit, in reality there is no difference.


    This visit will make some progress between two neighbor countries. It will help to settle issues between two countries. Then nobody need to post our army on that risky and dangerous positions, this will save lives of our soldiers.


    Are you Hawabi? Most of Pakistani will love to donate this kind of money to that dargah, does not matter, what is our miseries and what is our finance situation.

    Even it is government money, everybody will support this donation.

    What a cheap politic and propaganda on this issue.

  • Poor Zardari!

    Everytime he makes a state-sponsored private trip, something happens. Last time, it was floods.

    This time, however, I think his trip was important precisely for this reason, that this non-sense war should be stopped and no more soldiers get buried alive in avalanche in future.

  • @msyedh

    "Even it is government money, everybody will support this donation."

    I and many other Pakistanis do not support using of government money for this purpose. This is akin to stealing.

  • I do not support this donation. This money could very well be spent On poor across pakistan. What ammendmant gave him right To plunder exchequer wealth in such manner.

  • @ssmpk

    There is nothing "poor" about Zardari.

    First this event happened before AZ left for his so-called "private" visit to India.

    Second this meeting was "on orders" from NRO facilitators.

    Moreover the soldiers buried in Siachen were sent on the orders of the President of Pakistan.

  • Short answer Siachen Glacier is the source of Indus Water.

    Sipahi sahib

    So only by posting soldiers and getting them killed can we safeguard our interest ? if this is the only means than I am sorry it is not a prudent and visionary way of managing a country and its resources.

    As per my search on internet Indus originates from a lake called mansoorawar in Tibet, Himalayas.

    But then my geography is as poor as my opinion.

  • sipahi@

    You and Nawaz Sharif does not represent majority of Pakistan. More peoples vote for PPP and Zardari. Zardari is not first who donate this kind of donation.

  • Rizwan Qaimkhani@

    Brother don't worry. Lot of poor peoples will be feed with that donation on that dargah. Inshalah Allah will give us more money and resources and we will be able to donate our peoples and poor peoples all our the world.

  • @hypocrite

    I am all for peace, but until we have secured peace with India, we have to secure our positions. At the same time, we need to give respect to our brave souls who are protecting our borders, specially water source.

    As far as Siachin being source of Indus, please see the URL.

    "The glacier's melting waters are the main source of the Nubra River in India Ladakh, which drains into the Shyok River. The Shyok in turn joins the Indus River; thus, the glacier is a major source of the Indus."

  • This war on 20,000 feet is a mad war and should be stopped as well as all non-sense war and expensive and massive army budget should be curtailed. Why can't India and Pakistan live in peace?

  • I am not worrying but concerned that those poor people are not pakistani but indians. It is their government's responsibility to feed them not ours. Besides as urdu idioms goes: halwai ki dukan par nana ji ki fateha.