Sitara e Pakistan recipient is proven to be a thief

  • The awarding of Pakistan's highest civilian honor to this so called humanitarian worker from Amewrica-Greg Mortenson in 2009 shows the state of affairs of Pakistan and its politicians and ignorant masses. Only Allah Subhanahu wa Taala can give hidaya to the nation otherwise forget Pakistan. Concerned Muslims always doubted this crinminal and warned others to stop patronizing this scounderal but it turned on deaf ears. Lots of Pakistani women proudly posed photo ops next to him with this criminal and referred to him as "Greg Sahib".

    In 2009, Mortenson received Pakistan’s highest civil award, Sitara-e-Pakistan (“Star of Pakistan”) for his dedicated and humanitarian effort to promote education and literacy in rural areas for fifteen years.

    Several bi-partisan U.S. Congressional representatives have nominated Mortenson twice for the Nobel Peace Prize in both 2009 and 2010.