PTI's Rural Governance Vision - Empowering the Community

  • PTI has released the details of its proposed 'Local Government' system for Rural Areas

    The Highlevel Details are given in slides available at the following link

  • Can you please summarize the differences in current and proposed system in a column?As i could not see any major change in structure or new revolutionary changes being implemented.

  • @Zaheerabbas

    bhai first thing is that there are no local govts for last four years. in fact these democratic parties would never let these local govts, as they wanna keep all the resources and power in their hands, PM/CMs, and don't wanna let the natural leadership groom through local bodies.

    there are lot of changes like revenue collection, integrating overseas pakistanis, funding direct to the local bodies instead of in the hands of bureaucrats.

    this is what i wanted to see in pakistan for many many years. i have seen from my practical experience, the sense of ownership and participation can do wonders.

  • anty fozia shaid ghar wallon se lar ker aa gaen ha con me!!!

  • Lol Kami, I guess Mr. Kasuri is ignoring his wife Apa Pasoori a lot these days. As for Tehreek-e-Lota's attempt at projecting itself to be a legit party and not some drawing room old ladies club....hahahahahahahhaha, yeah right!

    One needs to find out as to who was the source of this Empowerment discourse since their Energy Plan was basically Humayun Akhtar Khan's conception.

  • Why PMLN is not suitable for change

    1.No respect for talent.

    what so ever a person talented bt top position will always remain with shareef family

    2. Hypocratic leadership

    they claim for real opposition but actuel is all drama .when they get a chance ,they embrase PPPs govt.on bander bant .they embraze with 20 amendment

    3. Incapable

    They r in govt frm last 25 year but still lake of visionery project.they always jumped in to short term projet which have no long term benifit.i.e sasta tanoor project.Laptop distribution.they can not change education system at lower lovel bt jumped into change at top level

    4. goodgovernance

    Untill today they r unaware of of basic ingredient of good governan.they have to take at least 500 hundred years to learn abt basic ingredient of goood corporate governance and more hundred year to apply them.

    5. innocent leadership

    Their leadership is so innocent that one always took pity on them.they want to become pak an asian tiger.they want to fight for pakistan with all world bt real story is that they can not fight withzardari.they still nt know that how beautifully chachu zardari has exposed them in front of innocent they r.

  • @siddiqi73

    bhai have u seen that paper from H Akhtar Khan, that was a plain text, explaining the energy resources, and telling that Hydel and coal are the cheapest options for pakistan, who does not know that. there were no facts and figures about the new projects etc. There was no explanation that why he did not try to implement his solution while he was in govt. Map to Pakistan's Recovery.pdf

    If you go through both the papers, you will see a difference.

  • @Adulhameed;

    Local Govt bodies already exist in current constitution,though not executed because of the current economic situation.PTI has just copied the same old agenda,Have not told what they will do different to give power in hands of common man.So far PTI is accepting all breeds and offering top positions to landlords,makhdooms in party.

    It realy seems stupid to ask oversees Pakistanis for charity to run PTI as well as Pakistan.We are waiting for PTI detailed agenda to increase revenue of Pakistan and to ensure better life for a common man.So far all seems fake without any change for which PTI is raising slogans.Kindly just highlight the differences in two seperate columns if i got wrong.

  • agenda of pti to increase revenure; zaheer bahi aap mazaq kar rahay hain; un ka to sab se cklear agenda ha

    ek rupa ek rupa ek rupa

  • @Zaheerabbas,

    Really, you cant see any difference?

    PTI's 'proposed’ plan is Right or Wrong, Good or Bad, Practical or non-practical - I don’t know as I am not the Civic planning or implementation expert, but from what I read, I can see that it is at least 8.7 times more Granular (52376/6028=8.7 – More if 6028 union councils mentioned also include Urban union councils) than our current local government system, it talks about giving more Financial and administrative control to lowest entity in the system to an extent that the current system does not seems to offer.

    If you have some feedback about the ‘proposed’ plan or any of its details, I would be very interested to learn.

  • If PTI makes Government,and implements this described system,then it will be the biggest achievement of Imran Khan.If you have a bit of knowledge of the economic system of China,then you will clearly observe the resemblance of this proposed system with there's.

    The best part of this proposed system is the Decentralization of the total Revenue,to make each village independent in most of its needs.Not only,this will empower the village,but will also generate much more revenue for the country.This will also minimize the large scale money corruptions.

    Brief points of this proposed system are,

    1:Decentarlized economy.

    2:Self revenue generating communes through local taxes.

    3:Local and fast judiciary system,that will resolve most of the small disputes among the people.

    4:Local security.

    5:Empowered people.

    The Major difference of this proposed system from previous local government system is that,it legalize the commune government. Previously it relied upon the state for all the budget,but in this system most of the funds will be generated from the commune through local tax collection.Another difference from the old on is the local judiciary.Ayub Khan tried to legalize the Panchait but it did not gave very good outcomes.

  • @anas;

    Brother i have mentioned and quote again;"Have not told what they will do different to give power in hands of common man.So far PTI is accepting same breeds and offering top positions to landlords,makhdooms in party".It is need of the hour to saggregate the local system in more councils considering population growth,etc,and division of provinces is already on table.One thing PTI should say that they will not only propose but will implement in true sense.But they can not say because of having the same breed of landlords,makhdooms on party top positions.All these reforms are already in constitution.

    @Abdul Rafay;

    1-Decentralized economy:

    Already parties are raising same slogans to decentralise economy.Even recently provinces have already got rights in 18th ammendments.Provinces division is being discussed as well.So what is new?

    2-Self revenue generating through taxes

    Are you going to impose taxes on agriculture?Please elaborate?As already taxes are implemented for the rest.

    3-Local and fast judiciary system

    If PTI can not ensure selection of UC representatives on merit because of being lauded by Makhdooms and waderas how they will implement justice locally.Sorry it is totally absurd thinking,as current judicial system is far better in this sense.

    4-Local security

    If waderas and makhdooms will prevail,whom will they appoint for security?

    5-Empowered people

    Waderas and makhdooms can not ensure empowered people.

    Brothers all these reforms are already in constitution.Only not implemented in true sense.No need to repeat the copy the same reforms.If you can not introduce any thing new/revolutionery then at least please discuss the ways to implement it.How PTI will implement these.Please advise on this..first set an example to get rid of waderas and makhdooms please!

  • @Zaheerabbas,

    Bro, with due respect your comments are irrelevant to the topic at hand;

    Its all about making a 'System' that takes out power from the "Influentials" and ensures it lands in the hands of Common man.

    PTI has proposed a Plan/Policy, SO the point of debate is whether the proposed policy/system is Good or not, practical or not and whether it can achive the objectives.

    PTI is niether in power nor they were in the past, so the point of implemntation does not apply; If and when they come to power than only we can judge them for implementation or not-implementation; Good implementation or flawed implementation; transferring the power to people or concentrating it in few hands.

    Will appreciate if you could please give any feedback if you have any regarding the 'proposed' plan itself; focusing on the content of it will ensure fruitful debate than passing judgements on the intentions.

  • @Anas

    One thing need to be noted is that PTI has not proposed any thing new.As discussed all this already exist in consituion.But it seems before copying and pasting these reforms PTI did not do feasible studies to implement this system or just tried to make people fool.

    Brother let me be simple and straight.

    Do you think this system can be implemented without getting rid of feudalism?First PTI need to do study if they are going to end feudalism?As per my opinion neither they nor any one else can get rid of feudalism because of being burdened with heavy weight feudal lords to win elections.However still we have to go for any thing implementable in current system to go towards improvement.So please PTI should advise an implementable proposal after going through feasible studies and basic necessities to get things done.It will be honesty and justice with the slogan of change!

  • Again you didnt highlighted which part you think is not feasible? not implementable? Please dive into specifics and enlighten us.

    By the way may I know what you think, how feudal system can be eliminated? And your thoughts on an even more basic question; What is the feudal system?

    To me Empowering the people takes away the strength of Feudal system; but will be happy to hear your thoughts on how it can be eliminated.

  • PTI is niether in power nor they were in the past, so the point of implemntation does not apply...

    This is a convenient trick of PTI fanboys. PTI was never elected so how can you say that it is not the best? Well SMQ was elected wasn't he? Javed Hasmi was elected? Once upon a time all the old faces that make up PTI were elected (actually many were just Musharraf and Ziaul Haq cronies but that is another story...).

    So yes, PTI has never been elected because we have seen what these old men do and we are suffering because of it.

  • @Anas;

    Seems you are not going through my comments.PTI has copied and pasted the same role with a slogan to decentralise power to a common man.My point is that local bodies already exist in contitution but the common man is not being facilitated because of a particular class of fedual lords being incharge of whole area.

    If you realy do'nt know the meaning of fedualism then it is quite astonishing.How can you empower a common man when they will have the same lord incharge of UC?You can only ensure the power in hands of a common man once the role "the one who works on the soil should be the owner and must be rewarded only" is not implemented.Most of the politicians own hundreds of acres and bag votes from all their workers.How can you ensure power in hands of a comon man when he is a prestigious leader in your party.More over as some one above had compared it with china. in India and China feudalism does not exist.In china all is owned by Govt and in India they had ended feudalism since 1st day of independance.Your advice is still needed if you think this is the perfect system to implement in Pakistan or it is just an election slogan?

  • ...the common man is not being facilitated because of a particular class of fedual lords being incharge of whole area.

    Like PTI Vice Chairman :P

  • Democracy means Government for the people,of the people,by the people.

    So if any Makhdoom,Wadera or Sardar is elected then its the fault of the people.Even in current political scenario what makes people elect the Son of our corrupt PM with so much votes.We need to change our on attitude to change the system.And the local government system will teach this lesson well to the people.

    @Zaheer Abbas

    If you really want to know the details of this system,then you should check the given link of the original post.