Newsweek predicts IK as next PM of Pakistan

  • Sorry, not to hijack this thread, but I cant stop laughing..

    this has to be the funniest/creepiest thing ever ..

    "She says that during “intimate moments” he “growled like a tiger.”


    Who or earth and why would growl like a tiger during "those" moments?????

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  • @BS,

    Don't feel apologetic about hijacking; I'm about to commit one now.

  • The preacher of rule and law and upholding the constituition supreme, himself does not qualify for article 63. What a hypocrite

  • Wikithegreat sahib

    I think there is no prediction by Newsweek. The title say "may" become a PM. Even Fazul Rehman sahib can become a PM. Who knew that Shaukat Aziz could become a PM so anyone "may" become a PM in our country as long as "proper" background support is available.

    I think the title of the thread needs some adjustment.

  • What happened,where every one ran away, listening to Zadari or what? AZ is conducting a program for the youth, Bilawal also there

  • @bsobaid

    Who on earth and why would growl like a tiger during "those" moments?????

    You can expect anything from a retard buffoon like IK.

  • @bsobaid

    Probably the smell of "meat" would make him "growl" :)

  • انصافی بھائیو

    کچھ خدا کا خوف کرو اور ایسی خبریں مت لگایا کرو

    ایسی خبریں پڑھ کر نون لیگیوں کی طبیعت خراب ہو جاتی ہے اور کل کلاں کو کوئی دل کے دورے سے مر گیا تو کون ذمہ دار ہوگا

    لگتا ہے تم لوگوں نے بھی میٹھا میٹھا لچ تلنا سیکھ لیا ہے اور سیکھ رہے ہو کہ نون لیگیوں کو کیسے تپانا ہے

    ف ج

  • @bsobaid

    And "the tiger" would get very tired after the "growling" sessions.

  • @ FJ- Hamein to balkay khushi hoti ha aise articles parh ke, khul khila ker hansne ka moka mil jata ha

  • And then IK talks of rejecting west. How many politicians of pk went to world economic forum, how many got their name on times 100 list and who got such a promotion year before election.... Answer is none. Looks like the plan is chalked out and western support to him will only increase by the time. What common sense tells us that west does not support any politician who is anti west rather they boycott genuinely elected ppl like ahmedinizad etc. This is not 1990s where ppl will be fooled.IK has fallen in line with axis of evil where local extensions are pp,mqm and anp. So one more ventilator to take pressure of society off.... Bad luck to our jazbaati youth who will be fooled again...the only chance is that youth should get up now and pressurize IK to stay on path before it's too late. They have a chance to use this momentum for their favor and take IK to the league of NS and Bhutto ( it took some time for both to reach to a point where they realized that it's people interest which keeps you alive). don't take me wrong I am not against PTI or N , it's a golden chance. There cant be better option then having progressive, youthful PTI than party crowds like pp, anp and bhai log of Karachi. It's the golden chance and we should not miss it but then PTI should target center left space and specially sindh (together with siraiki belt where they have focus but it's slipping). problem is establishment is afraid of NS and anti ppp vote in last election (despite of BBs murder) was much bigger than ppp. Add all PMLs and one can form a simple majority govt so they want to split pml more than keeping ppp away. It's time for PTI friends to make grounds on both sides so that they can become an endurable force and not a one election might like Pakistan Islamic Front. The real endurable space lies on left and not the right as right is sticking to agenda while leftist ppp has lost it completely in terms of philosophy.

  • @Achoota,

    Not necessarily true.

    All this means is IK has hired a pretty big promoter and/or marketing firm to guarantee a spot in all major global events and publications.

  • Can ahmedinizad hire such a promoter and get publicity ? Anti west people can't do it with money even

  • but you dont have to be pro-west either and IK is no Ahmedinijaad, neither does he claim to be one..

  • IK and his ex-wife have many links in media, they can ask anyone to write this article, same like AZ & NS doing locally, nothing strange.

    IK tried to become PM in 2002 when his party won only one seat. Factually this time his chances to become PM could be double, if IK manage to get two seats :)

  • It is just possible

  • LoL @ pictures, who comes up with this stuff!? This last one with AZ is too funny. LoL

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