MQM Altaf admits that its workers are involved in burning buses,tea hotels etc

  • Internationally notorious criminal mafia gang MQM Altaf finally admits that its workers are involved in burning down buses,trucks,rickshaws,taxis,tea hotels,pushcarts etc worth billions of rupees during violent strikes which causes Rs8~10 billion loss to economy with each day's closure.

    Besides burning public's property they burn humans too .(they burnt alive several men/women of Karachi after locking them up.)!

  • Transport Association today was striking against hike in petroleum prices and burning of their vehicles during strikes .


    With each bus burnt, government asked to compensate without replacements



    Over 500 buses have been burnt over the past 4 years without any replacements brought in.


    KARACHI: The Karachi Transport Ittehad’s president Irshad Bukhari (KTI) on Tuesday demanded the government provide compensation for at least 30 buses torched in a day of abject violence in Karachi.

    The veteran transport chief said that 500 vehicles including buses, minibuses and coaches that are registered under KTI’s umbrella have been torched over the past four years in Karachi. With security being a subject of the State, their helplessness in preventing private property being destroyed renders them liable to provide compensation. However, despite numerous requests and years of wait, Bukhari says that of the 500 vehicles his members have lost, compensation for only 100 vehicles have been paid. Much of these payments came from former Home Minster Zulfiqar Mirza. Owners of the remaining 400 vehicles are still awaiting their cheques.

    According to Bukhari Rs 200,000 were paid as compensation by the Sindh government while the per vehicle cost was Rs1.2 million.

    With their fleets regularly being depleted, Bukhari revealed that the KTI, nor owners had bothered to invest in new vehicles, with no unit being added in the Karachi transport grid since 1990, “who will waste his money on transport when the situation of the city so unpredictable. Our vehicles are torched to make strikes a success, then why should one bring new vehicles into this city.”

    The KTI chief added that almost all of the transporters are owners of at least two to three vehicles and their families were dependent on these vehicles.

    “As many as 40 drivers have been killed in and more than a hundred have been seriously wounded in a number of violent incidents, but only 10 were compensated with Rs300,000 for the dead and Rs 50,000 for the injured”, he said.

  • Doctor is part of combined media cell of PMLN and JI.

  • If Altaf is admitting his sins then that means he is comparatively better than other politicians. When shall other politicians start admitting their sins? or they are so saintly to have no sins to admit?

  • True it takes guts to admit one's own mistakes, so far so good.

    I hope now he would take next daring act of paying all those victims from mqm's fund....

  • Any such step will make MQM a real good and popular party.

  • @HF.......That would be the

  • ہم بات بھی کرتے ہیں تو رہتے ہیں فسادی

    وہ قتل بھی کرتے ہیں تو بن جاتے ہیں ہیرو


  • SAK

    So is the case with all the political parties.


    Insha Alllah jald he wo waqt ayega jab Terrorist Altaf aur uskay followrs ko ALLAH jahanum k sab se sakht azaaab m dakhil karega aur wo hamesha hamesha k liye wahan rahenge (ameen)

  • if anyone has any PROOF whatsoever... then i dare you to go to the court, show some courage. otherwise, stop the propaganda mill.

    yes, there are emotional people in MQM, but it happens because the workers of this party are killed the most.

  • Allah ki adalat ko sab bhool gaiay .

    Whan har act ki movy millaygi

    Aur hamaray jusm ka har uzw witness ho ga

    Altaf ,Zardari Imran Nawaz sab apnay emal kay jawabdeh hongay aur ham nay agar kisi taasab say kisi burai ka sath dia to ham bhi mujram hongay .