Envar Baig Quits PPP- Will join PMLN today

  • Ex-PPP senator has decided to join PMLN and will announce it after a meeting with PMLN head NNawaz Sharif in Islamabad today (wednesday).

  • Mr.Baig was suppose to join PTI as per fan club, what happen?

  • @munshi

    oar haath ho gaya :)

  • 2 more guys expected to join,Durrani and Gen A Qayyum. I am not sure why and how they're accepting Durrani..!

  • Yup.....I broke the news about Anwar Baig in one of the threads yesterday evening and a formal announcement is expected today or sometime this week.

    As for Durrani, they might have to hold back his induction because there is resistance from a particular pocket of wise men in PML-N and NS would first placate their apprehensions before making a formal announcement. Why he is being inducted? Its power politics and the guy has considerable influence in the Bhawalpur region which would ultimately benefit PML-N.

  • For Anwer Baig, I would say he seems to be a reasonable person. I think he made a good decision to quit PPP. By the way since Zardari & Co. came into government, Mr. Baig was sidelined. Best of luck for his new endeavor as he has the right to join to any party he wants.

    But I feel that Siddiq bhai should not celebrate the joining of Durrani and General as they are not so popular faces of politics plus they were close companions of Musharraf. But if NS can accept the Musharraf's pistol friend Amir Muqam, then he can accept anyone.

    A serious message for brother Siddiq is to convey to Mr. Baig that he should raise the issue of fake polio vaccine which was imported in Musharraf time. I remember well that Mr. Baig spoke on this issue when PPP came into power. He even demanded that Shaukat Aziz and others involved should be hanged till death as they imported a fake polio vaccine and thus took part in creating disability amongst the children of Pakistan. Siddiq please try to communicate this issue and if possible raise it again, as this is something a common matter for all of us.

  • Jb banda dhobnai lagta hai thu tinkhoo ka sahara b usay ghanimat lagta hai.ab IK k khof sai nawaz shareef kisi ko b galay laga sakta hai.

    waisay b imran ki prediction hamesha sachi hoti hain .wo kehta hai

    ,k mjay lag rha hay k next election mjay sari partion k against larna parey ga.

    Jamat Islami is also trying to fly toward raiwand.

  • @ fanthoori .

    bro J.I ko IK pata nai kab se daana daal raha hia but unhoon ne inkaar ker dia hai .

  • @zingaro

    bro i agree with u on durrani but i disagree on Gen quyyum issue beciz is banday Gen mushraf k hote hue as a chairman steal mill coruption ka hissa banne se inkaar ker dia . aur steal mill ko bechne se rok dia .

  • Jamat islami ko IK ki KPK or FATA main popularity sai ab dar lagnay lag gaya hai k shayad IK wahan solo flight lai

    thats why they r dfensive and inclined toward PMLN nawaz.

    that is JI defensive approach.

    u can also call it survival approach.

  • @Zingaro Bhai,

    Point noted.

  • @ fanthoori

    bro phir IK J.i ko approch kyon ker raha tha for allience ??

  • jamat ka ek acha khasa vote bank hai KPK or FATA main.us sai thu kohi b inkar nahein kr sakta.

    but now jamat is personaly feeling threat frm IK

  • @ fanthoori

    mere bhai aap meri baat samjhay nai mein yeh nai keh rha k jamat strong hai ya weak. mein to yeh keh raha hon k jamat se allience ki koshish IK ne kyon ki thi ?? dosri baat aap ne yeh kaha k Jamat Ik SE threat feel kerti hai especially in KP . to mrei jaan mein aap se disagrre kerta hon becoz J.I religius vote leti hai jab k IK secular type k banda hai . so i dont think IK J.I k voter ko attract ker sake ga becoz of his secular approcah specillay us k is bayan k baad k hafiz saeed ko eik terrorist hai . i think IK zayada ter PPP ,ANP ko nuqsaan de ga . yes yeh mein maanta hon k IK KP mein seb e zayda seats jeet jaye ga . my guess wud b 12 NA seats frm KP. aur pore pakistn mein IK khud sirf KP se he jeet sake ga ya may be Islambad se bbi jeet jaye .

  • Its official guys....Anwar Baig has joined PML-N and Shehzadi Imrana has extended her iddat period as well after Pakistan Turncoat Itehad was comprehensively rejected by Senator Baig.

  • IK is not seculer.He is religious but moderate.that why some people say him seculer.

    His master is professor Akhter sb of Gujarkhan.

    If a person has spirtuel cntct with such kind of person ,how a person believe him to b seculer.

    Quite oddd......

  • @ fanthoori

    brother IK k spirtuel cntcts to Musharf aur Gen pasha aur yahdi labbi ka sath bhi hain.

  • @siddiqi bahi .

    dont worry abhi veena mailk ki joining umeed hai janab sangsaar khan ko .

  • Bohtan lagana bahut asan hota hai bhae.

    Rha Gen pasha k sawal .

    thu pasha ki galtian thu kafi ho ge but agr emandari sai daika jahay thu pasha nai pak k intrst ko agr fully nahein thu kafi had tak baray piaray andaz main persue kia hai.

    Sila uddin ayubi ki history parho.us k intelligence chief ali bin sufyan ko parho.pir pasha k sat compare karo thu kafi had tak resemblence milay ge.

    han ye sach hai k pasha nai noon k sat ziadtian ki hain but pasha ko ye moqa noon ki na ehli nai dia ta.warna shayad wo ye b na krta.

    but mjay pata hai k ap ye sab kuch parhnay ki kbi b koshish nahein karo gai. qnk pir wohe iqbal k bat

    k dil e beena b kr talab khuda sai

    nazar ka noor dil ka noor nahein

  • If they can accept Marvi memon then it is no problem them allowing Durrani saab.

    NS has a big heart I am sure if a situation arised NS would accept Musharrf as well.

    Marvi Memon was correct what a big heart NS really has.