What is mean 500 KG quota

  • I have confusion that what does it mean of 500 KG quota, is there any time limits. I think that all the quota must link with some time elapses.

    Such as in Bhutto regime quota for sugar for common man, 250g / adult for 1 month. so if one get 3 kg at one time in whole year, do we considered him corrupt. first to get information regarding quota variables.

    so some one can clear, this 500kg for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, ............

    or for 1 shipment of that much tablets or that much liter syrup................

    before jumping on conclusion why not we get all the facts. i read one said no allegation proved against HA, so close the thread, but still nothing proved against any one else why we made decision for all others...........

    please be honest with our-self

  • Naseem Sahib,

    Hum Pakistani hain. Hamari siasat mein sirf dramay bazi chalti ha. Ager aasli masail per baat cheet kertay hain tau sunnay walla koi nahi hoga.

    The best solution, after this Musa Gilani drama, would shed some light on drug regulation and discuss new ways to improve drug industry oversight so dramas like this CANNOT occur. However, Gilanis and (Ping Pong Politicans (PPP)) claim nothing wrong has been done anyway.