Saudi Pushing Pakistan against Iran IPI. Will “Ghairat Brigade” Condemn Kingdom

  • This is the Reality which removes the dirty mask from the face of the “Ghairat Brigade” the likes of Jamaat Islami Hameed Gulls, Ansaar Abbasis, Daffa Pakistan Counsel. Dirty Maulanas eg. Sami ul Haq Munawwar Hassan etc etc.

    This Ghairat brigade shout Hollow against USA but when it comes to the most lethal, the dirtiest, the poisonous weapon of USA in Pakistan The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia they all bow down in Sajda, Khadim harmain sharifain .


    ISLAMABAD: Saudi Arabia looks askance at Pakistan’s commitment to pursue energy cooperation with Iran and is nudging the government to reconsider its decision.

    This was the essence of a message from the Saudi King conveyed by Saudi Deputy Foreign Minister Prince Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz in his meetings with Pakistani leaders on Tuesday, Arab diplomatic sources based in Islamabad said.

    Riyadh is said to have offered an ‘alternative package’ to meet Islamabad’s growing energy needs in an effort to persuade it to abandon the Iran gas pipeline and electricity/oil import deals.

    The deputy foreign minister’s visit closely follows a trip by Saudi Culture and Information Minister Dr Abdul Aziz bin Mohiuddin Al-Khoja last week, which coincided with Chief of Army Staff Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani’s visit to Saudi Arabia.

  • Shah Faisal was the real strong Muslim king of Saudi Arabia. After his death, no strong ruler like him came over the monarchy.

  • All nations keep supreme their national interest so nothing wrong with Saudi venture. It will be a test of our leadership how it protects national interests of Pakistan.

    Shamwariz your criticism is unjustified and unwarranted because those parties are out of Govt so decision will not be theirs. Sitting govt should be criticized or praised for taking stand and implementing its policies, and not the parties in opposition.