A natural puzzle and confusion

  • The senior anchor of talk show Bolta Pakistan Nusrat Javed is never seen in good mood listening the name of Sheikh Rashed Ahmed. A few months ago when his co-anchor Mushtaq Minhas mentioned his name the senior anchor Nusrat Javed in a very bad taste remarked back in a very hateful tune "this Sheeda Tulli". He further reminded his co-anchor "Mushtaq Minhas Sahib you remember three years back we decided never to take Sheikh Rashed in our programmes”. Last week Nusrat Javed was seen in blue and so high temperament though it is routine with him to show his temperament by repeatedly saying "my blood pressure is increasing". His so much highest ever ill manner temperament was on mention of Sheikh Rashed whom he saw an hour or so before in the Off The Record by Kashif Abbasi exclusive with Sheikh Rashed. In this show Sheikh Rashed and General (R) Hamid Gul viewed that people were looking towards Chief Justice and expected from him to move forward.

    Though as is usual with most of the talk show Bolta Pakistan also invites its viewers to call them with any comments, nevertheless if the call unfortunately is bit critical to Jusrat Javed's view he is to face insulting behaviour "Don't teach me, do I need to learn from you, I am a political reporter and analysist etc". Often the cool co-anchor Mushtaq Minhas cools him down reminding him how any caller needs to be listen and has the right to air his comments.

    Viewing his above referred programme Nusrat Javed becoming blue on mention of Sheikh Rashed a very natural confusion has arisen in the mind of this senior citizen. Sheikh Rashed irrespective of the point how successful a politicians he is or what worth are his views, the point is he is the only person whom majority of the anchors repeatedly keep calling him. He is the only when he is called exclusively by most senior and most seen talk show anchors like Dr.Shahid Masood (Shahid Naama), Nasim Zahra (Policy Matters), Kamran Shahid (Front Line), Kashif Abbasi (Off the Record), Asma Shirazi (Faisla Aaap Ka in the street of Sheikh Rashed), Dr. Danish (Sawal Yah Hay), Asma Chaudhary (In Session), Waseem Badami etc. My natural confusion is are all these senior journalists unaware of any basics of "political reporting and analysing" and are all of them fool calling so much Sheikh Rashed. I wonder if due to law of nature in my this old age I have lost senses or despite age my confusion is logical and natural as hundreds of thousands every day get puzzled/confused and doubt their own senses listening repeatedly “democracy is the best revenge”.

  • Sheikh Rasheed is established puppet of ISI. He was in political wilderness ISI hired him gain to become its mouth piece that’s why he is invited by famous TV anchors under pressure of ISI in solo flight in Media talking rubbish and foul language like his twin bother the other ball of ISI Imran Khan.

    Both are single, share similar habits and use extreme foul languages against other in their absence