IPL dying? Should we even show them?

  • This shows IPL is in trouble already in its fourth year.


    Indians itni see importance milnay pay aapay se bahar horahay thayy..and they refused to play Pakistani cricketers. I bet if IPL was a Pakistani League Pakistan would have never banned Indian players. As I said earlier in another post, only we Pakistanis have bigger hearts..

    I seriously question..should these IPL matches be shown on Pakistani channels since IPL has refused to play Pakistani cricketers? At the very least we should boycott this non-sense even if Amn kee asha lovers have to show them on their screens.

  • Well seems like Geo have some vested interest in promoting any thing Indian in Pakistan. I agree, this should not be displayed on Pakistani channels especially since Pakistani's don’t have any representation in the tournament.

  • Totally agreed Dusky..and not just Pakistani does not have any representation there, the worse part is they by design refused to accept Pakistani players. This is a disgrace...Where is ghairat brigade when you need them..

    I dont know what GEO is upto. Anyone noticed how they intentionally introduce Hindi words in their conversation like shruaat instead of ibtada, Jura hoaa instead of munsalik etc??

    and rest of the channels follow the lead.

  • We should also do something about children cartoon on our channels that are dubbed in Hindi. This is 100% sochi samjhee saazish to brainwash our children.

  • Geo is showing IPL because they do not have anything else to show. Ever since PTV Sports started, it has really broken Geo Super's back. PTV along with its partner Ten Sports has now rights to all significant sport events. Therefore, GEO Super is left with only Bangladesh Premier League, Indian Premier League or Karachi Tape Ball Ramzan Tournaments.

    Besides, there is not much interest for IPL among Pakistani viewers either who have had a bit to much cricket to watch.

    I totally agree with the point regarding stopping Cartoons dubbed in Hindi. Don't know whether it is a 'sazish' or not but why are we allowing our kids to learn a language that is dying in its own country?

  • @bsObaid.and @Adonis.. I am agreed with your stance on IPL .. But really ... what is the difference if those cartoons are dubbed in Hindi? Hindi and Urdu is same language anyway except some differences in Vocabulary. That is like differences in British and American English.

    All of those Hindi words you can find in urdu dictionary: Feroz ul Lughat if you ever get a chance to see

    Another interesting article on this topic


    Without those Sanskrit based words "Jamil Uddin Aali" was not able to write his beautiful "Dohey" and "Geet" in Urdu..

  • Sir, this is a well thought of plan to pave the way of akhund bharat by brainwashing our children into same language, same culture..bas aik lakeer hai beech mein..

    Bhaiyyooo we Pakistani and simple and have bigger hearts. Indians kaa dil aur hatred we all saw in IPL..

  • @ justhuman

    You must be kidding. Have you ever seen those cartoons? Seems like one is watching Door Darshan.

    Urdu and Hindi are not "same" languages at all otherwise India would have Urdu as its national language. If script was an issue, they could have made "Hindustani" the official language which is indeed quite similar to Urdu. Incidentally, Hindi became India's official language against Hindustani by just one vote in Lok Sabha. Hindi was preferred only because it was considered closest to Sanskrit and not "polluted" by Muslim languages like Arabic and Farsi. In spite of its conscious efforts, Indian state has not succeeded in making Hindi a language of masses and even bollywood movies use hindustani instead of hindi.

    The name of days, directions, body parts all are different in hindi, so good luck with your quest to find them in Feeroz ul Lughat.

    At best, Urdu and Hindi are as close as Spanish and Portugeese. Speaker of one language can broadly understand the other without comprehending every word spoken.

    And for your kind information, Aali Sahib's dohays are in Poorbi not in hindi.

  • @bsObaid ...

    I agree on your opinion on that , While Pakistani Players are not participating ,showing this tournament on pakistani TV is wrong .

    Anyways , for me Judging whole country based on mentality of IPL 's executives and some Politicians is not right also.

    Also Learning some Sanskrit based Vocabulary won't do any harm to our cultural identity. Urdu itself is considered a 'Lashkari' Language and it grew absorbing new words inside (Even most of these words are already part of urdu through literary works in urdu . ).

    Honestly , In a perfect world, i would like to have these problems resolved between india and pakitan so that these countries build up a South Asian Union ,comprises of Pakistan , india , Bangladesh and SriLanka etc (in the lines of European Union with same currency, unprotected borders ,and without Nuclear weapons , still different countries where you can keep your culture and heritage )...Please Don't consider this suggestion a 'sazish' of 'Hindu Lobby' or a move toward 'Akhand Bharat"

    Hope , Someday we will realize that biggest enemy of these nations are not eachother but War, Poverty and Corruption .

  • @Adonis .....

    A Language is driven with Grammar not with the 'Rasmul khat' ...While Urdu and Hindi Share 95% of the literary Vocabulary and 99% of Colloquia Vocabulary and if not all .. So they are merely two dialects of same language.

    I have found most of the vocabulary in Feroz ul lughat .. you should be able to find that too.(Don't try with pocket dictionary though:) )..

    Litrary pieces like Prem Chand 's novels and short stories ( Afsanay) , Javed Akhtar 's Tarkush , Gulzaar 's 'Yaar Julahe' have been published simultaneously in DevNagri and Nastaaliq in INdia.. So Urdu has found a new RasmulKhat as DevNagri in india. Due to political reasons .. people will be calling them with Seperate names ....

    Language itself is not a Static thing. It is dynamic entity that is evolved with the cultural diversity , external influences and time.

    Just like Croation and Serbian are same languages but they are called different in different regions in Europe.

    I just Saw this cartoon and it was pretty funny :) . i don't think so it is going to harm our kids mentality if they watch this indian cartoon.


  • Please try to read and learn a bit about the difference between Hindi and Hindustani. Whatever you are saying relates to Hindustani, not at all to Hindi.

    And I have tried looking in full size comprehensive editions of Feeroz ul Lughat, Nur ul Lughat and Farhag-i-Aasfiya but there is no entry for words like 'Yudh', 'adbhut', 'ichha', 'bhojan', 'namaste', 'kirpa', 'arth', 'abhyas', 'shunnay', 'maarg', 'kartave' etc which are just few of the words commonly used in Hindi dubbing of cartoons on Nickle Odeon. Perhaps the reason is that these are Urdu dictionaries, not hindi.

    Why should Pakistani kids be condemned to bear such jinnati zuban, just because some miserly Channel owners want to save money on Urdu dubbing and instead forcing Hindi on us?

  • @Adonis ... , Urdu is not jannati language also .. Only Arabic is :)..So don't try to Save our "Paak" language 'Urdu' from "Napaak" sanskrit words .

    Believe me it is a big debate but with my research and my discussion with some urdu /hindi researchers i came to conclude that it is same language. Please dont rely on Wikipedia as it is point of view of the person who updated it. So i have my reasons clear why i am taking that stance on this topic. Anyways you can take whatever side you like.

    I don't know which versions of dictionary are you seeing, If any of these words is not part of Urdu , it will be, as again Urdu is a dynamic language that is growing with influence. There is no harm to let a language grow.

    for example I remember one of the Doha of Jamil ud din Aali (you must know it but for others who does not know ,it is a form of Urdu poetry heavily influenced with sanskrit vocublary)

    Ab ke baras , kathan thaa bhiyaa dewali ka Tevhar

    Hum tu gaai thhe chaila bankar , Bhayya kah gai naar.

    Those kids will learn those words anyways through indian movies ... so better learn them through Cartoons so that they don't have any difficulty :)...

    But Really i want those Indian Soaps to be boycotted by all Pakistanis . Not because they are made in INdia .. just because they are stupid, lengthy and without any purpose and proper plot. Indian Movies used to be fun but they are getting stupid, copied and vulgar. The language of those indian movie is Urdu though mostly (especially all of the lyrics in songs are Urdu -- , still considering urdu and hindi are different dialect of same language).

    If you are interested in Poetry:

    For more Dohays by Jamil uddin Aali in urdu mushaira watch this : (start from 3:00)


    Also Watch Sampooran Singh Gulzaar 's hindi poetry in hindi Sammelan as



  • @ justhuman

    When did I say anything about "jannati" language? Please read my post again, I called these hindi words "jinnati" from "jin" alluding to their incomprehensibility for an urdu speaking person. I am seriously amazed how can an Urdu speaking person (if you are Urdu speaker) confuse Jannat with Jin.

    I don't know which "researchers" you have been talking to but like you these "researchers" seem to be doing their research on google without physically reading any research material or visiting a library.

    The issue of Urdu-Hindi-Hindustani has long been settled. There is no confusion in either India or Pakistan regarding the difference between the three.

    But you seem quite confused regarding the difference between these as you are talking about hindustani but calling it hindi. You need to read a bit about what is hindustani and what is hindi and then you would be able to comment with more knowledge.

  • @Adonis .. i apologize , i read it as Jannati instead of Jinnati.:).. But really , back to my point, a Language or words can't be Jinnati or Jannati...It is the usage that makes those words evil or good.

    Apart from part of hindi /urdu /hindustani/sanskrit ,If those words are used in a Naat or Hamd they can be sacred or Jannati. IF those are used to spread hatred among humans those can be Jinnati for me . So apart from hindi urdu discussion, learning some new Sanskrit words are not going to harm anyone. The muslims in india who are living with hindi speaking hindus don't have any weaker faith than muslims in Pakistan.

    A Couplet from a hindi naat:

    Jo manota ka suraj hay ju jeewan ka ujyara hai

    Us kali kamli wale ne jeewan ka roop nikhara hai.

    My point is Colloquial Hindi and Urdu , that masses use in their daily conversation, i.e the language that is used in Indian and pakistani movies , soaps are almost identical. Thats why the term hindustani is used for them in India. But when a Muslim in subcontinent speak the language they call it Urdu . While Hindus in India call it hindi.

    The partition of india and communal hatred between hindus and muslim forced hindus and muslims to seperate those languages more with forcing Persian/arabic words in urdu and sanskrit words in Hindi.

    Anyways i close my argument here ... I will be learning and open to read more ... as it is one of my fav. topic

    Best Regards.

  • geo super should not show IPL.... it is really disgraceful actually. they also do a pre-match show where they try to hype things up, it is really really dumb.

    if IPL had Pakistani cricketers, i would have followed it 100%, but this is just really poor racist type attitude from India.