NA-249- Karachi XI

  • 2002 Results:

    Amir Liaquat Hussain MQM 30458

    Abdul Habib Memon PPPP 22708

    Abdul Majeed Noorani MMA 22973

    Muhammad Iftikhar Ahmed Qadri ST 7500

    2008 Results:

    Dr Muhammad Farooq Sattar MQM 103846

    Abdul Habib Memon PPPP 73324

    Dr farooq satter seat had very close fight betweeen ppp and mqm in 2008.

    Some argue that had it not been rigging than ppp would have won.whats the scenario this time.

  • no use of discussing khi as free and fair elections can never take place otherwise there will be blood shed.

  • Its NA-249 Asif. Its MQM territory by all counts. Farooq Sattar's runner-up from PPP lost by a margin of 30,000 votes.

  • Yup, 248 is Liyari, NA-249 is the Farooq Sattar one; the Memon Land :)

  • If I am not mistaken, Sarwat Qadri of Sunni Tehreek is also set to contest from NA-249. This will make it a very interesting fight between Sunni Tehreek and MQM (and by "fight" I do not mean through ballot only).

  • NA-249 was one of the constituencies where there was massive rigging from both sides in last elections; polling station wise results give interesting insght into it.

  • Hussain Mehenti of Jamat thrashed MQM on this seat during MMA times.

    If Iam not mistaken, MQM gave ticket to a non-memon.

    Its interesting to know that in a few seats MQM only won by a small margin. If opposition parties join forces, they can do wonders.

    PTI will most likely win a very small number of votes from Karachi but I am just not sure whose votes they are going to split. Its best if PTI does not run from Karachi and do a seat adjustment with jamat or some other opposition parties, so PTI's vote bank does not end up working in MQM's favor.

  • Only if All parties including ST,JI,PPP,JUP,PTI, ANP and JUI (and also if they want incl 40-50 votes of PML-N ;) ) join hands they can beat MQM from here.

    But first all these parties joining hands will never happen, secondly if they do voters of these parties may opt not to vote to a candidate of other party.

  • Yes, Sarwat Qadri will most definitely hurt MQM votes. Sunni tayreek supporters are mostly urdu speaking and have traditionally voted for MQM.

    I thought Sarwat Qadri was going to run from Orangi Town area. Either way, he is not going to get more than 10,000 votes in best case scenario.

  • nops, mehanti won from PIB, amir liaquat won from this seat against Shabir Abu talib I think (JUP/MMA)

  • @Bsobaid

    Sarwat Qadri importance is because of arms both "baazoo waley aur ammunition waley" and they are more relative in Karachi than anywhere else right now. That is another distinction MQM has brought to Karachi.

  • mistake,thread should have been na-249.2 or 3 seats were lost by mqm including haider abbas rizvi seat but at the last moment results were changed.

    There were also reports of firing in NA-249 and the nazim of saddar town was from MQM and he had a role in rigging that seat.

  • Bsobaid


    Hussain Mehenti of Jamat thrashed MQM on this seat during MMA times.


    Obaid bahi , u know that how MQM was made to win in 2002 by BAHDUR FAUJ. Please don't quote those.

    Also , this is not that consituency which Mehnti won . :)

  • But it is MQM that always join the estabishment/"Bahadur Fauj" as they also did after 2002 elections. So it does not seem logical that army would try to reduce the seats of its permanent allies.

  • Adonis,

    U know who created MMA and how it was made to win seats by BAHDUR FAUJ.

    After Baloch, MQM has suffered the most at the hands of BAHDUR FAUJ. Starting from 92 to 2002? Have u forgotten Army Operation of 92 or Babariat of mid 90's or Army courts of 98 ???

  • Both MMA and MQM are Army's creations.

    If one creation tries to get out of hand, it is taught a little lesson and then it starts behaving again. This is why MQM has been a faithful lackey of the army since after the operations in karachi.

  • In 2002 Elections, it wasn’t just Army or Establishment that caused MQM to lose some seats.

    MQM genuinely was lacking wide spread support in many areas of Karachi which marginalized their vote bank in some constituencies, while on the other hand MMA benefitted from the facts that JI gained some additional support due to Nemat-ULLAH Khan’s development work, MMA appeared as a ‘phenomenon’ of change from the prevailing Political class, MMA appeared as a symbol of Unity amongst religious forces across the sects which pleased many as this not often happened before, and finally MMA gained because of the reaction that existed against Afghan War & US.

    Even with all these factors, Votes MMA got was in most cases were not more than 10-15% of the total votes in the constituency and they won only because MQM’s support was at its lowest edge.

    Since then things have changed considerably, MQM have boosted their support through the development work during Mustafa Kamal period and have also gained considerable strength being in Government since.

    And recently with the wave of “Bhatta Khori” and associated Target Killings in Old City areas of Karachi by ‘Peoples Aman Committee’, and some violence incidents with ‘Muhajirs’ in Pathan majority areas, MQM has managed to increase their support in some areas specially in Business Community even though they are equally responsible for the overall condition of the City and Target Killing.

    The Major reason behind MQM managing to maintain or even increase their support in some cases is the fact that Karachiites have no warmth towards whatever “alternates” they have available, and those ‘established alternates’ have not done any favors to their chances in the race to win support in Karachi.

  • Adonis Bahi


    n the other hand MMA benefitted from the facts that JI gained some additional support due to Nemat-ULLAH Khan’s development work


    Niamat ullah was elected Nazim in Jul/aug 2001 and it was only one year when 2002 elections took place.

    MQM was taught a lesson by BAHDUR FAUJ by awarding these 5/6 seats to MMA and haqiqi.

    MMA was created and made to win to conveny to west that its only BAHDUR FAUJ which can keep TALIBAN at bay in Pakistan.

  • @SA,

    Yes NimatULLAH's work in the first year benefitted JI/MMA.

    Specific to Karachi, 'Establishment' was not the only factor, there were some Genuine factors as well in MMA wining those 5 seats from Karachi.

    This is my analysis, you obviously can disagree, I watched those elections very closely from Ground Zero. :)

    I only analysed MMA's win, that didnt included the seat Haqiqi won, there MQM had genuine support but Haqiqi had the control over the area.

  • Anas Bahi,

    If u were on "Ground Zero" , i was also somewhere around not buried under the rubble ::)

    Here is a through discussion about MMA's vicotry which might give u some insight.

    I have been studying pak politics for last 25 years and very intersting fact to note is that JI wins only when there is a UNIFORMED ANGEL around ( In 70, after AL disqualification , bulk seats given to JI . In 79 , PPP disqualified and Afghani of JI made mayor of KHI . IN 2001 , MQM bycotted and Niamat ullah becomes mayor ). Sounds interesting ?????