Nawaz, Zardari, Maulana Fazalur Rehman& ALL StatusQuo forces Open Nato Suppllies

  • Mubarak to All Fake Liberals who are pro war and Fake Islamists who have been defending Islam and fully endorsing the War on Terror.

    Shabash Saadi IceCream Opposition tay for legitimizing the War of Terror.

  • you did not even read the proposed draft and started your regular blaming stuff. If this is implemented it would be great for the prestige of Pakistan

  • LOL @ your intelligence brother

    Just like the previous resolutions were implemented. The PML(N) is the dumbest opposition of the world to continue to fall for Zardari's jokes.

  • If they stop the drones, stop their irregular activities in PAK and give an unconditional appology for salala incident, and nato spplies minus arms are open, then I think its a wise decision

  • For your kind info there is no mention of nato supplies in this proposed resolution pased today in parliament

  • if the pigs fly and if Nawaz Sharif becomes the real opposition leader and not a friend/brother of zardari and If Maulana Fazal ur Rehman stops his Munafiqat.

    Way too many IFs.

  • People sitting outside of Parliament out of their own stupid choice are not entitled to an opinion on such sensitive matters pertaining to our national security. Watch tonight's show with Asma Shirazi, Khawaja Saad Rafiq made that IG of fools, Azam Swati run with the tail tucked between his legs.

  • Good to see you guys backing the opening of Nato supplies and legitimizing the war of terror. I guess that's the result of Nawaz Sharif's recent meeting with American officials in London and Maulana's meeting with Munter yesterday.

  • Will Imran Khan give his word that he along with SMQ, Javed Hashmi, Jehangir Tareen and Veena Malik will head out to Port Qasim tomorrow along with millions of their followers and will not allow even a one gallon of bottled water transported to ISAF in Afghanistan?

  • The resolution was passed unanimuously, what were the two **** PTI members the LEGHARI brothers there for, why they did not oppose it?

  • There goes Jammat's Alliance with PML(N).

  • What were the 2 ***** PTI members Leghari brothers doing in Parliament?

  • Can you name two leghari brothers that are part of Parliament. Coz I could name only one.

  • ^^^ Imran Khan can have the Jamati Losers ten times around. BTW Insaftak, has anyone from your party care to inquire whether Owais Leghari dissented from voting or not?

  • @ Siddiqi

    LOL @ Jamat-e-Islami aab losers ho gai aabhi thori daair pehley karachi mein seat adjustment ho rahi the. LOL.

    Awais Leghari is in Dera Ghazi khan doing membership campaign along with Jamal Leghari.

    What happened to the "Give Peace a Chance Resolution" signed by all Parties a while ago. Inn Loggoon Ko sharam o haya he nahi hai.

  • Owais was never instructed to oppose the resolution because IK does not want to anger is father uncle sam. ooton ooton galan kaddi ja, andron andron muk maka kari ja

  • Its all a sham....nato arms are already being flown over pak airspace...if pak was really serious, they would rescind premission for nato to use air space over pak.

  • ^

    fauj/parliament kai amerika akaa nai tau mafi tak nahi mangi aur yeh musharaf kai bakiyaat phir lait gaye.

    musharaf ki bakiyaat aur friendly opposition can only do walkouts and third class bayans.

  • Is Imran Khan announcing a Dharna at Port Qasim or not?

  • IK support Musharraf, who approve Neto supply and drone attack on Pakistan and now try to shif blame to parliment. IK just playing establishment game along with Pakistan defence council.