What is Awaam key Adaalat?

  • What is Awaam key Adaalat?

    In only Pakistan, people accept that there is something called "Awaam key Adaalat".

    Adaalat is by definition only conducted by those people who have capacity to distinguish between right & wrong and impart justice without any "taasuub". Most of citizens cannot look beyond their personal needs.

    By definition, most of citizens of countries are like a herd of sheep, who are controlled by carrot and stick by policy offerings of a combination of rewards and punishment to induce behavior.

    There is only one Adaalat and that is Justice system of country. Awaam key Adaalat is purely a Political Slogan.

  • Totally agree with you! Thats the reason our leaders want us to keep ignorant, so they could use us easily. Why they don;t give us the education, they give to their kids? Why they don't empower us through local govts? there are so many questions, we need to ask our leaders.