Mard kee ghairat.....

  • Kia mardd ke ghairat kaa andazaa oss kee aurat kay dress se lagana chahiyay yaa phirr iss se kay woh mardd doosrii aurat ko kiss nazar se dekhta hai?

    Kehtay hein..jaisee karnee waisee bharnee...

    If a man sees another woman with dirty eyes then the chances are other men will look at his women with same kind of eyes..

    Secondly, why should another person ( wife, in this case) be responsible for her husband's demonstration of ghairat? I thought hurr aadmi apnay hissay kaa bojh uthaey gaa...

  • Obaid bhai kia Ansar Abbasi say mil ker ay rahain hain??

  • nahi..I got the idea from a post on another forum.

  • Well I remember a line from of of Asmat Chugtai's novel: Mard kee izzat nahee hoti, is liya luti nahee. Aurat kee hoti hay is liya lut jati hay"

  • Zayada mazaydaar sawal yeh banta ga k aik aurat ko kisi marad ki bay-ghairati ka andaza kaisay hota hay???

    Ya phir yeh k zayada Bay-ghairat kon hay amoomi tor par? Aurat ya Marad?

  • Aurat Mardon kay muqablay main bohot ghairatmand hoti hain (in most cases). I agree with initial comments of Obaid Bhai.

  • There was actually a thread on another forum where the poster wanted to provoke some ghairat among Pakistanis by telling them if your women does not wear a shuttle cok burqaa then you are a baigharat.

    This made me think, this is a very easy way to become a baa ghairat person. Our men apni biwi yaa behen ko 2 jotay marr kay burqa pehnaa dein and then they can engage in any immorality and still be called a baa ghairat person.