Pti policy on pak's role in afghan conflict

  • Allrhetoric aside, what i have understood so far from ik' interviews on international channels and some local channels is as follows:

    We will stop army operation in fata right away and make peace with the locals there. We will negotiate with them and form tribal lashkars that will fight against the real terrorists who according to him are no more than a couple of thousands.

    I think this tribal lashkar approach has been tried multiple times and these lashkars have been brutally killed and destroyed by the terrorist. So if this happens again, what will ik do? Send troops in? So back to where we are.

    How will ik stop people from our side allegedlycrossing the border? If he brings our troops back who is going to stop cross border movements?

    In reality, i dont see any difference in his policy than the one currently adopted by the government.

  • Also, about drones..the issue right now is our troops are too stretched to reach n. Wazeeristan where allegedly the terrorist make activities across the border.

    Our troops cant even reach the n.wazeeristan area and the area is effectively out of state's writ. How can you form anti terrorist lashkars in areas where our state has no writ?

  • @Bsobaid

    Imran thinks that there was no problem before 911, even then Taliban were sheltering international mercenaries in collusion with pak army. Swat was no reaction to American invasion. His stance is shallow at best.

    The solution is to kick out all foreign mercenaries from Pakistan whichever nationality they come from. These militants cannot continue to export violence to other parts of world. Otherwise if America is here today , China or somebody else will come after them tomorrow. If we cannot control lawlessness in our land somebody else will come to control it.

    Unless there is lawlessness in these regions, there is insecurity in Pakistan. With security issues nobody gonaa invest in pakistan hence no economic developement.

    Pakistan sufferd more than enough in last 30 yrs and somebody needs to put it into pakistani establishments mindset.