Please Close the Topic

  • I sincerely request the moderators to close this topic

    I think none of you have looked the discussion in this topic since it it has been open for many days.And the discussion ongoing on this thread is purely abusive and vulgar.

    I don't see any reason of discussing "Her" so much unless there are some "Unfilled Desire".She is a shame to the Nation and the country,and after so much humiliation,now please stop humiliating "Yourselves" through its vulgar discussion.

  • As every second thread revolves around Imran Khan, so some people might have tried to change the taste.

  • @Rafay Bhai,

    "She" is an office bearer of PTI now. What harm there is to discuss a political figure?

  • No offense in discussing it,until you discuss to condemn her or any such thing.But form all the replies,I deduced just one thing;you actually loved what she did.The way you are discussing her clearly shows that you enjoy discussing it.And unconsciously you are pleased about what she did.In-fact you are promoting this nonsense.

    SO I will again request Admins to close that Topic.