Biggest jail break in our history

  • And no discussion yet. Have we all buried our heads in sand and feel that all is rosy?

  • Actually I was about to start a thread on this but stopped because I knew it will vanish from the main page within a day..long live PTI Vs Noon.

    According to reports, there were over hundred attackers. How come all of these drove all the way from FATA to Bannu, get their boys and then drive all the way back? This is just beyond me. This is so blatant that it makes me think all this was intentional and governmentsecurity apparatus did not want to intervene.

  • Yes, it was preplanned and with mutual understanding among taliban, government and security agencies.

  • On the same day there were half a dozen attacks in major cities across the border by the same people who did the jail break.

    My question is..How many of them are there???????

    I bet you need hundreds of men at any given point to carry out soo many enormous activities in one day.

    Seriously, the jail break is a slap on our security and law enforcement agencies. I dont they are sleeping or what..

  • "Have we all buried our heads in sand and feel that all is rosy? "

    Sorry A.R but i dont understand your notion here

    what is rosy these days when na pak fauj daily kills tribals even on the day of eid.

    we did bury our heads when na pak elements of rent a fauj busy massacring lal masjid kids.

  • Taliban are becoming a real/possible option for this country the way things are going ...what i see is that US + Yahoodi lobby is bent upon imposing a split mandate with a hung parliament by media campaiginig for thier "golden" boy aka kaptaan .

    and this would definitely serve the purpose of this country become a failed this scenario Taliban will become a force for stability with Afghan counterparts getting stronger in neighbouring and payback time for the ISI & (NA_Pak must not under estimate thier number strength as IJT ,ATI , Salafia Risisng Students and to some extent Shabab-Milli will provide the foder.

  • Nazir naji article i BS.. the total Taliban in Afghansitan attack were ,13 in kabul , 13 in Jalalabad , 6 in Logar and probably 3 in paktia (as per afghan media reports) against all tha NAto +Afghan forces.. the reason Afghan force action is hailed is to hide the complete intelligence failure of west and to pave way out for them to show that now afghan can handle it themselves....

  • nazir naji must have been tunn while writing his utter BS.

    nazir naji is the baqiyaat of musharaf ata turk

  • Junaid,

    while this was happening Mr 10% had finished his visit to India and paid $,1000,000 to the Ajmer Dargah of Moinuddin Chisti. Nero fiddles while Rome burns.

    Where did he get that money? Haraam money going to haraam.

    Is there going to be accountability. None I guess although they deserve severe punishment for day light robbery of stealing from Ghareeb Awaam and spending on a grave worshipping shrine that ought to be destroyed and remains shifted to proper graveyard as per authentic Hadith.

  • If you see those clowns in video posted above moving around in huge limos, helicopters, SUV's you can add the cost to the bill to the ghareeb awaam of Pakistan. I am sure it is in millions of dollars. I see generals, cabinet ministers, son Bilawal and scores of clowns that made that trip to that grave. BTW, visit for the sake of visiting grave in a far off place is haraam and not authorized by Islam. Need accountability and may be 100 lashes for each of that clown in that entourage.

  • but who is going to add numbers in the bill?

    awam is busy in celebrating a jamadar from khaad bananay walee company joining PTI.

  • Nah, awam is busy celebrating Bandladeshi team might come to Pakistan to play 1 oneday and 20/20....

  • OO bhai, koon parachan hotay ho? Is mulk may to GHQ aur naval base per humla ho to kuch nahee hota, yeah to sirf jail hay;)

  • Seriously, I now fear a repeat of israel lebanon war where israeli soldiers literally walked in into Leabnon with zero resistance from army and security agencies.

    I am afraid we will wake up one day and god forbid we will hear on news channels some foreign force (or non-state actors) have invaded (on foot) and they are currently setting up offices in islamabad lahore peshawar. The new (foriegn) army chief to make a televised speech in 15 minutes.

    All these events, including mehran base, this jail break etc does not merely show incompetence but a complete break down of our security apparatus.

  • This article makes a good point I think. When will we wake up and admit it?

    Bannu Jailbreak: Echoes of PNS Mehran

    Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was the sight of another massive attack before the sun rose on Saturday. No, this was not a ‘night raid’ of American agents or another cross-border raid of US special forces. The attack against a secured prison was carried out by militants that some politicians continue pretending don’t exist.

    Early Saturday morning, 100 to 150 militants carried out the biggest fail-break in the country’s history, and freed hundreds of prisoners including hardcore militant fighters.

    According to an official, 100 to 150 militants arrived on pick-ups at about 1.30am and attacked the prison housing over 900 inmates after blowing up the main gates with rocket-propelled grenades.

    They broke open locks of cells, including those housing hardened criminals and condemned prisoners and blasted metal doors, the official said.

    “The attackers appeared to be in control of the prison for more than two hours. The guards offered little or no resistance after the militants asked them to step aside.”

    Faced with an attack by hundreds of militants armed to the teeth with weapons including rocket launchers, the guards might be forgiven for standing aside during the attack. But officials made another discovery that should send chills.

    Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police chief Akbar Khan Hoti…quoted the prison guards as saying that the attackers had accurate information about cells in which militants had been kept…Police arrived at the place only when the militants had escaped after freeing the prisoners, he said.

    A senior Taliban commander confirmed that the raid’s success was made possible by help from insiders.

    “We had maps of the area and we had complete maps and plans of the jail as well,” the commander, a senior member of the Taliban, told Reuters.

    “All I have to say is we have people who support us in Bannu. It was with their support that this operation was successful.”

    Does this sound familiar? It should.

    Barely more than one year ago, a group of militant fighters carried out an attack on PNS Mehran in which they managed to take control of the base for more than 15 hours, destroying critical security assets and killing Pakistani soldiers without mercy. Following this attack also, officials stated that the attackers had advance knowledge of their target from inside sources.

    “The attackers knew that the navy’s prized assets such as the Orion aircraft and the Chinese and American personnel were present on our base and they came specifically after them,” a senior navy officer said, admitting that no one on the outside could have known about it.

    He said the attackers knew the base “inside out” and were well aware of the points where they would have “an advantage over the security forces” who would engage them.

    Last month I wrote about the real covert war against Pakistan – the one being waged not by invisible ‘foreign agents’ but by very visible militants with very real weapons who are carrying out very real attacks. This latest attack is being reported as a ‘jail break’, but the facts of the case show that it is more than the actions of a band of dacoits trying to rescue a fellow criminal – it is part of an orchestrated campaign against the security of the state being carried out by armed militants with the support of ‘hidden hands’ from inside our own gates. Will we wake up in time to stop them?


  • Not a single guard wounded or get killed in the biggest break, not a single gun fire, no messages for help from prison guards. And talaban claim they spend 2 karor for the operation.... do I need to say more??

  • Dusky, actually this was not the case. If you read the bbc link i posted above, it shows the guard saw over a hundred men fully armed storming the jail. The police men hid behind trees. They contacted the nearby police stations but they all refuse to came saying there are talibans all around and they cant come out.

  • Is this really the biggest jail break in the history of Pakistan?

    If this was true, than how come there are so many thieves in federal government, national assembly, senate and provincial governments & assemblies.

    If I count numbers, they are more than 400 hundred who broke out of Bannu jail.