A Brave Journalist Exposed Punjab Card پنجاب کارڈ

  • these are good views, and be more good as I know he belons to Okara originally, part of central punjab.

    I said always that now Pakistan need decentralization, and in my one of previous thread the same point (although im saying last 3 years)

    i explained in this way, even all provinces want to make federal government but cant due to this number game.


    Punjab total seat in national assembly is more than all other together.

  • Indeed.

    However, the thing have started to change from last nfc awards.

  • Wonder some body would question about his links with RAW? or Advise him to seek asylum in India or make fun of him?

  • I am seraiki but we dont want seraikistan. Otherwise we will be as like as Wazirastan. In this way Our wadiras and sardars will be more powerful than now.

    Khuda hummain is shur say mahfooz rukhay.

    Masood- Mithan Kot ( Rajan pur)

  • Pichlay 60 saal say seraiki logoon nay aik bhi jalsa nhn kia seariki sooba kay liyay--

    seraiki soba ka naara lugganay walay aaj tuk counseller ka election bhi nhn jeet sakay. Afsoos hay Zardari aur Nawaz sharif ki larai main hum burbaad ho jaeen gay.

    Aaj seariki soba ka naara lugganay waloon main MQM, ANP, PPP aur Q league hain jin main say kissi ka taluq bhi seraiki illaqay say nhn hay. Yousuf raza gilani bhi sirf aur sirf Zardari kay kahnay pur yeh kur raha hay.

    Afsoos hum undhairoon main chullain jaeen gay aur aap sub loog enjoy kurrain

  • @Masood Abbas,

    Please check the title, this is not about saraikee sooba but role of Punjab and its impact on country, views by a Punjabi intelect.

  • Obviously this journalist or so-called journalsit who is london based is trying to ignite agian punjab bashing....

    if you look at pakistan history ..majority of the govermenr heads have been non- punjabiea even the all too powerfull Army has been headed more by non-punjabies more than themselves. Punjabies are the mot open heart people and the most who do this propaganda are the MQM people who know that as long as punjab is strong thier desires to be separated cannot become real...so they are hiding behind Seariki and Hazara sooba to plot thier ultimat goal of Jinnah pur....

  • I sound like a broken record but for the millionth time, as like Bengal separation concocted by feudal, military and beaurucracy from Punjab, Jinnapur was also the fakhria paiskush of Establishment. Brig. Imtiaz Billa himself confessed on TV that it was devised by then PM Nawaz Sharif and Military Chief. Balochistan is also part of the same conspiracy from Punjab who likes to have ultimate hold on the resources until they are bone dry wether it is from Karachi, Balochistan or anywhere else. Very blood-sucking attitude sir.

  • @rizwan Qaimkhabi......you are absolutely right, YOU ARE A BROKEN RECORD........LOLZ

  • In many cases I disagree with RQK but in most cases I like his realistic approach.

  • Jat sahib, EK Punjabi anchor, Ek Punjabi journalist ney TV per soch boldiya to ismain bhi aap ko MQM nazar aarahee hey? MQM per zehere ugalney key kaee mawaqey aap ko mileyn gey magar logic key saateh is journalist ki baat ka kia jawab deyn gey aap?