The affect of PTI's onslought of PMLN.

  • PTI has surely lost the moment.IK is now desperately seeking some "tremors" that can cause the "Tsunami" he was dreaming for. PMLN and NS remained overall composed during the PTI's initial onslaught of "jalsas" (or concerts whatever they may be), allegations of corruption and the demand of assets declaration.

    PTI was expecting that a large chunk of PMLN's electables will breakaway and join PTI but nothing of such an extant happened. Now PMLN is gradually rebuilding its posture and strength in all provinces through conventional political moves. While the un-conventional strategy of PTI of attracting the electables by using "shock and awe" tactics didn't achieve desired results. IK was looking to attract significant number PMLN's electables but the only significant defection he was able to get out of the PMLN's ranks was of Javaid Hashmi. Also, IK ended up with the pile of junk left over by Pervaiz Musharraf's "enlightened democracy" era.

    Another benefit that PMLN has gained, from the recent PTI onslaught on them, is that they have seen and learned the PTI's campaign tactics well ahead of the next elections. Now they are very well placed to develop their strategy and organise themselves for the next elections.

    Surely, IK did not anticipated the timings of the next elections correctly and exposed his strategy too early. He must have been anticipating the next elections in mid-2012 but now it seems that the next elections will be held in early-2013. It will be interesting to see how PTI will be able to sustain the euphoria it arouse in the political landscape of Pakistan.

  • IK should now just focus on Lollywood, Faisalabadi bhands and Lahore stage scenery. He would only be able to secure "electables" from these constituencies, going forward. I have heard that Atiqa Odho has also disengaged from Ustad Tabla Master.

  • @siddiqi73


    seriously...PTI's Burger Shop hasn't been able to maintain the "sales"...looks like that the "saada awaam" are realising the harms of "western junk food = burgers".

  • i think is ka aik musbit pahlo bhi ha; kafi sara kachra saaf ho jai ga e.g. ghaznawi, tamman, kasuri, tareen.......

  • Good analysis,,,

  • @mango mam,

    yes you are right...and overall IK has actually benefited PMLN so far rather than causing any serious damage to their ranks. Although, PTI will cause a splitting of non-PPPP vote (which is mainly PML vote) but I think NS still has some more clever moves saved to minimize the PTI's damage on PMLN's vote.

  • @Durrani,

    IK's new task is to split the vote to benefit Zardari and PPP in Punjab. Keeping this scenario in mind, NS is focusing on Sindh to equalize the presumed effect in the event some seats are lost due to the silent partnership between IK and Zardari in Punjab.

  • u must keep in mind that ilzam khan is the joint venture of esatb. and zardari; they both will do something; probably try to use dr. qadir; thats y there were news that there may be some misunderstanding between chacha and bonga khan

  • Also, IK (again ill-advised) tried to attract both the left(liberal) and right(religious) wing votes but even this tactic has not achieved anything significant.

    PTI's concert style jalsas inherently are more attractive to the mindset of a PPPP voter, generally considered to be more left biased. A right biased non-PPPP voter, subconsciously holds a deep dislike for the westernised way of life and will be hard to convince to vote for a party represented by pop-singers, actors and dancers.

  • @Siddiqi & Mango Mam,

    Yes PMLN still has serious challenges ahead but personally I think that their strategy is overall heading in the right direction. So far PMLN has been confidently facing various attacks from IK for example friendly opposition, corruption allegations, assets declaration, dengue, etc.

    Despite the overly-exposed negative campaign of IK against PMLN no significant damage happened to the PMLN's pool of electable candidates.

  • i think ilzam khan is very imature and non-seriouse; he has nothing to loose; he is now being blacmailed by journalist to come on their programs for publicity; by doing that he is exposing himself by talking same thing agian and again; no credible person in his party; only lotas

  • @mango mam

    you are right... PTI's negative campaign against PMLN has only helped PMLN rather than any serious harm.

    Also,IK has over-displayed himself on the TV screens. People are getting sick and tired of his rhetorical talk full of slang and devoid of any decency.

    NS, on the other hand, has been careful about making too much display on the TV screens and still regarded as a "decent" person in the general public (the saada awaam).

  • PTI zidabad..........PTI zidabad..... the only hope in pakistan.

  • eagle Bhai

    jazbat main aakar lagta hay "N" key hee tor dali hay aap nay keyboard say

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    lol....may be @eagle_pk hates the "N" word because of PML"N".

  • nahi durrani bhai esi koi bat nahi.IK sahib na nam bhi "N" kay baghiar mumkin nahi:)

  • N sey nafrat ki wajhe "N"awaz ke alawa aur bhi ho sakti hain





  • IK gets all the cream through his onslaught. Is anything left? Whatever is left would break away from N the very moment the parliament is dissolved. Write this somewhere.

    N will run short of candidates when the time comes.

  • ^^^^ Now that's what's called Sheikh Chilli ki Hawai Biryani mixed with Billi kay khawab mein Chichray

  • ^^^This is called state of denial.

    PTI gets SMQ, JH, Khurshdi qasuri, Azeem Ibrahim, Asad umar etc.

    N gets PTI leftovers MM and Muqam .. aur us pay bharkiaan .. that is actually called a hawai bufet!