PPP & PML-N agree to postpone LG elections

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    No-ora Khusti at its best

    Officials from both the PPP and PML-N, however, did not admit that there was “secret deal or understanding” to withhold the local government elections. Rather, they kept on pinning blame on each other for the delay.

    Democracy !!!! - Only if we get elected :)

  • PTI kay burgers ab aisee hee khabron say dil khush karain gay.

  • @W

    Thanks for your thoughtful comment. Please continue.

  • @PTI Burgers

    chaar din kee chandni...phir andheri raat....

  • @ Durrani

    I don't think runaway bahi/behn is a hardcore supporter of PTI like some of us. this was a genuine thread.

    @ Runaway bahi

    NO biggie PPP and PML(N) are on same page on everything. be it the local government elections, restoration of Nato supplies, No tax reforms, corruption, 18th, 19th 20th amendment.

  • @runaway,

    What does it matter to PTI supporters? Its not like y'all have plethora of candidates across Pakistan who'll contest such elections anyway.

  • @PTI Burgers

    Your beloved PTI now resembles a young bride(dulhan) becoming bewa(widow) on the honeymoon....so sad....dulha bhai i.e. Gen Pasha passed away so quickly...

  • Not holding LG elections is indeed a failure of current parties in power.

  • @siddiqi

    Sahab aap sae tau purani pechan hae..

    Hum k tHeray Ajnabi itni mulaqaton k baad :)

    Aap ko bhee idea nahi hua k mera PTI sae talluq nahi. I am from KHI, and support local representation, local government.

    I know, next thing I will be called is Altaf Kali Mata k pujari or something like that.

    This is the problem we have. Instead of discussing the policy or the process, we start name calling.

    How is this thread related to PTI?

    Question is : Is local government good or bad? If we can have elections on NA and PA seats, why can't we have elections for LG?

    Shouldn't democracy be started from district level?

    I guess for parties which have been ruled by same family for years, bottom up democracy does not makes sense.

    Aik dafa himmat kar k khe daen, this policy of delaying LG government is wrong tactic.

  • @W

    What's this fascination of Dulha and Dulhan of PML-N.

    Few days back, @siddiqi was calling PML-N and PPP ( dulha and dulhan ). However, he did not clarify, who is dulha and who dulhan :)

  • @runaway bhai,

    Bhai, apni leadership say bolain kay jin ki goad mein woh majbaroon bethay hain, in say mutalba karain elections ka. I'm for the LG and devolution by all accounts. Why isn't MQM pushing for such elections aggressively?

  • Bobby group once pressurised the government for it and used its old tactic of target killings but somehow that episode of target killing ended nand Bobby group never seriously demanded it again...

    I wonder what was done to shut their mouth?

  • I do try to convey my thoughts to the MQM karkuns. I don't have any contact with the leadership.

    MQM should have taken a much stronger stand on this issue. I don't know the reasons for not pushing hard for LG elections. Basically, Zardari has outsmarted MQM. PPP can form its own government wihtout MQM.

    If MQM leaves government, PPP will have more free hand to do whatever it wants. And they showed, what they will do when Ishrat Ibad left for few days.

    MQM probably feels that its better to be in Govt and enjoy whatever it is getting.

    Being out of govt, it will be pushed to corner, vis a vis, Amn Committee , ANP , Sunni Tehrik.

    At the end of the day, Zardari has mastered the art of handling MQM tantrums and using delaying tactics.