Nisar challenges critics of parliamentary resolution - Let us see who stands up

  • Nisar challenges critics of parliamentary resolution - Let us see who stands up

    “I challenge them to prove even a single clause of the resolution which goes against the national interest. The Parliament adopted the resolution keeping the national interests above all,” Nisar said addressing a press conference at Punjab House.

    This should be an easy challenge to meet for any one who is wise and intelligent.

    I think leadership, both political and civil, outside of parliament must take this challenge. This shouldn't be too hard to meet.

  • Clean people only accept challenge from shareefs and not by their mulazims...even though shareef mulazims have tens of seats while clean

  • No ilzami will come out to have debate on this national issue.They will rather keep blaming blindly and illogically.

  • IK has repeatadly challenged NS to a live debate on policy issues....but NS is too scared and lacks courage to accept.

    And Ch.nisar and his challanges are a joke....

    I challange Ch.Nisar to keep his promise as he said himself..

    Until he does that, he will continue to be a joke and person with zero credibility...

  • IK is not yet too grown up to do live debate with NS(3 times PM).Once he gains the same rank will be welcomed.

    Ch.Nisar is still waiting for IK's reply to accept his challenge.But i am sure he will never do.

    And what do you say about IK's civil disobedience movement?

    At least PTI should accept a single challenge to shut up Ch.Nisar forever rather than continue blaming for no use.PTI may send any one else (Like SMQ,JH,SM) to accept this challenge of parlimentary resolution.

  • i realy dont care what ilzam khan says kion ke woh bongian marta ha; is liye woh jo kahta ha us ka zimaydar nahin but ch. nisar should go by his words

  • I'm sure if the lion in wizard of oz could find some courage then the so called "lion of lahore" can find some as well :)

    If not, then we might have to start calling him "chicken of lahore" . lol

    Let Ch.nisar keep his promise first, then we'll talk about his "challanges" :)

  • I am sure even Ch. Nisar himself doesn't remember what he had said the day before.....

    As for his challenges, aw well, they are only for public consumption and for Mian Sahibans'ego massaging!!!!

  • lau ji aethai we luch tal shuro..jab kehnai ko kuch na ho tu luch tal shuro kar detai hain.

  • lol@ZaheerAbbas...feeling the heat???

  • The issue here is Parliamentary resolution and not what Chaudhry Nisar said three or four months ago...raat gai baat gai. If we are gonna start dwelling upon what happened in the past, than the hollow promises, claims and U-Turns made during Sit-ins against Drone Strikes, Hakumat Hatao aur Mujh Hakumat mien lao Threek, Launching anarchy and civil disobedience if Politicians don't declare their assets would also see the light of the day.

  • ^Um...they do see the light of the day on this forum :)

    Still doesn't mean we shouldn't expect ch.nisar to keep his promise...

  • @sandman

    I thought that challenge with respect to the resolution is so weak that even a low ranking member of PTI can respond to it for the sake of Pakistan.

  • @Sultan

    Please discuss on the issue rather than talking ala bala..lolllz..Any one having reservation should accept this challenge.

  • lolz@accept this challenge........

  • Inqalabis can not accept this stupid challenge. They are currently busy preparing for the civil disobedience movement and for the next general elections boycott.

  • ^^^ AA Bhai, before that; P0nka Khan would also be boycotting Pakistan Turncoat Itehad's inter party elections as well ;)

  • Ali Bahi,

    A mera sher aya. Bari deer se intesar tha. Aap ko lagta he is mah khali haat hi jana ho ga. @munshi ne keh diya he jitni bari luch atna bara bonus.

    Jase Zardari ne wo kamm kar dighaya jo pehle koi nahi kar saka, yani PPP ki maqboliyat ko pasti ki Had tak poncha diya, ase aap ne mujhe PTI ki CEC se jote parwa kar, Sharif kandan ki Badmashion ke Haq main lakhne par majboor kar ke wo kam kar dighaya jo Bawa ji apne Munafiqana Manshoor aur Siddiqi Bahi apne Raag se nahi kar sake.

    Main to samja tha ke aap ne siyada tankhwa hasel karne ke liye apni policy badal di ho gi aur PMLN ke bajaye PTI ke haq main likhna shoro kar diya ho ga.

  • @asif65

    bhai aap tou hamray talay huway luch ko dil say laga bethey hein.

    bhai mein tou toba karta hoon aysay kaam karnay say... jou paysay millay thay woh mein nay charity mein day diay hein. aap say aur doosray inqalabi bhaiyoun say bhi guzarish hai kay ab khul kar mian sahab ka mukabla karien. unhoon nay challenge dia hai tou qabool kar kay monh tour jawab dien. aur haan jou rakm aap nay aur dosray nam nihad inqalabion nay banaey hein woh california kay kissi aysi charity ko dan kar dien jou baysahara love children ki kafalat karti ho. mein nay bhi aysa hi kiya hai.

  • Main to Sharif Khandan ki badmashion ka muqabla karne ki himat nahi rahkta. Aab to aap ke luch ke baad PTI wale bhi mere sar par jote marne lage hain. Main to dosre inqilabion ko mashwara doon ga ke, in loteroon ko Islamic republic of Pakistan ko lootne dain. Mulk ki slamti aur Kharib awam ke relief ke liye koi policy lana in ki zimidari thori he. In ka asal maqsad har najaiz tareke se apni dolot ko ziyada se ziyada karna he, jis ko wo bari mehnat se poora kar rahe hain. In ki is mehnat per itraz karna mulk aur awam se ghadari ke mutradif he.