The nation needs to rise up like this.....

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    This joint secretary was abused by Raja Pervez Ashraf's Staff on the highway.

    I wish our awam can rise up against the corrupt leadership for collective benfit of all , rather than reacting on personal grievances. Maybe a few cases like these will be a catalyst.....we need a hero !!

  • Good job Bakhtiar,

    You should have spit on his car as well. And i am glad Bakthtiar didn't talk about Raja Bijli like some ministers talk... "Mera bhai Raja P Ashraf" or "meray intehai qablay ihteraam minister.."

    If it wasn't for your tax dollars Rental Power Ashraf would be driving a tanga.

  • looks like we're all busy discussing dirty politics

  • So it was a politician who at least listened patiently to what Bakhtiar had to say.

    If it had been a General instead and the escort had been of military instead of police, would Bakhtiar have been able to knock on the window of General's car and have a frank "discussion"?

    More likely, he would have been shot or at least badly beaten on the spot.

    This is why even a bad democracy is better than dictatorship.

  • @Adonis Bhai Adab

    Bhai ji bara ajjeb sa luch tala hay aap nay.Kia safai peesh ki hay aap nay "Jamhorait ki"

    Jis borhay teacher ki tangain toti thain woo ki general nay nahi tori thein,

    Koi akhari waqea biyan karna pasand farmain gay jab kisi army walay kay protocle nay road pay luch tala hu.

  • Gen Amjad's protocal had a famous run in during early days of Musharraf. His escort hit the car of a civilian and then the poor guy was taken away by soldiers and roughed up.

    Have you forgotten the case of ASI Nazeer who was removed from Service in Lahore for ticketing Gen. Sabahat Hussain's car during Musharraf days?

    Son of Gen Yaqub DG Rangers called up soldiers when his car was stopped by police. The military men abducted these policemen and gave them a sound beating.

    Just a few of many instances.

  • And I can give you millions where some "Jamhori Shurafa" did what you said above.If you think I'm in love with stubborn generals the you may correct yourself, my dear brother, All I'll trying to make you ponder is the fact is that an eveil is eveil in its core, there is no such think like big evil or small eveil,dictatorship cannot be good and Jamhoriat cannot be "battareen".If it is then its not jumhoriat its jumhori dictatorship which is worse kind of dictatorship.

  • At least he is not a missing person.

  • Adonis - agreed , army does'nt tolerate any questioning , but those days are slowly fading , but my point was to react to injustice and we should do that......

  • The problem with our army officers is that they still have the colonial mentality. In the colonial system, the Indian soldiers were not permitted to the argue with the white masters. The senior offices of the army are carrying the same mentality of their white masters. These senior army officers treat their own people with shameful brutalities but simply surrender in front of a Sikh general.

  • The behaviour of Raja bijli is typical of power class in Pakistan regardless of civil or military even an SHO behaves in similar manner so what's the fuss all about?

    I think only un-usuall think here was "reaction from civil servent". He dint accept the insult that thousands of common Pakistanis not only tolerate but dont even realise it. All should support him in raising his plea to CJ. Like Waheeda shah, Raja bijli must also be complelled for appology.