White Paper by PMLN against PPP for Sindh;

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    March 24-April 6

    Law and order

    . 300 bombs recovered from the village of provincial Home Minister. police

    arrested three suspected terrorists.

    . Police raided a private jail of local land lord Attaullah Bhurgari in Kot Ghulam

    Mohammad and recovered 28 Haris including women and children.

    . Blasts in Larkana and Dadu,1 injured, railway track distorted.

    . Ghotki police arrested a blind man along with his two sons without any reason.

    . Ghotki:a young man Shahnawaz was kidnapped.not found yet.

    . Four persons Naimat Abbasi, Shams Jemon, Ghulam Qadir, Shafqat Kalhoro

    kidnapped from Khuhra, near Khairpur. armed men killed their driver Abdul

    Raheem Ujan.

    . Senior lawyer of Malir Court Salahudin Haider and his son gunned down by

    unidentified armed men while he was on the way to court.

    . Armed men fired bullets on a Hindu man Sandeep Kumar for not paying


    . Moro police raided on a village Misr ji Waye without any reason, tortured women

    and children.demolished 6 homes of villagers, shutter down strike.

    . Armed men attacked on a home near Naseerabad, kidnapped the owner of auto

    shop Noor Ahmed Shaikh

    . An armed clash between two groups over a land dispute claimed two lives,

    besides wounding four others in the limits of the Al-Falah Police Station.the

    incident took place in Siddique Goth, Rafa-e-Aam Society, where area people

    entered into an armed scuffle with activists of the banned People’s Amn

    Committee (PAC) over the dispute on reserved school land.

    . Two brothers were gunned down in the limits of Khwaja Ajmair Nagri police

    station while another was shot dead over land dispute.

    . Target killing in Gulshan-e-Iqbal block-13 D/3. two vendors were killed.

    . Karachi over 50 people were killed in a wave of violence from march 28 to april

    5.PPP,MQM and ANP kept blaming eachother.

    . Zohra Yusuf, chairwoman of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP),

    told AFP that About 300 people have been the victims in Ethnic, sectarian and

    politically linked violence in Karachi in the last three months. 1,715 people were

    killed last year in sudden flare-ups of violence in the city.

    . Sukkur Police raided on the three villages and demolished ten homes, three

    women injured in police torture. Illegally promoted SSP Irfan Shaikh was leading

    the raid on the village Long Bharo, Nek Mohammad Jagirani and Bero Jagirani.


    . Shutter down strikes in Nawabshah against the attack on Sandeep Kumar

    . Shutter down strike in Khuhra against the kidnapping of four persons and the

    murder of their driver Abdul RaheemUjjan.

    . Shutter Down strike against the police raid on the village and demolishing the

    homes of villagers.

    . Shutter Down strike in Naseerabad against the kidnapping of Auto Shop owner

    Noor Ahmed Shaikh.

    . Hosri police raided on a village (Mangiyan Jo Tarr) without any reason and

    arrested 5 persons including 4 minor girls. Police claimed that it had to arrest an


    . A 10 year old minor girl Zehra raped by a criminal Abdullah.

    . A journalist of Ibrat Group Sarfraz Wistro injured in a firing incident in Hyderabad.

    . Naseem Nagar Police raided on a village HabibullahDetho near Hyderabad,

    damaged the home goods of the villagers and arrested a man without any


    . Thul police illegally arrested a villager Bakhatullah Buriro resident of Rohri,and

    he lost his ability to walk due to brutal torture.

    . Judicial team raided on the Police Station MahiMakol and recoverd 2 persons

    Latif and Masood Bhutto illegally detained by police.

    . Citizens of Kunri protested against the police and accused police is supporting

    the Villagers from Rohri protested in Sukkur against police. They said police use

    to raid on their villages without any reason.

    . Shutter down strike in Qambar against lawlessness and criminal activities,

    Citizens accused that robberies and kidnappings became a routine in this area.

    . Shutter down strike in Kandyaro against the lawlessness and criminal activities.

    . A man gunned down at village Punhal Malokhani during robbery

    . Armed men kidnapped Nawab alias Kalu and his nephew Nader Mastoi.

    . A child kidnapped from Khanpur,citizens protested against his abduction

    . Babarloo police raided on three villages without any reason and arrested a

    paralytic man. Police claimed as usual that it was informed that there are

    criminals in village.

    . Shutter down strike against the kidnapping of Rinkle Kumari.Protest in Bhirya

    City against the abduction of Hindu girls.

    . A Teacher injured in Hala by armed men.shutter down strike and protest

    demonstration for arresting culprits.

    . Four persons of a family Zaheer,Irfan,Safdar including a minor girl Safia

    kidnapped while the family was traveling from Sukkur to Khairpur.

    . An 18 years old girl Fozia kidnapped from Baqrani,Larkana.


    . Armed men killed Abdul Rasheed Lakhair in larkana, while his cousin Abdul

    Razaq injured in the firing.

    . Armed men kidnapped and murdered three cousins Gulshan,Iqbal and

    Mohammad Nawaz Jagirani near Lakhi Ghulam Shah.

    . Shahdadpur police raided on a village, brutally tortured the women and children,

    demolished 7 homes.victims staged protest demonstration against the police


    . A girl Shazia Dasti from Thari Mirwah forced to marry.The offender tried to

    kidnap her and to burn her face with acid. Police filed a case against the victim

    instead of offender.

    . Bagarji Police raided on a village PathanJatoi and arrested 8 children and

    women, police took 35 goats and 2 buffalos also.

    . 4 persons killed in a tribal clash in Kashmore, while 13 injured including 11

    women. There were no facilities in the civil hospital Kashmore and injured were

    facing severe pain because there were no medicines for them and Police could

    not reach on the spot to control the situation.

    . The clash between two groups in Liaqat Medical University Hospital Jamshoro,

    The doctors forcibly discharged woman patient. The relatives of woman patients

    were complaining that doctors were not properly treating the patient.

    . Brother of a political activist Hyder Bux Shahani gunned down by armed men

    near Ranipur.

    . Student of University Samreen Soomro kidnapped and gang raped in Dighri, she

    succeeded to escape and arrived in Matli to her Maternal Uncle, where she told

    the whole story to the media.police could not arrest the rapists.

    . CM Sindh Qaim Ali Shah admitted that people pay ransom for recovery of their

    abducted beloveds.

    . A girl gang raped by 11 peoples.they humiliated her by cutting her hairs too, but

    police yet could not arrest the offenders.

    . Khairpur four kidnapped persons are still under hostage because their relatives

    couldn’t pay the ransom. Two of them Mohammad Kazim Kandhro and Gulzar

    Masih are employees of Shah Abdul Latif University while one Jackie Mal from

    Wasryo Wahan and a labourer Zameer Bhutto. The relatives of Zameer Bhutto

    said dacoits asked for 3 million rupees.

    . Mirpurkhas police arrested two young boys Naeem Baloch and Ameer Lashari

    from Piyaro Lund, Tando Allahyar and killed them in a fake encounter. Police

    claimed they signaled the car to stop but bullets were fired from the car and in

    return firing both young boys died.



    . health department could only recover Rs2.669 million against a massive amount

    of Rs59.762 million in the audit paras of three years.

    Human and Infrastructure development

    . Another 108 KESC employees dismissed from service,600 more in line.

    . Mismanagement of HESCO:a child lost his life due to electric current from fallen


    . Along with a dearth of fire-tenders braving the metropolis of approximately 20

    million people, the buildings in Karachi - irrespective of lack of infrastructure

    upkeep - completely lacks fire safety system as the city administration seemingly

    adopting no measures to address the neglected civic concern. Karachi has

    witnessed several arson incidents in recent times and subsequent loss of human

    lives in wake of such unpleasant occurrences while no awareness campaign is

    launched as yet regarding fire-safety measures. One of the incidents was

    Empress Market blaze occurred a year ago that had reduced more than 100

    shops to ashes; however the loss could be minimized had the fire-safety system

    was installed at the place.

    . Inter departmental rifts: The KW&SB has failed to supply 1.3 billion gallon water

    from Dhabeji pumping station because of KESC uncooperative attitude.

    . The Karachi Water and Sewerage Board (KWSB) rejected the allegation of

    KESC that it has spent a fund of Rs3.5billion in other heads instead of paying

    electricity bills. The board said it was paying Rs50million to KESC every month,

    stopping its other necessary expenses. The KWSB is not getting any funding

    from the provincial or federal government for the payment of electricity bills.

    . Law-enforcement agencies on Wednesday April 4,ended the operation in

    Lyari,aimed at clearing the area of gangsters and criminal, without any success

    they may brag about. The operation culminated in a dramatic manner, as all

    gangsters, most notably those having affiliation with the banned People’s Amn

    Committee, had gone into hiding even before law enforces arrival to the troubled

    town.Lyari has been harbouring gangsters, criminals and extortionists since the

    year 2000. “The reason the LEAs could not achieve the anticipated success in

    Lyari is because of the political patronage gangsters enjoy,” said a source who

    wished to stay anonymous.

    . The archeological place “KahoojoDarro” is being neglected by the authorties,

    peoples use to get soil from “Kahoo Jo Darro” under the police protection. the

    archeological point is facing worst condition now. (Mismanagement)

    . A six years old child Faraz fell in the main hole and died.

    . A private company spoiled 8600 acres of coal mines, according to the agreement

    private company had to generate 200 megawatt power but it failed to fulfill the

    terms of agreement.


    . Average price of electricity increased 7.79 Rupees, Sindhis pay 180000 million

    Rupees extra per year. Ordinary Consumer pays 17.20 Rupees for per unit. Price

    of electric unit increased 1.07 Rupees in April 2011, 0.61 Rupees in June, 2.04

    Rupees July, 3.04 Rupees in August 2011. Consumers use to pay 6 to 7 % in

    general sales tax, Sindhis pay 10 to 12 Rupees extra in the name of taxes.

    . Water crisis in Hyderabad:there is no drinking water in Qasimabad, Latif abad

    and City Tahsils, People purchase water, and the administration took no notice of

    this situation.

    . Hyderabad social workers said that Government has done nothing against the

    bonded labour neither there is any policy against it nor any other work has done.

    SPARK Leader Kashif Bajeer, Zahid Thebo, Qaiser Khan from Action Aid,

    Bhagat Sindh from Bhandar Hari Sangat said in a press conference that there

    was a separate ministry against the bonded labour but it also dissolved.They said

    that the average ratio of Batha Mazdoor is 160 per Batha but there is no school

    near any Batha. 30 to 40 children work with there parents at each batha because

    there is no school for them. They demanded for amendment in the Bonded

    Labour Abolition act and functionalize the district vigilance committees. They also

    demanded for the separate ministry against bonded labour.

    Protest for Rozgar

    . The nursing staff of three big hospitals of the metropolis including Jinnah

    Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC), National Institute of Child Health (NICH)

    and Civil Hospital Karachi (CHK) continued their protest on Monday 26th march.

    All the staff have boycotted their duties and staged a protest demonstration

    outside Karachi Press Club.They chanted slogans against the Sindh Health

    Department and demanded the authorities concerned to increase their salaries,

    medical and uniform allowances and many others.

    . Karachi Police used water cannons and truncheons to break up an antigovernment

    demonstration ,wounding at least 47 protesters as scores of women

    and men paramedics demanded raise in salaries.The demonstrators - members

    of the All-Pakistan Nursing Association, Sindh Nursing Association and Young

    Nursing Association were calling for increase in salaries as per the directives of

    Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani,which were never implemented.

    . Karachi Three persons including two women committed suicide in different parts

    of the metropolis on Thursday due to poverty.

    . All Karachi Tajir Ittehad has decided not to pay any bills or taxes and hold out

    protest rallies and display protest banners in all markets from April 5 against the

    government move of unprecedented hike in petroleum prices.they are already

    shaken by closure of their business due to strikes.

    . Karachi transporters had strongly rejected the decrease in rates of POL products.

    They vow to observe strike on April 10th and to continue protest till the

    government withdraws current whole increase in prices of petroleum products


    . Price hike POL, Petroleum 8.02 Rupees, HOBC 8.94 Rupees, Kerosene oil 5.29

    Rupees, light Diesel 5.45 Rupees, High Speed Diesel increased 4.70 Rupees.

    Traders and transporters announced strike.

    . Businessmen of Qasimabad staged protest demonstration and marched against t



    . Flood affectees protested in tehsil Dighri against govt for not providing them what

    was promised.

    . PPP Member Muzafar Shujrah opposed 100 million Rupees fund for the flood

    affected people. A summary was sent to CM by his adviser that Governement

    and NGOs are doing nothing for the flood affected peoples and people cannot

    fulfill their needs. But PPP member Muzfar Shujrah opposed the summary.

    . Hyderabad a report titled “Civil Society Flood Situation Report” issued by a civil

    society network, Peoples Accountability Commission on Floods (PACF) said The

    federal and the provincial governments are violating international humanitarian

    standards of relief distribution failing to ensure equality and transparency in the

    system, says There is no proper beneficiary registration, issuance of token. On

    the contrary, flood relief items are handed over to influential people of the

    government party who are doing a favour to their own people and refusing to

    support the political opponents.

    The PACF members, including Sikander Brohi, Ali Hassan Chandio, Commerade

    Ramzan Memon, Punhal Sario, Prof Ismail Kumbhar and Asghar Leghari have

    told media persons about the deteriorating condition of the rain and flood victims

    in the interior of Sindh during a press conference held in the Hyderabad Press

    Club (HPC), while highlighting points of the report.

    The report has criticised the government’s flawed early warning systems and

    what it has called political favouritism in the distribution of relief among the flood

    affected communities.

    In some cases government party people are collecting truck of flood relief and

    are distributing among their own people without keeping any record of

    distribution. There are many reports that influential people of government party

    are using the floods as political tool, the report says.

    Death incidents have multiplied due to food insecurity among flood affected

    communities in Sindh, while malnutrition and diseases have increased due to

    limited governmental and international humanitarian responses in the terms of

    providing basic relief support to flood affected people, it says.

    According to the report, the international humanitarian support for the flood

    affected communities is very limited. UN had issued an appeal for $357 million.

    This appeal was made on September 18, in Rapid Response Plan led by UN

    Agencies. Despite passage of more than one and half months only 23 percent of

    the assessed funding requirements have been received, the report adds.

    While discussing the limited support in the provision of shelter to the flood

    affected people the report says that 1.5 million houses were damaged in the


    floods in Sindh. However, shelter support has been provided by the international

    community have provided tents and tarpaulins) to only 374,827 which constitute

    only 35 percent of the shelter support suggested in the Rapid Response Plan

    prepared for the flash appeal. It means 65 percent of the flood affected

    communities are still living under open skies.

    almost all the tents are non-winterised, which means none of the tents would

    withhold winter season which would result sever cold resulting in increased

    deaths and diseases among the flood affected communities.

    Tarpaulin sheets are never substitute of proper and decent tent even nonwinterized.

    Similarly, the government and international humanitarian communities

    have failed in providing adequate support to the flood affected communities in

    other important items being part of shelter for example, blankets, kitchen sets

    and mates etc.

    As more than 90 percent of the flood affected communities are yet deprived of

    blankets, kitchen sets and mats etc,

    Institutional corruption and degeneration

    . Bureaucracy plundered 300 million rupees released for road construction of

    Matiari Tahsil.

    . The Auditor General of Pakistan reports:The Sindh government employees were

    granted loans worth 48.74 million while an amount of Rs 2.891 billion was

    sanctioned under the head of “Dera”.

    The huge amounts of money handed out from the national exchequer have still

    not been recovered.An amount of Rs 17.8 bllion was regularly withdrawn from

    the account under the head of employees’ pension from 2002 to 2009 to

    establish a Pension Fund under an ordinance. However, the fund has still not

    been established.The department also issued a sum of Rs 1.980 billion for the

    insurance of its employees.Another Rs 1.98 billion were shown to the audit

    authorities as negative debit account.The audit report revealed an investment of

    Rs 225.702 million made by the department but no record of any such

    investment was provided by the department.A further Rs 8 billion was to be

    recovered as the interest on the loans given.A luxury land cruiser worth Rs 4.6

    million was bought by the finance department while the employees were awarded

    millions of rupees as honorarium illegally.The Auditor General of Pakistan has

    recommended in the report that all financial irregularities must be recovered.

    . Sindh govt spent 39 billion outside the budget.72 billion spent in last 8 months

    has no record.

    . Amount set side for different development and non-development projects in fiscal

    year 2011-2012 has not been spent yet,while another budget is coming up.

    . Karachi As many as 4,676 police officers from constable to inspector ranks

    promoted on favouritism, political influence in different timings.they were reverted

    on the directive of supreme court but no action has been taken yet


    . Sindh Board of Revenue (BoR) along with deputy commissioners of various

    districts are able to recover just Rs8.204 million against a huge outstanding

    amount of Rs316.227 of three years under various taxes including of the

    Agriculture Income and land taxes.

    . Sindh government does not seem to be interested in complying with the

    Supreme Court’s directives to retract promotions of police officials on political

    grounds.According to details, Sindh government had promoted seven inspectors

    of traffic department to Deputy Superintendent Police (DSP) rank in return to

    their affiliation and sympathies towards the ruling political party. The SC, taking

    notice of promotions on political considerations, issued order to retract the

    promotion of seven inspectors including Nehal, Nawaz Chandio, Kamal Mangan

    and Mehar Ali. According to reports, all the promoted inspectors were still

    enjoying the privileges of DSP rank. On the other hand, 30 confirmed DSPs are

    yet to be given charge. The citizens have expressed dissatisfaction over the

    provincial government’s attitude. They were of the view that when government

    itself does not respect court decisions then how could be rule of law established.

    . A notice issued to the provincial director (A non-cadre official from Balochistan

    working on the cadre position) of food department for illegal recruitment and

    financial corruption.

    . Government could not pay the amount to the victims of Bandar Wall in Sukkur,

    the victims announced to file a case against the government in the High court.

    Government distributed the amount of 970 million to favourites.

    . The Shahi Bungalow of irrigation department in Sukkur is handed to a political

    figure.The Kawish reported that this Bungalow is being used by MPA and

    Chairman of Development Committee Javed Shah. The worth of this bungalow is

    in millions.

    . corruption reported in the mega projects going on in the Khairpur District the

    hometown of CM Qaim Ali Shah. Contractors stopped their work while clash

    started between DC and SE works Ehsan Memon.The contractors are mostly

    members of PPP and they had complained that the DC and SE works do not pay

    them bills even contractors do not finalize their works. The Administrative officials

    forced to issue the amount to the contractors.

    . The government officials overruled the orders of court and appointed Non-Cadre

    officials Ghulam Shabir Memon as Assistant Director of Anti-Corruption

    Nawabshah and Agha Sallahudin as Assistant Director Anti-Corruption

    Hyderabad on deputation. Inspector Azam Baloch appointed as Assistant

    Director Legal and Sub Inspector Shahid Shahani as Circle Officer Nawabshah.

    . An audit report revealed that 243 billion rupees plundered in the education

    department.131 million rupees looted during 2008-2009, 439.1 million looted

    during 2009-2010 and in 2010-2011 19.1 billion rupees plundered.


    . Food department could not start the purchase of wheat and farmers are facing

    trouble. The rate of wheat is 950 Rupees per 40 KG while it was 1050 Rupees

    per 40 KG last year.

    . Government appointed 26 DSPs and PDSPs as SPs and AIGs. FarooqAwan,

    Nisar Khoso, Irshad Raza Seehar, Muneer Ahmed Khuhro became SP while they

    were Assistant Sub Inspectors. SSPs Raja Umar Khitab, Mohammad Fayaz

    Khan, Khuram Waris, Waqar Malhan were also ASI. Chaudhry Aslam was also

    ASI and became SSP due to out of turn promotion.

    . 135 police official from Noshehro Feroz, Shikarpur and Qambar were out of turn

    promoted while supreme court ordered to cancel their promotion.

    . The federal minister Khurshid Shah objected the appointment of MazharShaikh

    as SSP of Sukkur because he had filed cases against PPP workers.

    . A report revealed that 230 billion were plundered by the Ministry of Minorities

    Affairs. The funds for scholarships and renovation & repair of religious places

    were also pillaged in last three years.

    . Karachi: 78 Non cadre officials working on cadre positions. 25 teachers of

    government schools and doctors of health department are also appointed on

    administrative positions.

    . 173 million rupees have been plundered in last 3 years form the funds of

    University of Sindh, University of Karachi, NED University, Mehran University of

    Science and technology, Shah Abdul Latif University, Qauid Awam University,

    Sindh Agricultral Univeristy, Institute of Business administration(Sukkur& Karachi

    Campus) and 7 education boards of Sindh.

    . There are a number of examples in which officers of the Sindh Police were

    granted twice and even thrice out of turn promotions on the basis of ordinary


    Only recently four such officers have been inducted into PSP by the

    Establishment Division under political pressure. These are SP Abdul HadiBullo,

    SP Ataullah Chandio, SP Ghiasuddin Rashdi and SP Abdul Ahad Sanghri. These

    officers have not only been encadred into PSP but they have been given antidated

    seniority i.e. they were encadred in 2011/12 but given seniority from year

    1997/98 making them senior to 20th Common of PSP officers. Two of the

    encadered officer i.e Mr Rashdi and Ataullah Chandio were promoted to BS-19


    Presently there are at least 15 police officers, who were inducted into the Sindh

    police from other departments purely on political considerations and are holding

    key positions. These officers include DIG Mast Ali, who was an Intelligence

    Bureau official but sent to Sindh police on deputation in 1994 but got

    permanently absorbed in the Sindh Police in 1998. He got backdated seniority for

    better elevation prospects and is now in grade 20. He was last promoted in 2011.

    An FIA director Muhammad Malik, was deputed to the Sindh police in 2007 and

    got posted as SSP/Investigation South Zone, Karachi. The same year, he was

    absorbed in Sindh Police as SSP (BS-19) but assigned seniority in BS-19 w.e.f.

    11.09.2006. In 2009, he was elevated to BS-20 but later the S&GAD issued

    another notification dated 28.09.2011 for his promotion to the post of DIGP (BS20)

    w.e.f. 01.10.2011. Like other few, Malik however, enjoys good reputation.

    A grade 17 officer of the Anti Narcotics Force Muhammad Riaz Soomro was sent

    to Sindh police on deputation in 2003 for three years. The deputation period was

    further extended for two years up to 13.05.2008 but in Feb 2008 he was

    permanently absorbed in Sindh police in BS-17. But later following a court order

    Soomro was assigned seniority in the rank of DSP w.e.f. 24.08.1989. The same

    year, 2008, got promoted in BS-18. Just after two years he got promotion to BS19

    and presently he is serving as SSP Mirpurkhas.

    An assistant director computer in the police department Muhammad Ali Baloch,

    got his services regularized in the police department and was appointed as DSP

    by way of transfer with all service benefits in 2003. In 2007 he was promoted to

    the rank of SP (BS-18) against future vacancy. Presently he is posted as SP

    Tando Muhammad Khan.

    Abdul Hadi Bullo, an officer of office management group (OMG), was sent on

    deputation to Sindh police in 2003 and the same year got inducted in the

    provincial police department. Later he got backdated seniority in BS-18 and was

    even encadered in the PSP in 2007. Presently, he is posted as SP District


    An assistant solicitor Attaullah K Chandio was sent on deputation to the Sindh

    police department in 1995 but was repatriated to his parent department, solicitor

    department, in 1997. He got his repatriation order reversed through a court order

    and posted as SP Thar in 1999. On the basis of quota reserved for prosecution

    branch, he was promoted to the rank of SP in 1998 and in 2010 got inducted in

    PSP. Presently he is posted as SP Special Branch Mirpurkhas.

    Shahid Hussain Mahessar, an IB official, was sent to Sindh police on deputation

    in 2009. In 2011, he was repatriated to the IB but following a court stay order the

    Sindh government got him appointed by transfer as SP in Sindh police. A NAB

    assistant director Zameer Ahmed Abbasi got deputation in the police department

    in 2008 from where he deputed to National Police Academy, Islamabad for

    training. After completion of training from National Police Academy, Islamabad he

    was posted as SPO/Darakshan, Clifton Karachi w.e.f. 21.07.2010. He filed a

    petition in the Honourable High Court of Sindh Karachi for his absorption in Sindh

    Police. The SHC has passed an order and directed the respondents to issue a

    formal notification of absorption.

    A Pemra official Shiraz Asghar Shaikh was serving in Sukkur as assistant

    general manager Pemra when chief minister Sindh in 2008 desired his

    deputation in the police department. A notification was issued and he was sent to

    National Police Academy for training. He was posted as DSP. Later a notification

    was issued to his repatriation but he got the order suspended through a court

    order. In 2011, he was recommended to be absorbed in the police department.

    An assistant director NAB Faisal Mukhtar Vakassi was sent to police department

    on deputation in 2009. The same year he moved an application for his absorption

    in the police cadre in Sindh police. Later he went to US for higher education but


    in 2011 his case was recommended to Addl: Chief Secretary, (Home) for

    appointment in Sindh Police as DSP on the basis of appointment by transfer as

    provided in rule 9 the Sindh Civil Servants.

    Major (retd) Khurram Gulzar, after retirement on superannuation, was employed

    on contract basis in BS-20 for one year. His contract of re-employment was

    extended for a period of one year w.e.f. 28.12.2010. Presently, he is posted as

    DIGP Traffic, Karachi. Lt Col (retd) M A Wahid Khan was appointed as Pilot in

    the Aviation Wing, Government of Sindh on contract basis in February, 1997. His

    contract was renewed up to 31.01.2000. Having become unfit for flying he was

    allowed to act as OIC, ATTC, Razzak abad on 17.03.1999 for completion of his

    contract period i.e. 31.0.2000. Subsequently he was appointed on contract as

    Principal, ATTC Razzak abad, Karachi. His contract period was extended from

    time to time up to 31.08.2011. Now, 2 years extension in contract appointment in

    BS-19 w.e.f. 01.09.2011 has been allowed to Lt. Col. (retd) M.A Wahid Khan vide

    SGA&CD Government of Sindh's notification dated 21.09.2011.

    Presently he is posted as Principal, SBB, EPTC, Razzak abad, Karachi. Lt Col

    (retd) Muhammad Ahsan Umer applied through Minister Home and Forests,

    Government of Sindh for induction in Sindh Police in the rank of SSP. Committee

    of officers namely Cdr (retd) Shaukat Ali Shah, PSP, Dr Kamran Fazal, PSP and

    Mr Saud Ahmed, PSP was constituted by PPO Sindh to examine his case. The

    committee recommended his case and a summary was moved by PPO Sindh on

    17.09.2010 for his appointment in BS-19 in Sindh Police on contract basis. He

    was appointed in BS-19 in Sindh Police, on contract basis, for a period of two

    years in 2010. He was posted as SP/Muhafiz, CCP Karachi in 2010. In 2010, the

    IGP recommended his case for permanent induction in Police Department.In

    addition to the above inductees, there is a long list of police officers, who got out

    of turn promotions. These out of turn promotions were granted to office in the

    name of their extra-ordinary performance but despite the Sindh police's on the

    papers extra-ordinary performance, the situation on the ground is pathetic and

    deteriorating with every passing day. However, there is no end to out of turn



    . A meeting organized by Pakistan Hindu counsil in Karachi condemned the forced

    conversions and marriages of hindu girls.PHC Dr Ramesh pointed that despite

    the supreme court order asha is yet to be recovered.

    . Asha Kumari kidnapped from Jacobabad yet not returned to her home. A protest

    demonstration staged by the Hindu community in Jacobabad and hunger strike

    also observed by the leaders and workers of different parties. The situation in the

    home of abducted girl is worse. Her family members are facing severe torture

    after the abduction of their young girl.

    . A hindu girl marvi in khairpur was kisnapped,not recovered yet.


    Electoral fraud

    . Bogus voter lists: around 1.5 million voters’ particulars crookedly placed to their

    hometowns while they were living in the cities since long and had voted several

    times from the city.

    Industrial shutdown

    . industrialists estimated that a single day’s (revenue) loss to the national kitty was

    around Rs4 billion, keeping in view the share of Karachi in the country’s gross

    domestic product (GDP). it is very difficult for Pakistani exporters to deliver on

    time due to strikes and closure of business activities.sindh govt has failed badly

    to control law and order situation.

    . Karachi: Due to deteriorating law and order situation, energy crisis and some

    other reasons, 801 industrial units of various sectors have been closed in Sindh

    during last six financial years resulting more than 13,000 labourers became

    jobless, it is learnt on Monday.The report compiled by Sindh Industries and

    Commerce department obtained by Business Recorder, has disclosed this that

    total 801 industrial units of various sectors have been closed in Sindh during the

    last six financial years (2005-6 to 2010-11). According to report, 81 out of total

    801 industrial units had been closed in various areas of the province only in FY

    2010-11. However, rest of (720) industrial units of various sectors had been shutoff

    during the financial years of 2005-06, 2006-07, 2007-08, 2008-09 and 2009-

    10.The report carried out district-wise breakup of closed industries mentioning

    that 692 out of total 801 closed industries were established only in

    Karachi.However, 26 industries were closed in Hyderabad, 17- industries in

    Nooriabad, 31- industries in Kotri (Jamshoro), 7- industries in Sukkur, 4-

    industries in KhairpurMirs, 6- industries in Ghotki district, 6- industries in district

    Thatta, 12- industries in Larkana, 1- in Benazirabad and 1- in Mirpurkhas, report



    . Cheating in exams exams of ninth and tenth grade, 446 candidates declared the

    offender of cheating. Teacher Union leaders also supported candidates in

    cheating. students of Punjab appeared in the exams in the schools of Ghotki and

    Kashmore. A banner “get the question paper in 500 rupees” was seen in



    . 24% basic health units are closed in the rural areas of Sindh. 52% doctors do not

    perform their duties in the opened basic health units and health centers.

    Out of Turn Promotions in Sindh Police

    Name Designation

    Ghulam Shabir Shaikh Additional IG CID

    Rasool Bux Saand Additional IG Special Branch

    Major ®Khuram Gulzar Additional IG Traffic Karachi

    Shaukat Ali Abbasi Additional DIG Crime Operations Sukkur


    Irfan Ali Baloch SSP Khairpur Mirs

    Ghulam Akbar Waggan SP Head Quarters Khairpur

    Abdul Qayoom Pitafi SP Noshehro Feroz

    Feroz Din Siddiqui ADIG Crime Larkana

    Nisar Ahmed Channa SP Shaheed Benazirabad

    Aslam Langah SP Head Quarters Shaheed Benazirabad

    Farooq Ahmed Bhutto SP Legal Larkana

    Aijaz Ahmed Tareen SP Head Quarters Jacobabad

    Captain® Pervaiz Chandio SSP Jacobabad

    Ghulam Azfar Mahesar SSP Qambar Shahdadkot

    Mohammad Masoom SSP Crime & Operations Hyderabad

    Pir Fareed jan Sarhandi SSP Hyderabad

    Mohammad Ali Wassan SSP Thatta

    Dr Farooq Ahmed SP Dadu

    Aaslam Rajput Additional DIG establishment MIrpurkhas

    Mohammad Shafi Rind SP Head Quarters Karachi East

    Rao Anwar Ahmed Khan SSP Malir Karachi

    Miss Safia Begum Additional DIG Crime & Operations

    Captain ® Asim Khan SSP Central Karachi

    Rizawan Soomro SP Security

    Iftikhar Ahmed Tarar DIG CID Karachi

    Manzoor Ahmed Khatiyan Additional DIG CID Karachi

    Usman Ghani Qureshi SP Anti Violent Crime Cell

    Lieutenant Colonel ® Ehsan Umar SSP East Karachi

    Rustam Khan Jatoi SSP Crime Branch Mirpurkhas

    Abdul Ahd Sangri SSP Crime Branch Sukkur

    Rana Sanaullah SSP Crime Branch Larkana

    Mazhar Iqbal Mashwani SSP Investigation CID

    Hussain Ahmed Vilhari AIG Admin Special Branch

    Aamir Shaikh DIG Special Branch Karachi

    Naweed Ahmed SSP Political Karachi

    Shahid Hussain Mahesar SSP political Karachi

    Nisar Khawaja SSP political Karachi

    Aijaz Ahmed Shaikh SSP Security

    Arbab Mehar SP Special Branch Survey & Foreigners

    Security Karachi

    Khalid Mustafa Korai SSP Special Branch Hyderabad

    Abdul Sattar Bhutto SSP Special Branch Larkana

    Javed Ahmed Baloch SSP Crime Branch

    Shahnawaz Khan SP R.R.F Alfalah Base

    Sultan Khawaja DIG Technical & Transport

    Aitzaz Goraya Additional DIG SRP

    Yahya Khan Baloch SP S.R.P

    Kora Khan Baloch SP Principle Police Training Centre


    Kanbhoo Khan Marri SP Traffic Hyderabad

    Muneer Ahmed Phulpoto SP Traffic Sukkur

    Nasir Aftab AIG Finance

    Ali Sher Jakhrani AIG Welfare

    Lieutenant ® Masood Ahmed AIG Security Sindh

    Shahid Hayat DIG Establishment

    Captain ®Sayed Ghousdin Rashidi AIG Establishment Sindh CPO

    Captain ® Falak Khurshid AIG Sindh

    Raja M Arshad SSP Principal Shaheed Benzirabad Bhutto,

    PTC Razzaqabad Khi

    List of some school teachers and doctors at Cadre Positions even when

    they do not qualify for those positions

    Name Original Designation Current Designation

    Ahmed Bux Bhutto Assistant Professor Deputy Sec. Development

    Javed Shaikh Assistant Professor Deputy Sec. Acadmic & Trainings

    Rafique Sahito Assistant Professor Deputy Sec. Budget & Finance

    Shafqat Hoti Subject Specialist Section officer Judicial

    Allah Bachayo Memon Head Master of a School Section Officer (iii)

    Manzoor Hussain Chohan Subject Specialist Section Officer

    Ehsanullah Laghari Lecturer Section Officer B&U

    Rasheed Sahito Senior Teacher Special Education Section Officer Acadmic

    Abdul Waheed Abbasi Principal of Education Dept. Special Secretary

    Hanif Nuhrio Assistant Superintendent Health Section Officer

  • @ZaheerAbbas....if one is not prejudice and really thinks about the welfare of Pakistan, almost same "White Paper" can be issued against PML-N in Punjab and ANP in KPK.....

    I hope your research mode will be on for remaining parties and their committed atrocities.....

  • @Sultan

    Brother please go ahead for PMLN in Punjab.But all allegations should have proofs.If true hope it will be accepted positively.

  • @ZaheerAbbas....I never said I was going to issue a white paper, I had actually invited you to gather material for parties in government in Punbjab and KPK, since you have taken the pain of reproducing white paper on pkpolitics...

    As for allegations backed up by proofs, well, in Pakistan "proof" is one entity that suffers most....people getting final verdict from the highest judicial body Supreme Court are still claiming innocence......so less we talk about proof, the better it would be....

    Start working on this new project of WHITE PAPER GATE!!!!

  • @Sultan;

    Perhaps you have not seen the link.I have not produced this white paper.It is available on PMLN official website.If you have some thing against PMLN in mind please come forward.

  • And when did PMLN realized this?

  • Go and visit PMLN site.There are many such documents they keep issuing time to time.Only few against PPP are pasted below for your convenience.




    How about PTI?Have not they realised anything yet?How about allegations against MQM?Any white paper on it?

  • Looks like PMLN are a want be an "ilzam" party as well. LOL

    Why don't they take this to the supreme court as they advise everyone else to? :)

    Like I've said before, PMLN are the best at scoring own goals ;)

  • PMLN is raisng national issues.And already has gone to courts against rental power case,MEO scandal!Do'nt you know?

  • ^Has it or will it go to courts on all the charges in the SIN sheet posted above?

  • @ZaheerAbbas...what made you think I have anything against PML-N?? Must it always be the case that either you are with or against PML-N??? lollll

    PML-N put this White Paper up on its website but you felt compeled to reproduce it here on pkpolitics, and that my dear sir led me to pose a legitimate question???

    So again I will ask you to visit PPP & ANP websites and if you find material, which I am sure you will aplenty, against PML-N you must also post it on Pkpolitics for your co-bloggers' benefit!!!

  • @ZaheerAbbas....yeah sure PML-N is quick in dashing to courts, but unfortunately runs back faster than its initial speed.....loll....I am sure PML-N must be fighting tooth & nail in MemoGate case, right??

  • @Sultan

    I have pasted what i found better.Now you should also come forward to present the same if you find anything good to unveil the corrupt mafia rather than just point scoring.

  • PMLN is doing their part.They have not retrived on MEMO issue.Now it is upto SC and MEMO commision.Rental power case is already decided.

  • ilzam khan kabhi court main nahin jai ga; us ne court main ja k marna ha

  • lolllz@ZaheerAbbas...and where did I score a point???

    For the argument sake, in which capacity does Mr. Nawaz Sharif distribute free Laptops, bought by not from his personal pocket but of public money??

    Can you tell how many policemen are assigned at Jatti Umra palace?

    These are just two very legitimate questions, and a white paper with much more testy questions can easily be composed.

    My point is, use the same glasses to look inward when you put on watching others' blunders.....

    I will appreciate if you could answer those questions I asked above or just turn on mute button, I will understand your point of view either way...lolll

  • lol, legimate question from a party whose head has .......

    baqi aap samjah to gai hongay

  • Lo ji @SAK bhi Sharif Khandan ki badmasion ki aur Tax chori ki aur Mulk aur awam ka paisa Laptop sceem par lotane ki aur Police Force ke najaiz istimal ki waja pooch rahe hain. Is Forum par assi batain karne tihk nahi he. Ese Kam karna Sharif Khandan ka Khandani Haq he. Agar aap ko itraz he to court main jain aur salo saal in ke khilaf makdama larain. Jaab tak mukadme ka faisla ho ga aus wagt tak mulk aur qoom ka bera kharaq ho choka ho ga!!

    Awain a jate hain forum par Sharif Khandan ke Khalad Iqdam ke Khilaf daleelain lee kar aur Sharif Khandan ke har Khalad kaam ki waja pochte hain!

  • @Sultan;

    Your should first explain why PMLN should not distribute laptops?

    2nd question is though quite funny and illogical however let me tell you that NS is heading one of the biggest political party and has been 3 times PM so he deserves security like all leaders do.Do you wish to see him assasinated like Muhtarma Benazir?

  • ^^^

    1. Because the money could have been spent in a different way to improve education for the masses rather then giving laptops to a small % of students. Search this site for any of the threads on laptops...this has been covered in much more detail..

    2. I don't want to see anyone assassinated. In one press conference, NS was aksed about the number of police protecting him, and he himself said that he doesn't need any security, so why doesn't he give it up?

    Maybe he's got too used to the protocols?