Don't worry Usman Manzoor

  • Columnist Usman Manzoor the other day feared that he and many of his friends in journalism were today before a one-man firing squad, Aitzaz Ahasn in whose hands lies the fate of his and some of his colleagues bread and butter. He fears his job thus is under serious threat. Since Manzoor is bachelor he also rightly finds his “dream girl” becoming a real permanent dream as no girl will like marrying unemployed that is why he questions by giving title to his column “Why are you after my love life, Mr. Aitzaz Ahsan?”. Though I am an ordinary man from the silent majority of no importance whatsoever I assure Manzoor that these are his just imaginary fears and he should not worry at all on this account. At the same time, however, I am a little dismayed on what to say about his intelligence or his general knowledge that despite being a renowned journalist he does not know that in our part of the world such are always empty threats never ever to be acted upon knowing well the contemnor is always right. See for example Marvi Samran threatened Zahid Hamid to take him to the court for damages but never did so reason being she and her colleagues know well where they practically stand. Recently a Sindh Minister repeatedly and loudly yelled that he was going to the court where the MD KESC will then “call his mother”. KESC had disconnected the Minister’s farm house connection. Faranaz Isphani till recently spokesman for President Zardari a few months back publicly announced his husband was going to sue Mansoor Ijaz but never did. There are hundreds of other examples in our land of pure. So don’t worry Manzoor.