"Good , Bad and Ugly" of Pakistani Politics

  • My stance as a swing political supporter allowed me to come up with Following thoughts ,regarding "Good , Bad and Ugly" aspects of different parties participating in Current Pakistani Political Scenario. . You can ,please, agree or disagree or try to come up with your own "Good-Bad-Ugly" points for each party.


    Good : Anti Establishment , Z. Bhutto 's Legacy, Real roots among masses from all over Country, Solid Vote Bank.

    Bad : Bad Governance, Corrupt , Overrated , Dynastic Oriented Party , Rehman Malik

    Ugly: Swiss Accounts Case, Zardari Toola , Gilani and Sons.


    Good : Shahbaz Sharif's Personality . M2 Highway ; Chaghi Nuclear Test; Role in Restoration of Judiciary ; Party Showed improvement with time

    Bad: Vision i.e. Band-aid solutions instead of long term Policies ; Family oriented Party ; Sharifs ' Tax Returns ; Campaigns based on Propaganda,

    Ugly : Involvement in Mehran Bank Scandel


    Good : Third Option to Voters tired of Other two current ruling parties; Imran Khan 's Energetic leadership ; Non Family Oriented party; Javed Hashmi 's Personality ; Took Strong Stands on different issues (Judiciary, Drones).

    Bad : Alleged connections with Establishment ; Induction of many Oppurtunist politicians.

    Ugly: Imran Khan 's Past Colorful life; Javed Hashmi's involvement in Mehran Bank Scandal.


    Good: Non Family Oriented Party; Middle class base ; Mustafa Kamal ; Party's Transformation From Muhajir to Muttahida ; Well Organized

    Bad: Establishment Oriented ; Always try to be in Government; 12th May Incident ; Wasim Haider

    Ugly: Altaf Hussain and his Singing ; Violence based Politics.


    Good: Real Democratic Values in Party; Non Family Oriented Party ; Well Organized ; Mododi 's Legacy.

    Bad : Munnawar Hassan 's Leadership.

    Ugly: Party's Role in Supporting extremisms and Talibans.


    Good: Bacha Khan 's non violence philosphy ( Don't know if ANP really believes on it, anymore )

    Bad: Shahi Syed in Karachi ; Bad Governance in NWFP

    Ugly: Railway Minister Ghulam Ahmed Bilour 's Performance.