Transparency Int praises Punjab govt for following rules in purchasing laptops

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    No irregularities in laptops distribution scheme: Transparency International


    LAHORE: Transparency International has declared that Punjab government has made procurement of laptops according to rules and regulations and the news regarding irregularities in the purchase of laptops are not correct.

    Advisor to Transparency International, Syed Adil Gilani Wednesday in his letter written to Punjab government, has appreciated the detailed response of Punjab government regarding the procedure adopted for procurement of laptops.

    He said Punjab government has observed PEPRA and all other rules and regulations in purchasing laptops and Transparency International has termed the step of Punjab government for providing all information and details in time as praiseworthy.

    It may be mentioned that Punjab government had timely provided all documents, procedure of purchase and all other details regarding purchase of laptops to Transparency International.


    18th April 2012

    Mr. Javaid Aslam,

    Chairman P&D Board / Ex-Officio Project Manager,

    I.T. Labs Project,

    Government of Punjab,


    Sub; Clarification of Chairman P&D Board on the allegation of Violation of Punjab Procurement Rules, 2009 in procurement 110,000 laptops by the Punjab government.

    Dear Sir,

    Transparency International Pakistan has examined your reply recied on 17th April 2012 to the allegation have been reported in print media to TI Pakistan’s letter sent to Secretary, Planning & Development Department for comments/clarification on 6 April 2012.

    At the outset, TI Pakistan world like to inform you that article 19-A makes the right to access of information pertaining to a public authority a fundamental right. Justice Syed Mansoor Ali Shah in his landmark judgment Ataullah Malik v. Federation of Pakistan laid down the following:

    “Right to information is another corrective tool which allows public access to the working and decision making of the public authorities. It opens the working of public administration to public scrutiny. This necessitates transparent and structured exercise of discretion by the public functionaries. Article 19-A empowers the civil society of this country to seek information from public institutions and hold them answerable”. PLD 2010 Lahore 605

    According to your statements in the letter, the procedure used in this procurement is summarized below;

    1. That for the procurement of 110,000 laptops a transparent procedure was followed as per Punjab Procurement Rules 2009, the final purchase cost of Rs 37,700 per laptop was much below the market cost.

    2. That this price is inclusive of a backpack, air shipping, pre-shipment inspection, extended warranty for a period of 15 months, storage and inland transportation charges and delivery to educational institutions throughout Punjab,

    3. That the bid documents were issued to all interested firms, which included detailed terms and conditions, specifications and evaluation criteria, in accordance with Rule 23,

    4. That according to the bid document, the procurement was to be undertaken through establishing LC at-sight, which meant that payment will be made immediately on delivery. However, during finalizing the mode of payment, the firm offered to establish a Letter of Credit for 30 days.

    5. That under this arrangement, the supplier is offering a 30 days credit to Government of Punjab, even after delivery of laptops as the payments are being made 30 days after

    presentation of documents by the supplier firm to the bank, after the goods have been received by the purchaser,

    6. That the specifications in tender were exactly the same as the product procured and Core i3 or i5 chipsets were never mentioned in the bid documents. Bid document is also attached for perusal.

    7. That a 15 months parts warranty, against the industry norm of 12 months, inclusive of battery is provided for all laptops.

    8. That a copy of Contract under NAO 33B has already been sent to NAB by the Higher Education Department.

    Based on the above clarification given by the Chairman P&D Board / Ex-Officio Project Manager, in accordance with the specifications and evaluation criteria included in the tender documents, the procedure as prescribed by Punjab Procurement Rules, 2009 has been adopted, and the allegations reported in the news report dated 6 April 2012 prima facie does not appears to be correct.

    TI Pakistan appreciates your detailed response to its letter dated 6 April 2012, and request you to please continue to follow Punjab Procurement Rules, 2009 in all procurements in your department which will result in awards of all contracts to lowest evaluated the responsive bid.

    TI Pakistan is striving for the Rule of Law in Pakistan, which is the only way to eliminate corruption and have good governance in the country.

    With Regards,

    Syed Adil Gilani


    Copy forwarded for information of;

    1. Chief Minister, Punjab, Lahore.

    2. Chief Justice, Lahore High Court, Lahore.

    3. Managing Director, PPRA Punjab, Lahore--

  • This is a good news, at long last we have a favorable review from an honest and upright organization. Well done Shahbaz Shareef.

    Hope such act of transparency will become a permanent feature of all government doings, provincial as well as federal.

  • It only confirms that the Procurement rules were followed, doesnt in any way confirm that Laptops were bought below the market price.

    And there is no doubt that Laptops were bought at a price higher than the Open market price, following is the link that confirms that a Laptop with a processor better and higher in specs than the one Punjab Government laptop and with better and bigger display is available in the open market for Rs 33,500

    This is a single laptop Price and there is no 'Bulk Buy' discount applied.

    Sen. Pervez Rasheed in his clarification confirmed that the laptop price was Rs 31,000 which increased to 37,700 because of Warranty, Bag, Air Fare, and storage Charges.

    Except for Bag there isnt anything that counts in terms of cost towards the laptop as all these costs are either the usual feature of all laptops or are suppose to be taken up by Distributor.

    Why would you choose a local distributor and than pay him for Air fare as well? The laptops were bought by Punjab Government in Pakistan with a local distributor and were given to punjab government in Pakistan not outside.

  • @anasyounus......we should not be as stingy and uptight as not to appreciate and give credit to where it's due......

  • @Anas,

    Please give us a break from your conspiracy theories.

  • SAK,

    For my part I appreciated the distribution method employed and I never raised any objection on the Procurement method.

    But this is my consistant view that they were bought at higher price than open market, you can check other threads on the subject.

    The point is; they are trying to draw a conclusion based on TI letter which actually never was the subject of the letter.


    Which Conspiracy Theory? I gave you the Market Price, if you wanna buy one at this price, let me know.

    The Shop/Ofice of CZONE (the link i shared) is in "Techno City" right next to UNI Centre on II Chundrigar Road, and this is just the Showcase price, if you like to have a better price just PM me and I will divert you to my cousin's office in the same Mall :)

  • @anas bahi

    main hamesha kahta hoon (i m sorry) jo sari umar khairat mangtay rahay hoon unhain tax ke baray main ilm nahin hota

    isi tarah bahi, government procurement procedure is different from direct buying; u dont know that; main ne aik aur thread main kuch batain batain theen par afsoos

  • Please do enlighten me about those GOLDEN procurment rules which make sure Government buys everything at a higher than open market price.

  • @anas bahi thori himat karain; aur thori research; har cheez copy paste aur idhar udhar se lainay ke bajayay thora kaam karain

  • No Surprise...

    When ever a SPECIFIC question is put to you in response to Your sweeping statement; this is always your answer.

  • @SAK,

    Following were (part of) my comments about the "Alledged" discrepancy in the price, I am not out to jump on every oppurtunity to blame Sharifs.

    The figure of Rs. 1.7 Billion being overpaid in terms of price of laptops seems an exaggeration, I personally think (and I have good Idea of laptop prices in Pakistan), they have overpaid about 3-4 K per laptop which I think was further confirmed by Sen. Pervez Rasheed’s press release where he mentioned that excluding the extended warranty of 15 months, after sales service, Bag, accessories, air fare and storage expenses, the laptop’s price would have been Rs 31,000. EXCEPT for Bag, none of the things he mentioned count in terms of cost as either they are anyways the usual feature of all laptops or are facilities usually provided by distributors in such deals.

    So to me there is a discrepancy of about 300-400 Million and don’t think Sharif’s are directly involved as they usually employ sophisticated techniques for corruption unlike PPP :)

  • again crap; beghair parahy yaqen kar liya; dalain bhangra

  • Yaar, the case is closed since TI has given this project a clean bill of health. But as always, to some people; the Aliens did land in Roswell and an alien specimen is still preserved in Area 51.

  • @mango,

    beghair parahy yaqen kar liya

    You dont have to repeat this after every post brother, this is a Common Characteristics of all PML-N supporters; everyone is already aware of this QUALITY

  • thanks for ur complement that PMLN (supporters) dont read crap;

    par u must continue with ur quality of posting crap;

    Khairat In Crap Out

  • Nawaz Sharif ki sharafat aur Shehbaz Sharif ki emandari apni jaga magar esa bhi nahi ki fareeshaty wuuzo karany unka daman estimal karain.

    LAptop ki scheme may shayeed kanhi koi garbar hoi hu magar hamin yaqeen hay kay kay overall yeah aik saaf shaffaf mamla ho ga.

    Siddiqi bhai hum nay tuShahbaz Bhai kay kahay pay he yaqeen karliya tha.Aap ko TI ki report kay baad yaqeen aya hay.

    "Mohabat kay taqazay puray na hoey"

  • Anas: Go to the website where you have provided the link of Laptop Price. Lets go with your calculation and your website.

    Price of Laptop: 33,400

    Shipping mentioned on Website: 800

    Backpack: 3,700

    Total: 37,900

    Now what about warranty? Dell warranty cost for one year is 50USD: 50 x 90= 4500: 1125 for 3 additional Months.

    Total: 39,025

    Air shipment, OS customization and others are on top.

    Plus when you buy or order as individual you need to pay upfront, here 30 days credit was used which means at least 15% per annum finance was used as Govt cant pay upfront on top of collateral of similar amount.

  • @Achoota,

    This is a Pakistani website brother, So you dont need shipping, this is EX-Pakistani price (Air fare till pakistan already included) with 12 month Warranty included as clearly mentioned :)

  • And the 3 Month Additional warranty is only for battery not the whole laptop and this is always the case with such "Bulk buy" corporate deals :)

  • And the 30 Day credit you mentioned was provided by the Distributor to Punjab Government and not the otherway around :)