PTI senior appointments now being informed on twitter

  • Imran Khan‏@ImranKhanPTIReply



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    Yesterday we appt 4 Senior Vice Presidents of PTI: Iftikhar Gilani, Khawaja Hoti, Ishaq Khakwani & Asad Omar - reflects fast growth of PTI.

    This reflects the growth of the biggest tanga party. How many SVP's do we have now. Can any insafi bhai show me where is it mentioned in their official website. These 4 were not even there till a few months ago. Why not wait till the elections, and they call of democracy.

  • IP Bhai,

    The pertinent question is all the inter party organizations and chapters of the Payjama Party are disbanded in anticipation of the impending elections once the 1 billion mark membership campaign comes to an end pretty soon. Who mandated such appointments? Was it a unilateral decision of Tanga Khan himself or ratified by the secretive CEC?