Nawaz proposes, Kiyani disposes...

  • No-sense Sharif should really think before he speaks...

    LAHORE: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N)’s President Nawaz Sharif, who came under fire for his call for a unilateral withdrawal from the Siachen Glacier, said on Thursday that the Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani has supported his stance.

    Responding to a question he said that Kayani had seconded his statement.


    Kiyani's reply:

    General Kayani, however, declined to comment on a proposal by former prime minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif regarding the unilateral withdrawal of Pakistani forces from Siachen


    How can one explain this?

    Is Nawaz going senile and hearing things?

    OR is he trying to fool the people?

    OR is he (most likely) just plain STOOPID? :)

  • I select option (C)

  • Seeing the latest developments none of the options is suitable. Rather Nawaz seems playing the way he wanted, not going to do much damage particularly when he can always say he just meant Pakistan should pre-empt withdrawal talks.

  • Since the Zoonami has drained down the toilet bowl, this is the best the Ilzami Posse can come back with ;)

  • Dont know what Kiyani said.. but option proposed by NS is the best one,

    Kiyani duffer is too busy helping his bro make more money..

    these duffers are wasting nation money on nothing and the end nation and low rank officers have to suffer!!

  • Lol.....isn't he the same fruitcake COAS Kiyani who had his thumb stuck inside his backside when the US JSOG was conducting some sort of an operation in Abbottabad before crossing into Pakistan and staying in our territory for about two hours.....if he is indeed the same dude, then yes...he is a numskull!

  • ^^and the same

    jo apne master ,tabla master ke hukam per london me in loterron ke sath NRO ki baat cheet final ki the!

  • @sid

    LOL....not at all bro. This is just something I threw together before I went for dinner...its far from best. :)

    I'm afraid if I try my best, or even a little harder, all you nooners will get upset and go crying to admin like girle girls and next thing you know I will get banned....and I'm in too much of a good mood to get myself banned :)

    by the way, don't forget to select your favourite option...STOOPID seems to be quite popular :)

    AS for Kiyani, he might be the same numskull, but Stoopid Sharif tried to give the impression that kiyani is agreeing with him, and Kiyani turned around and humiliated Stoopid Sharif by saying he has no comment on Stoopid Sharif's Stoopid statement ....thus leaving Stoopid Sharif hanging in the wind with his chuddies around his ankles.....making him look very ;)

  • @Sandy,

    Whatever keeps ya happy bro....don't worry about admin, I got your back. Stay happy with name calling and enjoy your "good mood."

    As for Gen. Hijra, his statement is pretty much in sync with NS. Ab kaan aisay pakar lo ya ghooma kar pakara lo :D At least NS will be making such policy statements going forward and rightly or wrongly people will listen and deduce their own meaning out of it.

  • @ sandman

    sahi kaha janab aap ne . ab her kisi mein to IK jaisay guts nai hotay k jo her Army chief ko apna Political baap bana lay

    here is the list oF IK's political fathers

    1.Gold smith




    5.Asif zardari

    6.Altaf hussain

    7.Chaudary brothers. army chief DG ISI

    10.following Army chief

    11.following DG ISI


    bro waisy khabi IK k political fathers ki list khatm ho gi .??

  • Hi @Sandooqi

    Are you a paid pet of Nooners? I see you on this site all the time. If you really want to impress, put some comments on *******. Your site has gotten a benign hemorrhoid since the words got out that it is a PML Nawaz Nura site.

  • @Chaduru,

    Bhai, apna naam us list ki bilkul end par dekh kar mera heart attack ho giya kay aap nay in saray logon kay saath mujh ko bhee Tangay Khan ka baap bana diya.......LMAO!!

    Rah giya Baapoon ki list ka....tu is mein app Mian Sahab ka bhee naam add kar lain kyon kay mustaqbil-e-qareeb mein NS hee P0nka Khan kay walid-e-Mohtaram hoon gai :D

  • چوہدری بھائی

    ہا ہا ہا ہا

    میں تو مکمل دھوکا کھا گیا تھا اور صدیقی بھائی کو سیاسی باپوں کی لسٹ میں آخری نام سمجھہ لیا، جب تک آخری جملہ نہیں پڑھا

    :) :)

  • صدیقی بھائی

    معزرت میرے کومنٹ لکھنے کے دوران آپ پہلے ہی اس نتیجے پر پہنچ گیے


  • @Khan,

    Well well well....lookey lookey what we got here, a walking talking wannabe smart alackey around here (a rare vanity indeed if you ain't a PML-N supporter). Anyway my son, since you is a new high school drop out amongst us, by way of introduction I would like to illuminate the fact that yes I I'm the big daddy around here.

    As for hemorrhoids, oral or from the backside; Dr. Siddiqi has cured many and would surely help you with attaining speedy convalesence.

  • Nothing .. trying to show himself and the General in the same light.

    Keh deta hai us k baad tubelight jalti hai is kee. jesay kuch he arsa pehle mohtaram kibla Nora Sharif k mutabiq Hindu aur musalmaan ek he Khuda kee pooja kartay thay.

  • @khan

    pl tameez ke daire me reh ker comment kare

    be dont personal!!!

  • @easy go bhai,

    Baap Baap hota hai

    Pasha ho ya Siddiqi


  • @Kami Bhai,

    Don't worry brother man......yeh KHAN bacha mera shikar hai...

  • @siddiqi bahi

    lagta ha bachee blongre aaj ka show fail hone ka gussa nikal rahe han!!