Unfair Bashing of Media

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    Electronic media is pummeled with criticism regarding its coverage of Bhoja Air plane crash.

    Humbly, I would like to differ

    First, electronic media is being blamed for trying to 'monetize' the agony of families of those died in crash. These critics might not have noticed, that media did not air a single advertisement for approximately 6 hours after the tragic crash. There was no break in the coverage, no advertisement, and hence, media was not MONETIZING.

    And normal bulletins, when they were resumed after 6 hours, contained news only about the plane crash. Some branded segments (which are sponsored, and thus bring money) were dropped.

    If media was not monetizing, then obviously, the coverage was not for TRPs.

    Then, there were complaints of graphic content. Those who have not worked in newsroom, cannot have any idea how sensitive the news producers are about graphic content. Clear and strict instructions are given to cameramen that they should not shoot any visual of a dead body, or anything which is gory. In the rush of events, even if such footage gets recorded or aired, it is edited out immediately.

    Media is also being blamed for being insensitive. Accused of sensationalizing events by talking to the grieved families irrespective of their feelings. Well, our reporters do seek permission before talking to the families. Interviews of only those people are aired who agree to talk. Some families of the crash victims refused to talk, and the reporters came back without uttering any other word.

    More importantly, it was media who first reported the incident, when many among the responsible authorities did not know about it. Even Civil Aviation Authority and Bhoja Airline officials took almost an hour to confirm it.

    It was media which aired the numbers of help desks, so that the families could contact and get details.

    It was media which aired the list of the passengers (which was reportedly being SOLD at Karachi airport).

    ID cards and belongings of the crash victims were shown as a part of confirmation (and not sensationalism).

    And then it was media which aired the news that other airlines have increased their fares to cash-in the event.

    Then media tried to analyse the event for its viewers. It even interviewed relevant authorities regarding investigations.

    And REMEMBER, during all that time, media WAS NOT making any money.

    So, do you still think that media bashing with respect to Bhoja Air crash coverage is fair?

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  • @Omair Mahmood.....media persons were pure stupid major part of the coverage as they were asking irrelevant and unnecessary questions from any tom, dikk and harry they can find in their camera range....even those being interviewed said something while the anchor summarized it completely different....breaking news of an incident is one thing and then acting expert in all fields is quite different...while former is their purview the latter definitely is not!!!

    Then there were conspiracy theories they floated around; like a) perhaps aerial firing caused the incident, b) the plane came down due to lightning, c) flying license was granted to Bhoja airline under shady deals etc and all these irresponsible utterings were made within minutes after the incident....for god sake stupid anchors in the haste for being the first to break news they had stooped to the lowest level there was; with no regards for bereaved families, sensitivity of the matter etc...they were too busy to boast they are the first who broke the news....

    I hate all of them without exception, they are filthy sorts and scum of the earth bent on drawing mileage out of a human tragedy....highly irresponsible and connivingly insensitive!!!!

    This is all because majority of media buffoons lack professional education, journalistic ethics and human morality....they can't see beyond their careers and money minting opportunity for their fat employers....shame!!!!

  • Sultan, you again are being unfair. Media was at the most relevant place, i.e place of the crash, and Bhoja Air counters at airports. So how could they talk to any tom, dick, and harry.

    Media was not acting expert, media was asking the experts about the possible reasons of crash. And those experts were relevant aviation personnel. And what you are calling 'conspiracy theories' were actually opinions, not of the anchors, but those of experts.

    And media people these days are coming from universities, with proper journalism education. Are you in any way suggesting that the curriculum they studied was lacking in imparting anything useful. So shall we also blame universities, because media channels hire on the basis of journalism degrees?

  • ایسے سانحات کی سب سے پہلے خبر دینے کا کریڈٹ لینے والوں کی بےحسی اور بیدردی پر افسوس ہوتا ہے

    سب سے پہلے خبر دینے کی دوڑ میں صحیح مقصد پیچھے رہ جاتے ہیں

    لوگوں کی اصل ضرورت حادثے کی تفصیلی تصویر کشی سے زیادہ اصل وجوہات کا علم اور ذمہ داروں کا تعین ہے جس میں میڈیا کا ایک بڑے پریشر بلڈر کا رول ہوسکتا ہے

    تاکہ اور کچھ نہیں تو آئندہ کی تدبیر تو ہوسکے

  • Those shameless duffers should be lashed for their insanity.Didn't they had any idea about the seriousness of the issue.And showing the burnt up and dead bodies ,with half body parts missing on TV,this is purely insanity.It should be highly condemned and depreciated.

  • Yes, Omair Mahmood I have a big objection on the competency and capability level of these anchors.....they occupied the newrooms for hours showing only a few aviation experts, that far it was okay.....but my objection to them is the way they were pressing people for answers......anyone can see that, and I am surprsied that you missed it....

    They are not acting like journalist but an overenthusiastic cricket commentator who creates hype to keep glued to tv screen, for god sake news-anchors are supposedly different and more responsible in covering a tragic incident as Bhoja air's crash...

    ordinary people, beamed live thru TV camera, will say anything that comes to their minds, however it is the duty of media men to filter irrelevant material and show only what is worthy of news...

    Even when some people opinionated about something highly sensitive, newsmen should be competent enough not to add anything to it and do not repeat unless and until he/she has first confirmed such item via his/her on sources...that is called leg work and ethics of journalism....

    again how can anyone expect from Bhoja airline's ordinary employees to give any feed on the survival of passengers or worthiness of the aircraft within few minutes of the disaster? but no this new breed of journalists would not budge and press them for an answer, and if an astonished Bhoja employee would stay away from answering because he simply would not know then the whole airline would be painted as if they had caused the crash deliberately and now are in covering mode.....what a pity!!!

    they turned a very tragic event into a circus and pulled on all resources to run on hours with mostly repeated telecast, over and over again...what was the need for it? why create frenzy? why mention torn up bodies and show limbs? why not wait for experts input who are at the scene and trying their best to find out what went wrong??? why jumping to conclusion with one story after another? whats the rush?

    Didn't airline provide a complete list of passengers onboard within a reasonable time? still, media men were telling people how gross the airline has for precise information at Karachi airport, does it make any sense? then they were accusing Bhoja airline for everything it might or might not have done....

    you say they are educated and have relevant journalism degree, to me they are a bunch of buffoons with a mirophone attached to their arzes and camera running on end and these buffoons don't what to do exept rant on with garbage....gosh, i hate them for that!!!

  • oops sultan! I think your beliefs are beyond any healthy dialogue.

  • Here I agree with SAK, 99% TV anchors who try to act like journalist and in some cases investigative journalists (without having a clue about journalism) can not differentiate and behave according to the type and severity of news. They seems equally enthusiastic in breaking a tragedy or breaking a sports glory news.....

    Only thing they know is, how to sensationalize the movement. Even if that comes at the expense of victims families.

  • @Omair....Healthy dialog my foot....more than 127 people have died and media running a circus for rating (emphasizing more on who reported first than providing people help)....Oh I hate that.

    @Dusky.......thanks mate!!!

  • Most disgusting question when anchors, correspondents ask relatives of survivors "how are they feeling?" They need to have some sort of manners, completely agree with SAK's point of view.

  • I think all anchors are racing in distressing the nation, they are racing to make nation feel that she is living in hell. Its ok if lowest classes of the society complain and raise question but when I see millionairs also talk desperately, media has some role in developing this psyche.

  • مسخ شدہ لاشوں کی منظر کشی پر متعدد ٹی وی چینلز کو اظہار وجوہ کا نوٹس


  • Bhai ji yeah ju screen kay neechay har waqt aik"patti" chalti rehti hay is ku bhi band hona chahiyeah.Aur mujhay samjh nahi aat kay Fashion shows aur catwalks ka news main kia kam.Morning shows dekho tu lagta hay pakistan main koi masla he nahi.Kuch din say Geo kay morning show main "rohon" pay bari "pur maqhz" aur "maloomati" guftagoo chal rahi hay.Host sahiba ju khud kisi badrooh say kam nahi(mazrat kay sath kay hum khawateen kay ehtaram kat qaeil hain) is tarah programme conduct kar rahi hain goya sari omer isi tapssiya main guzar di.Quran parhna mushkil lagta hay aur dunya bhar ki fazooliat main ghussna asan.

  • On last saturday On Saamma TV one of their anchor(some Farah or Fareeha) conducted a programme on Karachi.First we took a heli to round over Karachi, which I think was just a pleasure drive taking advantage of being associated with media and the visiting different localities.The worst part was when she bring a women on camera whose husband was killed recently and she was still in "Iddat" asking every single bit of details of how his husband was dragged, fired upon and how he took last breath.


  • اجہونس بھائی

    میڈیا کا کام اب خبریں دینا نہیں رہا

    بلکہ خبریں بنانا، رایے بنانا ہو گیا ہے

    وہ بھی طاقتور کا ایک ہتھیار ہیں

    اس کے علاوہ تضاد، نفاق شائد زیادہ بکتے ہیں

    تو میڈیا بھی انکے پیچھے بھاگتا ہے

  • Logon kay jazbat ko beechana he media ka karobar ban giya hay.Magar acchi aur hosla afza baat yeah hay kay media kay andar say he is baat ka ehsas ubhar kar aa raha hay aur ummed ki jani chahiyeah kay behtari ka safr jald shoroo ho ga

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