Sheikh Rasheed ke Sath Awami Dhoka?

  • Now we all know how Sheikh Sahab has been doing Chaploosi of Imran Khan and how he doesn't want to join any political party.

    on thursday Sheikh Sahab finally showed his cards and announced a Jalsa on 13th August and today Imran Khan in Quetta announced that Tsunami's next stop is Rawalpindi(my city).

    So my question is ke kia Sheikh Rasheed ke saath dhoka ho gaya hai? LOL

    Will he be forced to join a party now?

    Lets not turn this into another warzone of PTI vs PML(N) please.

  • Alas

    SR could not resist to join his former cabinet colleagues

    Now the only thing they all have to do is to pray for Gen Ainda Khan

  • Dhoka koi nahi huwa, ye IK aur SR ki noora kushti ha. SR definitely IK ke saath hi rahega,may be both parties alliance kareingi or he may PTI. Even if he does not join PTI, electoral alliance hoga, PTI os ke khilaf candiate khara nahi karegi. Remember these

  • ^^^ And the end result for both Tully and Ilzam Khan = LOSERS

  • @ siddiqi

    that too with huge margin Inshallah.

  • Pasha kay jatay hi politics badal gai hay

    And now Sh Rasheed and Imran

    دھوبی کا کتا نہ گھر کا نہ گھاٹ کا