It never Happened if Air Blue Accident deal seriously

  • I am sorry to say if we deal (all responsible, pls consider other departments side by side with Politicians mean don't jump direct to politicians corruption)Air blue accident deals seriously.

    All the culprits of that accidents should bring to justice otherwise it will continue forever.

    Just few words for our CJ, may he can take notice in real people problems and Air blue is one of it.

  • Traditional politicians, now a days, are effectively managers and not the leaders. Many of them are just Madaris. The most popular method of management is to deal with the current situation and devise procedures to deal with the next. Rarely, you will see fixing the root cause. Prime examples are Americas Management of Terrorism, treatment and not the curing of a diseases such as cancer and diabetes. It is called the job security.

    By the way, another rule of management is, if you see the boat sinking, cut your losses and run for a better one. Try to leave the damage control for someone else.

    A proven way to fix this kind of incendents are the financial penalty on the operators. Five crore per body compensation to the family will go a long way to self fixing any future disaster. But this will not happen in Pakistan.