Who is to blame for state of Pakistan right now

  • It is really frustrating to watch what is going on in Pakistan. After Musharaff rule things were supposed to improve, rule of law would be introduced in Pakistan after some 30 years. But corruption is breaking records that were previously sky high to begin with. Who is to blame for this current situation. Not including PPP in this because we know that at least 70% of the blame falls on them anyway.

    In order of deserving blame:

    1. Altaf Baji, Asfandyar, Chaudary Shujaat/Elahi, Diesel Molvi. If they were well wishers for Pakistan they would have left this gov't and let it fall instead of worrying about there own ministries at the price of the poor awaam.

    2. Nawaz Sharif. His party resigns Gilani, Zardari are no more. Thats the bottom line. I am tempted to put the largest amount of blame on him because i think he is in bed with Zardari to delay elections as much as they can.

    3. Judiciary. If Judiciary would have worried about justice and law. This corrupt gov't would be done with. Zardari would be back in the mental hospital and Gilani back in Jail bent over. Pakistan would have 2 years to work through the mess that PPP has created.

    4. Ordinary Awaam. In the end the people that are suffering are 175 million people and few thousand people are looting.

    5. Imran Khan. Imran Khan should do 2 more jalsaas in the next month. Peshawar and Multan. Then he should be on the streets. Marching towards Islamabad.

  • Only the establishment and its time to time puppets .Like Imran Khan now a days .

  • vintage pkpolitics.

    A low IQ post by left nut sack of Asif Ali Zardari.

  • Only Army Genrals and Army Genrals.

  • aur un ke puppets

  • @zoab khan

    could not have said it better myself

    status quo are too blame, are the two main culprits to this are the samjhoota express, without a shadow of doubt.

    To blame IK for problems in PK, is ridiculous and absurd.

  • An amateurish contention:

    2. Nawaz Sharif. His party resigns Gilani, Zardari are no more. Thats the bottom line. I am tempted to put the largest amount of blame on him because i think he is in bed with Zardari to delay elections as much as they can.

    What the heck for? NS has the mandate to rule Punjab. NS resigning is just a ploy for him to be left out of the loop so that Zardari and his new bed fella, P0nka Khan can call the shots.....ain't happening at all!

  • http://www.defence.pk/forums/economy-development/175249-china-ignores-pakistans-concerns-approves-indian-basmati-imports.html

    Where are the China lovers who have soft corner for the communist state? Even JI was in China for talks with Chinese leaders. Pakistan also handed over Muslim dissidents from Xinjiang as "terrorists" to Beijing to please the Chinese leadership. Remember Xinjiang is China's Kashmir. Muslim majority overwhelmed by Han settlers

    The lesson for all of us is not to trust any power except Almighty.

  • We are divided into 57 small states. All these 57 Muslims states are vulnerable and soft targets for America and its allies. It is only our unity which can restore our honour. We have to restore the Muslim empires like Mughal and Ottoman. The Muslims ruled over the world for more than 1200 years as superpowers. We have been suffering from dishonour for last two centuries because of our disunity.

  • Solidarity in economies lead to success and prosperity. There are numerous factors for the current prevailing situation in Pakistan. its not only the leadership to be blamed. its even the awaam (us) who is silent.

  • Siddiqui Bhai

    Thora asra karain, baccha imtehan ki tayyari kar raha hay.Aap nay tu bohat bhari rakh diya.:))

    Dear Leen

    read some History of civilizations.The major fectors of their rise and fall.The ruleing elite and their power tectics.Nothing is unusual here.We are going through a transitional period.More prone to modren world, intellectually bit refined but spiritually more inclined towards survival.Things will settle down once we realise the true meaning of society and its associated responsibilities

  • Dont blame the politicians they are the ones who are filling the gap left by our own immorality.

    How hard is it for one entire family to create one honest official in their family ?

    You all claim that politicians are the root cause. No they arent not. They are just a mere reflection of the society that you have created.

    IF you want to change the society then you have to change yourselve and your family.

    If that is an impossibility then a better Pakistan is an impossibility.

  • @ NNL

    Totally agree.The whole society has to share the burdon of responsibility.Even talking about the high morality of civilized socities and condeming our low profile leaders I gave Rs 200 last week to a trafic sargeant who caught me for talking on cell while driving.

    I was talking to my frined and cusring the system for not giving us what we deserve and at the same time I forget Im also part of the system.

  • Exactly.

  • اجہونس بھائی

    اس بات سے انکار ممکن ہی نہیں کہ سب کی ذمہ داری ہے

    لیکن کیا حکمرانوں، طاقتوروں، فیصلہ سازوں، دانشوروں کی ذمہ داری

    اور غریب، مزدور، کسان، محنت کش کی ذمہ داری ایک سی ہے

    اور یہ کہ تبدیلی کیسے آ سکتی ہے

    کیا ایک ایک کرکے سب لوگ راہ راست پر آ جائیں اور اپنی ذمہ داری کا احساس کرلیں

    کیا عملی طور پر ایسا ممکن لگتا ہے

    کہیں ایسا تو نہیں کہ برائی اور اچھائی دونوں طاقت سے ہی پھیلتی ہیں

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  • Ignorance is not an excuse. regardless who so ever it is if evil was shunned from the beginning in the society and was reprimanded immediately and there were people working actively to monitor evil then such widespread evil would not have taken place. Nations were destroyed for this, wiped out from the face of the earth and are only known in the holy book so what makes us feel so special that nothing will happen to us even though we are following the footsteps of the destroyed nations.

  • The people are partly to blame as well, i agree. If you are going to vote for a corrupt fool just because he shares the same last name as yours, then you deserve everything that is going on.

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  • 1: People who voted for low life political leaders

    2: People who didnt go out to vote in last elections