Conversation with a PPP Lady


    I had a chance to converse with a PPP Lady on twitter.

    The reason I am reproducing the conversation here is that, unlike other politicians on twitter, she was responsive. She did not quite like what I ranted about the PPP government, yet she remained approachable, and willing to turn my outbursts into a meaningful dialogue.

    In the conversation you are about to read, @news_excuse is yours truly, and @* is the PPP Lady.

    @* says: Mothrs & houswivs r d only workrs who dont hv regular time off They r d grt vacatnles clas & if it wasnt 4 thm r country wld b at standstil

    @news_excuse responds: so let's get a ministry for mothers and house wives

    @*: let's quit the shallow thinking & start by respecting ur mothers & wives.bcuz if it wasn't form thm making ur homes so comfortable u wldnt b able to face other workrelated issues. Be thankful :)

    @news_excuse: Yes, as a gesture of being thankful, I suggest we introduce a ministry for women and housewives. Seriously!

    @*: we do hv women development ministries in all the provinces

    @news_excuse: Then let us get them some ephedrine quota

    @*: ur sarcasm is sickening

    @news_excuse: I didn't want to offend you. But the new ministries introduced by the govt are indeed funny. I have a lot of respect for you, because you belong to our rulers, yet you are accessible to masses through twitter. But you should understand our problems. I pay almost 2500 rupees from my salary as taxes. Approximately same amount is deducted through different other taxes imposed by the govt.Yet I'm without power for most hours of day. Government does not provide me any security. And I am the one paying for expenditures of the government. A minister costs Rs 1 lac a day (approx), and all these expenditures are paid from my pocket. And what do I get in return? So either perform, or forgive me if my sarcasm gets sickening.

    @* says: if I am accessible to u tht doesn't gv u right to be harsh to me. U cld mk suggestions decently & l'll def forward them

    @news_excuse says: I agree, but being harsh was never my intention. And hey, I was sarcastic, but not harsh!!!

    @* replies: if instead of being sarcastsic or harsh u give good suggestions u cld help ur country :)

    @news_excuse: so may I suggest that government should cut down its expenditures?

    @*: yes i totally agree with u. The PM has taken some steps in this regard. An austerity measures policy is in place...

    The rest of the conversation might not be of interest to you This lady has yet to give me her version regarding induction of new ministries. This blog was to admire the fact that someone from echelons of power does listen to the ordinary people. If democracy is best revenge, LET US TAKE IT.

  • This lady sounds Sharmila Farooqui to me. I had an interesting conversation with her once on Twitter and needless to say, she never bothered to respond to me again.

  • Well, that lady is not Sharmila Farooqui

  • probably are thrilled on talking to a lady of the ruling class, Sharmila Farooqi.....

    Have no illusion our royalty does lend an ear to its subjects all right...lolll

    This is as far as our lords concerns for their bonded slaves go, but when it comes to translating that concern, well, YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN, DON'T YOU???

  • no Sultan. She was not Sharmila Farooqi.

  • .

  • PM has taken some steps in this regard. An austerity measures policy

    I am sure 'Princess Royal' will find this report 'harsh' as well.

    200+ car PM Gillani motorcade

  • **

    Tweets of female politicians


    By Yasir Pirzada

    Our female politicians are more active on social media as compared to the male parliamentarians. Despite all their enthusiasm, male MPs still feel shy in using twitter or facebook; whereas female MPs are more active on this front. However, I sometimes imagine how our female politicians would tweet among themselves if it’s guaranteed that their tweets would be restricted and not shared with general public. Perhaps in this way:

    Kashmala Tariq @ Hey, nobody is inviting me to talk shows nowadays...I am far better than Marvi!!!

    Marvi Memon @ Kashmala Tariq Mehnat ker hasad na ker...!

    Firdous Ashiq Awan @ Marvi Memon @ Kashmala Tariq Ho hy!

    Hina Rabbani Khar @ Firdous Ashiq Awan Amma ji! What does this ‘ho hy’ mean?

    Samia Raheel Qazi @ Twitter is haram! Ban twitter, ban facebook, ban cable TV, ban cinema, ban ban ban...!

    Sharmila Farooqi @ Somebody please ban Ms. Qazi.

    Anusha Rehman @ Shahbaz Sharif Zindabad.

    Fauzia Wahab @ Asif Zardari Zindabad

    Shumaila Rana @ Anybody there...I am innocent please...anybody there from N League?

    Firdous Ashiq Awan @ Hina Rabbani Khar Oye...Amma kinnu kya e...mein PM nu teri shikait lawan gi... I will be the complaint to the Gillani sab...! (trust her angraizi)

    Marvi Memon @ Firdous Ashiq Awan Lolz...from where have you gotten your doctorate degree? From Babar Awan’s university I guess?

    Firdous Ashiq Awan @ Marvi Memon I am doctor not doctorate...waddi ayi degree check karney wali.

    Sharmila Farooqi @ No Punjabi please!

    Kashmala Tariq @Anusha Rehman are you guys still willing to accept Q Leaguers? Can you talk to Mian sb? I wanna join N League. Can u get me a ticket?

    Anusha Rehman @ Kashmala Tariq I can get two tickets for you of ‘Desi Boyz’ ...interested? Shahbaz Sharif zindabad.

    Samia Raheel Qazi @ Anusha Rehman Astaghfirullah! What r u talking about?

    Shumaila Rana @Anusha Rehman what about my ticket? I am innocent please.

    Sharmila Farooqi @ Hina Rabbani Khar hey! How much did you pay for your Gucci bag? It’s not worth more than $ 10,000 I guess!

    Hina Rabbani Khar @ Sharmila Farooqi’s cheap...only $ 8,000!

    Firdous Ashiq Awan @ Hina Rabbani Khar @ Sharmila Farooqi Hy mein mer gayi....kuriyo tuhada damagh theek a!!!

    Fauzia Wahab @ Asif Zardari zindabad.

    Samia Raheel Qazi @ Hina Rabbani Khar @ Sharmila Farooqi I got an abaya just for Rs. 25,000.

    Kashmala Tariq @ Does anybody know how much Kareena Kapoor charged for modelling in the lawn advert.???

    Sharmila Farooqi @ Kashmala Tariq one crore.

    Kashmala Tariq @ Sharmila Farooqi your figures are really good!!!

    Marvi Memon @ Anusha Rehman please ask Shahbaz sb to give me a laptop as well. I qualify on merit. Got 60 % marks in matric.

    Anusha Rehman @ Marvi Memon are u still in matric? Shahbaz Sharif zindabad.

    Fauzia Wahab @ Asif Zardari zindabad.

    Sharmila Farooqi @ Does anybody know what’s the cell number of John Abraham?

    Samia Raheel Qazi @Sharmila Farooqi Astaghfirullah!

    Firdous Ashiq Awan @ Sharmila Farooqi ask one seven.

    Shumaila Rana @ I am innocent...proven innocent by court...anybody there???

    Anusha Rehman @ Shumaila Rana I think you have got insaaf so you better join Tehreek e Insaaf now...lolz...Shahbaz Sharif zindabad.

    Fauzia Wahab @ Asif Zardari zindabad.

    The above tweets are a work of fiction and solely based on my imagination. Any resemblance to actual tweets is entirely coincidental. However, please note that all generalisations are false including this one.

  • yet she remained approachable,

    She started tweeting just recently(13th april-hardly 100+ tweets). Reason is quite obvious,some of N's ladies have been quite active on twitter with almost 10,000+ tweets so 'princess royal' in fact jumped on the bandwagon quite late..