Threat for all politicans , Lota Bano Warnah لوٹا بنو ورنہ ...

  • Read this statement . He has many Lotay in his party but actually this is a threat for all politicians

    لوٹا بنو ورنہ ...

  • یہ احتساب اور جیلوں میں ڈالنا قوم دیکھ چکی ہے

    سیاستدان ایک دوسرے کو سزائیں دیں، جیل جائیں یا الله کے پاس

    بعد میں بھگتنا غریب عوام کو پڑتا ہے

    اس لیے اے پیارے لیڈرو کھاؤ پیو ضرور

    بس ساتھہ ساتھہ عوام کے لیے بھی کچھ کرتے جاؤ

  • @Kamal Ke Nooner Sahib,

    There is no invitation to the Swingers (LOTAS) by the Insaf for All. people with infractions will be given a chance to lay down their loot, pay taxes and keep the rest. Only a few of the remaining need to bring to Insaf. You shall see, majory will have their pant wet by them.

  • ^^^^ Buddy, not every "anti-I'm the Dim" is a nooner. AK Bhai surely ain't one. You'll learn as you tag along.

  • @Saddiqi Tihatter Kay Aaeen Walay,

    I missed the laptop loot topics. And the question about recent Nawaz Sharif's royal gifts to Siachen's affected army family. Under what law these Janga brothers are distributing national wealth.

    In a democracy the elected representatives have to debate on all spending first. Why the big Brother have to announce a khairat to army family. There should have already been a law for taking care of the families of affected army men. How would you feel if a king hand you a khairat as compared to you earn it by a set of rules constituted by the nation as a whole.

    Zardari and Sharif are acting like kings and not elected representative. This will end soon.

  • You will loose a lot of such topics and just mimic your leader by accusing everyone of anyone. If it pains your bleeding heart as to why NS announced 500K subsistence allowance, admission in Punjab educational institutions and jobs in Punjab Government; you should immediately ask your leader to order Jehangir Tareen to open his deep pockets and announce a financial package for the affected families and Khursheed Yahoodi at once open up a couple branches of Beaconhouse School System and special emphasis should be given to provision of free education to the children who lost their fathers in the line of duty.

  • O N o o r a league walay

    Do you take pride in earning your rewards or prefer to get a charity from a person who have thrown his opponents in blast furnace of Itefaq Foundry?

  • and the charity of that Blast Furnace man is not of his own.

  • ^^^^ As always, an Ilzami and cult follower of the Branch Davidian Sect resorts to idiotic gibberish instead of a debate. Your two liner bull-crap does not constitute as a response to my earlier contention.

    If a relative of your has been thrown in a blast furnace of Itefaq Foundry, your should immediately file a case with the local police instead of regurgitating innuendos from your backside.

    As for name are pushing yourself home boy.

  • He said in Quetta,

    "He said once the PTI comes to power it would demolish Governor Houses and big palaces and establish educational institutions there."

    He can take start without coming into power by donating his more than 181000 sq yards palace for a school while he has another house in Islamabad too , And he have no Pak national children to live there .

    He did talk about Akbar Bugti. He said that "PTI will make Shaheed Akbar Bugti's killers stand in the dock, whoever they are."

    Us say kaho

    Baray baray jhoot bolnay say pehlay Musharraf kay kutay ka bacha wapis kar do jo tumharay ghar main rehta hay

  • Soondooqi

    The other day you were saying that you were from Altaf Hussain territory. Today, it seems you are from Texas. Texas chain saw murder wala!

    Tell. Me the tuth

  • Are you in P.E.C.H.S block 6 or are you in Waco

  • Kamal Kay Nooner of N o o r a league

    Your eye is also on that Mall road palace. How? As a qabza group. Or as a dhoka group?

    And stay on the counting of chairs.

  • @kahn

    o bhai kahn sahab tum khan be ho ya koi carpit wala ye kam kar gia ha

  • If I understand it right Mr KAMI, the probability of seeding a Mutiaar from the middle Pakistan is higher than that of a Ranjha doing it to a khanum of upper Pakistan.

    If you read history, reality will sink in. Odds of invaders moving up surely go against your feeling. Sorry if it hurts.

  • @khan

    tuhare seeeed ka to tumhri language se hi andaza ha jata ha

    history ki kia zarorat ha!

  • I take pride in my gene.

  • PTI ki epic bezti again by Sana Bucha today, becahre Javed Hashmi ki shakal dekhne wali thi.

  • ^^DNA is big chance for you !!!

    its never to late!!

  • This post is deleted!