ANP, PTI, PML-N, PPP, JI, Palejoes, etc. Lie Exposed Against MQM

  • Propagandist post this video and propagated, it happened at ABBASI SHAHEED HOSPITAL, KARACHI.

    Ten Indians and one Pakistani bootleggers have been sentenced to prison terms ranging from 10 years to life after being convicted here for beating a man to death and burying his body in a shallow sandy grave.

    Two Indian men, MS, 24, accused of being the ringleader of a bootlegging gang, and HS, 26, his deputy, were both sentenced to life at Dubai's Criminal Court of First Instance for killing a rival bootlegger identified only as "number 36", the National paper reported today.

    They attacked the victim with swords, machetes, pipes and wooden blocks in November 2008 behind the Samsung office in Jebel Ali area and beat him to death.

    Eight other Indians were sentenced to 15 years in prison for offenses related to the murder, while a Pakistani driver was sentenced to 10 years, the paper said.

    The convicts denied the murder charges.

    The defendants were not present in court yesterday to hear the verdicts.

    The charge came after they were arrested for the murder, rape and torture of another two rival gang members on January 1, 2009, one of whom has been named as Abu Baker Nujila, the daily reported.

    The judge yesterday adjourned returning a verdict on these charges until February 7.

    "This was the strongest gang and after their arrest, increased security and police presence chased away all the alcohol bootleggers from the area," an investigating officer had said last year.

    Investigators said fierce competition had emerged between alcohol bootleggers in the area. The killers said during interrogation that they had warned the victim against selling alcohol in their area.

    Last year, 17 Indians were awarded death by a Sharjah court which found them guilty for the murder of a Misri Nazir Khan, a Pakistani national, near a Sharjah labour camp over bootlegging dispute in January 2009.The 17 men last week turned down an offer to pay blood money under a proposed settlement to escape the noose, claiming they were innocent.

    Death penalty for 17 Indians in UAEBBC News - Death penalty for 17 Indians in UAE

  • جبل علی دبئی میں ہے

    اور عباسی شہید کراچی میں

    تو یہ ممکن نہیں ہے کے دبئی میں جو لوگ مار رہے ہیں- وہ واقعہ کراچی کا ہو

    Jabl-e-Ali situated in DUBAI.

    Abbasi Shaheed situated in Karachi.

    Therefore, it is imposable that people who are being beaten in VIDEO, were in Karachi.

  • I give credit to our politicians and their canniving lakeys for telling lies without flinching,faltering or showing any remorse in their trite speeches on peace in Karachi..

    Having killed each other's goons, and a good number of innocent by-standers who got caught in the cross fire, Reman Malik called a meeting comprising members from PPP, MQM and ANP wherein they will find the solution to target killings, Bhatta and other criminal activities in Karachi, as if someone else was responsible for sabotaging peace in Karachi....what a joke!!!

    All above parties do not have to look for criminals any further than their own parties.....

  • Most of the political parties are criminal parties indeed.

  • Good Guy

    very good research and indepth analysis my friend

    However if Quaid-Tehreek orders than Abbassi Shaheed can be moved to Dubai and Jabl-e-Ali in Karachi by a couple of sector incharges......just like Dr Imran Farooq got murdered in London by Sector Incharge sitting in Karachi

    But only sector incharges can do that on orders of Altaf Hussain ..... and not even US Seals can do such on orders of Obama Hussain

  • New and newer dramas are produced in our politics. These dramas have superficial characters and superficial stories but the facts are no doubt very deep-rooted. The general public can't mostly fathom the real facts.

  • @LHR,

    Bro, you are painting the Sector In-Charges in a hideous and a very negative light. Notwithstanding their abilities to conduct black ops which even US Navy Seals can't conduct, Sector In-Charges are also heavily involved in relief and humanitarian efforts such as providing monetary relief amounting to billions to British citizens. If you have any doubts, please read the story of a destitute named Altaf Bobby based in Edgware, who has lived off the handouts of these sector in-charges for more than 20 years.

  • aplogies Siddiqi

    I wasnt fully aware of the humanitarian work....but isnt the 'humanitarian' work supposed to be for humans?

  • @LHR,

    In this case, even animals count ;)

  • The committee recently formed by Zardari, comprising of MQM, ANP and PPP to resolve target killing and bhatta khori is infact a committee or sort out the problems between these parties and to demark their area and share for bhatta collection, so they dont have to kill each other over bhatta and power. Mafahimat kee siasat..mill jull kay looto.