What is behind Imran Khan's Nawaz Phobia?

  • The other day in Quetta, Imran Khan put the blame for the situation in Baluchistan on Nawaz Sharif. According to Mr. Khan, Nawaz Sharif forced Baluch and Pashtun parties to boycott the elections of 2008 and this has resulted in the current crisis.

    Notwithstanding that previously Imran Khan has repeatedly stated that after APDM's initial decision to boycott elections Nawaz Sharif changed his mind and tried to convince others to do so as well, again notwithstanding that Baluch or Pashtun parties have never accused Nawaz Sharif of forcing them to boycott elections and they have very good relations with PML-N, what is really strange is the insane infatuation that Mr Khan seems to have with Nawaz Sharif.

    Imran Khan holds a jalsa in Lahore and blames Nawaz for problems in Punjab, holds a jalsa in Peshawar and blames Nawaz for problems in KPK, holds a jalsa in Karachi and blames Nawaz for problems in Karachi, and then holds a jalsa in Quetta and blames Nawaz for problems in Baluchistan.

    So what next? Will he now blame Nawaz Sharif for the crash of Bhoja air? For the floods of 2010? For the earthquake of 2005?

    It would be an interesting psychological exercise to evaluate the reasons for Imran Khan's Nawaz Sharif phobia. Is it because Nawaz Sharif did not bring the long march to Islamabad and thus deprived (a comfortably ensconced in Islamabad) Imran from joining the March at the last step and stealing the credit? Or did Nawaz someway insult Imran at some time in their past?

    What really happened? What is behind Imran Khan's unhealthy and at times ludicrous infatuation with blaming Nawaz Sharif for every ill under the sun? He has been much more charitable towards Zardari and Ch. Shujaat.

    For sure, the genesis of Imran Khan's paranoid state of mind regarding Nawaz Sharif seems to be stemming from something personal rather than any political disagreement. But what is it?

  • I think it is very simple; He is following the agenda of establishment; Establishment doesnot want any party to get even simple majority so that they can use parties like MQM etc. to blackmail them and everybody knows that its only NS that can get (not saying will get) simple majority in the elections; Establishment is using ilzam khan to keep pressure on NS and cut his potential vote bank. The sloagns of hazara and siraiki provinces are their plan B on which they are working in parallel. In this situation. it will be big test for NS as this seems all against one.

  • @Adonis,

    Whatever it is home boy, one thing's a gospel truth....Ilzam Khan either needs to have an expeditious lobotomy of the head, administered by a Mochi. In the event his upper deck is totally empty (which I suspect is the case), a brain retrofit wouldn't hurt that much.

  • Imran Khan is a political opponent of Nawaz Sharif and Zardari. He is expected to criticize him, and unfortunately he is not too wrong here.

    PPP and PML-N has been ruling Pakistan since its creation either directly or as the hands of establishment. Esp., Muslim League which was the party that created Pakistan is highjacked and now owned by this dictator family of Shareefs. Their policies and behavior has alienated the people from other provinces. Nawaz Sharif's murshid, Mr. Zia-ul-Haq is responsible for the FATA situation. Zulfiqar Bhutto for the situation of Balochistan. Is it too difficult to deduce?

  • @tggg,

    Where is the criticism of Zardari, Chaudhrys, Asfandayar Wali, MQM, PML-F etc.? Is he deliberately ignoring all of the aforesaid entities or he is just plain idiot?

  • tggg bahi is trying to defend that seems un-defendable; ilzam khan never talk about the role of establishment; how many years thsi establsihment ruled pakistan; lagta ha uncle psha ki strict instruction ko follow kar raha ha;

  • ^^^ Most importantly, where is the criticism of Army, Agencies, Balochistan Government, Frontier Constabulary...all of whom are responsible for the current predicament of Balochistan.

  • @Siddiqi: I think about these above mentioned people are not even worth criticizing. Nawaz has the distinction that he is considered worthy of being criticized. Please don't take personal.

    There is no opposition in this country right now. PML-N was supposed to take this role but they are happy with their share in Punjab. This is where Imran is justified to object and fill the role of opposition. Also, he is a politician, he may be targetting one specific zone, and if he finds appeal among the people for his ideas, I think its pretty fair on his part. Criticism is not gonna hurt PML-N if it is really clean. Trust me.

  • @ mango man: ' lagta ha uncle psha ki strict instruction ko follow kar raha ha'

    Ab mein kya kahoon bhai aap ko. You jump to conclusions so fast. I respect your political opinion and beg to differ in certain things. Sorry if I hurt your feelings.

  • tggg bahi, i like ur joke that he doesnot critisize establishment because only NS is worth critisizing. wow

  • Establishment sai sab sai zayaada mulaaqaatein tau Shahbaz Sharif aur Chaudhary Nisar ki hotee hein.

    Please give me your honest opinion on one thing. Do you guys seriously think that people who come in the Jalsas of PTI are paid by establishment to come there? Have you seen the Jalsa of Pervez Musharraf in Karachi?

  • tggg bahi, yeh sab log madari daikhnay aur concert sunnany atay hain; funding zardari/estab. kartay hain;

  • @ mango mam: I respect your opinion but its very hard for me to believe you. Evidence does not seem too strong.

    Establishment kabhi Jamaat-e-Islami ko nahin jitaa saki. PML-Q ko nahin bacha saki in 2008.

    Establishment cannot start a tehreek of this magnitude that we are talking about it at 0300AM in the night :)

  • tggg;

    establishment JI ko nahin jita saki; mera khiyal ha 2002 main kpk se kon jeet tha?

    pmlQ ko kis ne jitwaya tha 2002 main;

    kabhi JI ki jalsay aap ne daikhay 90's main kiya un main josh nahin hota tha?

    mera khiyal ha aap apna knowledge thora update karain;

  • Now why would Javed Hashmi join an establishment backed party? Agar us nein yahee kerna thaa tau Musharraf ki Q-league mein chalaa jaata.

    I see a lot of people saying that Imran Khan is a total sponsorship of establishment but they never quote anything concrete.

    On the other hand, we know the origin of PPP, PML-N (IJI) etc. That is something established in the history.

  • @ mango man: You need a dictator in the driving seat to manipulate the elections. Also you need to evict the current leadership (Nawaz Sharif and Benazir) from the country to create this effect.

    Everybody knows that was a dummy election.

    We will know if Imran Khan comes to power as a result of such dummy election. I don't see it happening right now.

  • @tggg,

    Sorry bro, but your argument is definitely not based on any solid ground. You might have actually misunderstood us here; we are definitely not at all concerned about the criticism. As a matter of fact, this phobia/criticism has given a big boost to NS and PML-N and has emboldened the perspective of a lot of people that Ilzam Khan has seriously gone mental. Hence, the more he opens his beak, the more slack he is cutting to PML-N and we want to thank him for that.

  • @tggg,

    Everybody knows that was a dummy election.<<<

    Were the elections of 2002 also dummy?

  • what is the origin of other parties; everybody knows and that doesnot give justifivcation of ilzam khan to become estalishment puppet;

    ankhain band aur kaan band; phir to bahi kuch nahin samajh ayi ga na; blaming NS for balochistan situation; tqqq bahi gud luck

  • Yes, this is indeed great that we have another party that now challenges the authority of PPP and PML-N. Its gonna make things more competitive and will put more pressure on the current governments to perform even better. Its a win win situation. See we are all patriot Pakistanis. All we want to see is a prosperous Pakistan for our future generations. None of these parties should be above criticism and we should embrace each others political opinions.

    I am sorry if I de-tracked the discussion. Feeling very sleepy at this time :)