Why Nawaz Sharif men attacked supreme court in 1997

  • Here is what we do not talk about:

    Supreme Court appointed five new judges.

    Nawaz Sharif harshly criticized the supreme court.

    A contempt of court notice was issued to Nawaz Sharif.

    The court was about to hear the contempt of court case when Nawaz Sharif attacked the court. This case could have resulted in a disqualification of Nawaz Sharif.


    What happed next? Can someone add?

  • it is pretty incredible ns suuporters claim he was the saviour of chief justice movement in 2008, however when he was in power he sent his goons round to the parliament.

    why is there no case on ns contempt of court, and why has media not bringing this issue up?

    hypocrisy at it's best

  • Raat gai baat gai dostoon......I have something else which is a lot juicier than this:

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  • Copied from another thread:

    These were not Nawaz Sharif thugs. They were the goons of Mittipao Chaudhry.


    "By the way the thugs which attacked the Supreme Court were of the combined PML and not PML-N. We must not forget that the PML-Q thugs also attacked the Lahore High Court in a much worse way than the one in 1997."

  • why is there no case on ns contempt of court, and why has media not bringing this issue up?<<<

    Simple answer Ms. Little Red Riding hood who is unnecessarily acting all innocent and inane. There is no evidence that a) NS gave the orders to these men to carry out these actions b) The main perps were found guilty, disbarred to practise politics and were granted amnesty by none other that Musharraf so that their loyalties can be bought to support the latter's illegitimate regime. Ironically, P0nka Khan himself was engaged in foreplay with Musharraf during this period and not once asked Musharraf as to why such an action was condoned.

    Ilzami Sheep herd instead of wasting their energies gained through Kellogs Cereals and Fruit Bars, should instead castigate their own leader for this.

  • There was no justification for attack on SC and its black mark on the face of NS.

    I was a student then and as far as my memory goes , following were the events.

    a) In June 94 , Justice Sajjad Ali Shah was appointed CJ by PPP government superseeding 3 judges (Saad Saud Jan , Ajmal mian & Justice Abdul Qadeer ). It was totally unprecedented.

    b) In Mar 96 , SC decided Al-Jehad Trust case (known as Judges case) where SC confirmed the critiera of seniority for appointment of CJ of High courts as well as elevantion of judges to SC.

    c) Question regarding SC CJ appointment was left unanswered (according to ajmal mian , who was also part of 5 member bench) on the insistence of CJ Sajjad Ali Shah.

    d) PPP govt was toppled in Nov 96 and NS came into power in Feb 97.

    e) In aug , NS wanted to setup speedy courts ( amir ul momeenin style) and CJ openly opposed the idea.

    f) In first week of Aug , CJ & PM met in lahore where an agreement was formed between CJ & PM and speedy court law (ATA 1997--black law) was gifted to nation on the eve of golden jubilee ( this law was later challenged in SC and was struck down in mehram ali case in 1998)

    g) At approximately same time , SC went on summer vacation and CJ quoted relaxed work load for not setting up extra benches.

    i ) in Sep 97 , CJ raised the issue of filling 5 vacant posts of judges in SC .

    h ) at that time SS was cm punjab and rashid aziz khan (later resigned in BB tape case ) was CJ LHC . SS was doing extra judicial killings and 'foori insaf' and had good relationship with RAK and wanted to retain him as CJ.

    k) federal government instead of elevenating 5 judges, refused to do so sighting CJ's summer vacation plea that judges r not required.

    l) tussle continued then govt first elevated 3 judges and then at the last 5 judges.

    m) CJ made a ground with 3/4 judges (Bashir Jehngir, Arif , munir ) and formed a bench comprising these judges and would fix all important cases and would decide immediately without hearing federation.

    n ) In this period , SC , first struck down 14th amendment which was done by parliament to block floor crossing. Nawabzada nasar ullah challenged and SC struck down without hearing AG or any respondent.

    o ) On this ptv cartoons where judges were shown watering lota cracy .

    p ) On this contempt notices were served to PM , PTV chairman and others. Further on NOv 9 , on the inaugration of Aiwan i iqbal NS did a speech for which he was issued contempt notice as well.

    q) Appointment of Sajjad Ali shah was challenged in SC and writs were pending and Cj was not fixing it for hearing.

    r) Some writs were presented in front of quetta bench headed by Irshad Hassan Khan (PCO fame CJ ) , Nasir Aslam Zahid & another judge. 26 Nov 1997

    (Allegedly SS travelled to quetta with Justice Retd.Rafiq tarar -later president with briefcases )

    . This bench stayed the working of CJ and asked the writs to be presented to next senior most judge for formation of larger bench (senior most judge ajmal mian ).

    Justice ajmal mian refused to take up and form a bench saying that he could be a beneficiary so next senior most judge , Justice saeed uz zaman siddiuqe formed a ten member bench.

    A bench of SC in peshwar comprising of another three judges approved the decision of quetta bench.

    Bench headed by Sajjad Ali shah in islamabad on 27 nov overturned the decision of quetta bench on technical grounds that any such consitutional petitions should only be taken up at principal seat in isb by CJ

    On 28 NOv , when bench headed by CJ (held in abeyance) was hearing case against NS , ml crowd summoned form lahore by SS attacked the SC and judges had to leave the courtroom.

    For dec 1, 1997 , two roosters were issued , one five member bench by CJ sajjad shah was to hear petition against 13th amendment and 10 member bench headed by saeed uz zamad siiddique for case against cj appointment. Saeed bench was originaly 15 member but only 10 judges sat on that as five sided with CJ

    Cj bench suspended the 13th amendments without issuing ntoice to anybody. AG Ch. Farooq ran to other bench which immedilately overruled the other bench decision and ordered the federal govt to dentoify CJ sajjad ali shah as his appointment was ultra vire.

    President Farooq leghari refused to denotify sajjad ali shah and resigned. Later wasim sajjad , acting preident acted on SC order denotifyinh sajjad ali shah and appointed ajmal mian as CJ and this was later confirmed by a full bench on around 20th dec , 1997.

    Sajjad ali shah went on leaves and retired in Feb , 98 on attaining age of 65.

    in mid nov , 97 COAS was abroad and was called back to mediate between pm and cj on his behest deffred the cases against pm for one week which sharif brothers used to turn tide against Cj.

    Sajjad ali shah wrote to COAS under article 190 for help and COAS sent this letter to secretary defence for instructions.

    IN my view , the fate of CJ was decided by this act of Coas.

    Source of this long story

    a) My memory of old days , when aatish jawan thaa

    b) Sajjad Ali Shah auto biography

    c) Ajmal mian biography

    For any students , i would recommend both these books and should be read in conjunction, this will really enlighten .

  • Siddiqi sb

    We should discuss the issues . Here is no reference of IK but u have brough that for nothing.

    Same can be said about NS that when he was dethroned, a punjab police DSP was in PM house, this DSP was actually a malshia (masseur) of Nawaz Sharif and found with some objectionable instruments. Hope you remember that as well :)

    PARDEY mein rehaney doo , parda utth giya tu bhaid khul jaaey gaa ::)

  • khan jee,

    Crowd was from both gujrat and lahore . Btw , no one from gujrat was convicted by Mian Munir , Tariq Aziz (MNA's from lahore ) and Akhtar Rasool (MPA from Lahroe) were convited in this case.

  • @SA,

    Thanks for moralistic and ethical lecture. Any nonsensical crap initiated by the sheep herd will invariably bring Imran "David Koresh" Khan into the frame as well.

    And as for your second paragraph, quit swinging to the tune of this malicious propaganda by Muthaida Quomi Mujra Movement whose godfather Ustad Tabla Master along with the agencies spread this grotesque lie to which nothing tangible has ever surfaced. In conclusion, I can't help it if your are infatuated with such rubber and plastic toys.

  • @ Sharif Aadmi ... Very well written account on that incident that is one black mark on PML-N 's Leadership.

    But, NS 's stance on 2008 's struggle for restoration of Judiciary must did some "catharsis" for him on that . People Learn with time and i believe he must have learnt his lesson from that 1997 incident. Similarly his current stance on Anti Establishment is commendable regardless of PML-N 's Birth History in a Dictator's regime. I have many doubts regarding PML-N's opposition to current government, vision and governance style. But it improved also regarding its positions.

    @Siddiqi73 bhai , Sometimes it is hard to believe that a person like you who can write with such eloquence , in both english and urdu, can think one dimensional only.

  • Yeh Nawaz Shareef ka issue hi naheen hay

    This is history

    From where was that CJ

  • That CJ was from the corrupt lot

    He did not deserve to be a CJ

    A junior judge who was just appointed as CJ because in 1990 he said BN govt was not corrupt

    But alas

    In 1996 he had to realise that BN govt was corrupt and stamped it

    There is a saying

    "auqat say ziada mil jana"

    Same happened with him

    He could not digest the respect

  • People are running out of current issues or Ilzam :), and start again this very old subject.

  • Sid bahi

    Leave mush or mqm aside , whole Lahore knows of mian sb Kay 'shooq' Kay Barry Mein. There was a pakora wala in gawalmandi , mian sb OSS ki Baat ka Inkar nahi kartey thay . U know mian sb Bachpan say hi khoobsorat aur shooqeen Mizaj hainn . Baray log , nawabs Waley shooqeen

    Sheeshey Kay ghar Mein baith kar sangbari nahi kiya kartey:) chill out

  • Volcano bahi

    Sajjad ali shah didn't hear the dissolution of assemblies case on1990

    He was member of bench which restored ns in1993 and only member who differed with majority view and wrote his dissenting note

    As far as izzat hazm honey Kii Baat hai , log pm ban jatey hain Leikn. (;

  • @ SA, Bravo!! Quite a grip you have on topic.

  • ThX dusky

    My objective is to discuss issues and share my perspective with others and vice versa

    Our youth is very energetic but often is very depoliticized and lacks knowledge of history

    Anyhow , this comment is pretty general and not intended for anyone specific

  • @SA,

    With such conviction, I can say with confidence that either you are that Naan Pakora wala out of Gawalmundi or a near perfect replica of a Greek God of Sun who had his share of such escapades while growing up.

    Whatever it is homie, you instead need to guzzle down a pitcher full of lassi and quit being so apt to taking offence.

  • Though Sharif Aadmi has given a detailed account, let me add some more points:

    1- Sajjad Ali Shah was no holy cow, nor was he Iftikhar Ch. He would egg his closed one to bring up petitions b4 him. Su mottos were very common. One interesting case he wanted to hear was that he though his age was wrong in the documents as he thought he was a lot younger. Having been a CJ, he would have easily won the case.

    2- Sajjad Ali Shah had some 'Feroniat'. NS obeyed him by appearing before his bench but he observed with an air of arrogance, "he has not appeared himself, we made him doing so" . Remember it was 1997; the very same year NS got 2/3rd mandate from people. The striking down of 13th and 14th amendments (both passed unanimously) with a one stroke of pen was a manifestation that SAS had no regard for the parliament.

    The attack, though condemnable and no way condonable, was not pre-planned but an unfortunate spontaneous reaction of those present at the spot. NS when came to know was shocked and said, "buhat bura huwa".

    3- The PCO of 2000 was actually initiated and strongly pusrsued by Sajjad Ali Shah in order to teach the SC judges a lesson.