4000 Hand Grenades Recovered From Karachi, What Was ANP Plan?

  • No large scaled criminal activity is possible without political backing. All the political parties are full of criminals.

  • Now ANP will come out and hold a press conference stating:

    1. Those got caught are not its members, but using ANP name.

    2. Those granades were planted by its rival group to malign ANP.

    3. We condemn all sorts of terrorism, and demand for a judicial inquiry into this issue.

    Then a committee will be formed where "high drama" would be played on for a few days......nothing substantial will come out, MQM would raise for a few days, PPP would ask ANP to support its cause in assembly, jailed ANP criminals would be set free.....AND THE LIFE WILL RETURN TO NORMAL, end of story!!!!!

  • SAK

    We all are tired of the dramas mentioned in your post. These dramas are like Pakistani and Indian films, similar stories and similar ends. As we can tell a story of a Pakistani and Indian film even without watching it, so is the case with dramas staged by political parties.

  • MQM propoganda machine working full time on internet sites as soon as target killing in Karachi is acrried out by sector wale under orders of the Hijra Don of Edgware

  • Terrorist groups in Karachi have enough fire power to wage an all-out war against the state. ANP is indeed a badmash group.

    We need a strong political, and by political I mean no badmashi, opposition in Karachi.

  • @Obaid Sahib,

    But how any strong political opposition would stand against the fire power if any group is supposed to have it.

  • That is a good question Easy. It will be very difficult but unfortunately this is the only solution.

    The issue is, you cant win from sitting terrorists of Karachi from fire powers. They have amassed piles of firepower and terrorist training which they demonstrate every so often on the streets of Karachi.


  • @LHR Bhai,

    What exactly do you have an issue with; a Hijara being a Don or a Mafioso being a Hijra or for that a Hijra Don is operating out of Edgware?

  • Siddiqi bhai

    I dont have an issue with any of these .........but perhaps an issue when innocent keep dying on our streets on daily basis .....to keep drug and drink supplies running for the Hijara/Don/Mafiasco of Edgware...

  • @LHR,

    Worry not brother.....Oonth kabhi tu Pahar kay Neechay aai ga.

  • Hijara/Don/Mafiasco of Edgware???

    you mean Altaf Bobby?

  • ^^^^ You ought to know better BS since you own the patent on the name "Altaf Bobby" :D

  • Bhai logon,

    Better stick to the thread, and comment on the cache of ammunition recovered, for ur usual MQM hatred and bashing other threads are available?

  • سب سے اھم بات تو یہ سوچنے سمجھنے اور کھوج لگانے والی ہے کہ چار ہزار دستی بم کراچی پوھنچے کیسے

    کیا کوئی ان کو جیب میں ڈال کر لایا تھا

    ایجنسیاں اسوقت کیا سوئی ہوئی تھیں یا نسوار بیچ رہی تھیں یا بریانی کھا رہی تھیں یا لسی پی کر خراٹے مار رہی تھیں

    ف ج

  • There is unimaginable amount of arms and ammunition amassed in Karachi by all terrorist groups.

    These agencies are good for nothing. From news reports, it appears to me the explosives are transported in and out like apples. An army operation in Karachi is no more an option. If the terrorists groups operating in Karachi declare a war on each other, who knows it will turn into nuclear war between sohrab goth, lyari and Liaquatabad.

    Last week or so I was watching in news, some really high explosive rocket launchers and tank shikan explosives were found from Karachi central district.

  • Obaid bhai,

    Amrs bantey kaheen aur hein, laata koyee aur hey, saari agencies sotee rehtee hein raastey mein, aur operation Karachi mein chahiye?

    Umer Sharif yaad aagaya, kisi dramey mein uski beti usko apney dreams bata rahee teeh magar end mein Daddy (umer sharif) ki laash hi nazar aatee teeh.Aap ka bhi kucheh aisa hi haal hey, agar aisey hi raha to Sarahd badley g tarikh........

  • @bsobaid

    That Anti Air Craft Guns episode was just scripted, because of PROMOTION matter.


  • ok guy, but still pretty lethal.

    @ginn and juice, agencies are good for nothing. Even if arms are brought in and made elsewhere they are brought into karachi and used here, so people who are actually using it must be tried along with people doing the smuggling. Teh thingi s, you cant put your hands on groups who have all these weapons in Karachi anymore.

  • @Obaid bhai, No arguement about punishing the users of illegal arms. My family too lives in Karachi and I m equally or more worried about them and all other citizens. But who has the capability to conduct the operation? do you favour quota system in conducting operation too or you call for indiscriminate operation for illegal arms accross the country lets say start from larkana or lahore or peshawer.