• IN 2002 PMLQ CANIDATE TAHIR SHAH win this seat.

    in 2008 ppp ANAYAT LI SHAH win this seat,,while pml q in second and a indipendend canidate qaiser shaikh in third.

    in these days tahir shah join pti while pml n give ticket to qaiser shaikh(pml n foreign president)

    while MPA under na 86 ILAYS CHINOTI and ex MNA MOLVI REHMATU LAAH join pml n,,,,,i think we see a close compition,,,,

  • Na-86 is jhang-1 not chinnyot...yes chinyot and jhung are neighbors.

    in 2008

    Syed Anayat Ali Shah PPPP 57583

    Qaisar Ahmed Sheikh Independent 39605

    Muhammad Ashraf Khan Chadhar Independent 669

    Muhammad Tahir Shah PML 40829

    In 2013

    Qaisar ahmmed sheik PML N

    Muhammad tahir shah PTI

    Syed Anayat Ali Shah PPPP

    Majority of the Population in this constituency is Shah...Further Cm Punjab has devoted a lot of funds for chinyot and also given it the status of if PPPP shah does not got much vote then this vote will go in the favour of PML N....PML N can win this seat in neck to neck contast/...

  • @MuazzamAli

    Qaiser Ahmed Sheikh has joined PTI so PTI have 2 options now.

    PMLN might give ticket to Qaiser Mehmood Sheikh (PMLN overseas president and a businessman).Molana Rehmatullah is other option for PMLN though he is very old now.

    Also Chinyot has been given status of District and not of a division. So this constituency will be not Chinyot-1.

  • @ daani bhai.

    but i have heard that Qaiser Ahmed Sheikh has joined PMLN. any idea ?