Many PTI leaders want to contest polls from city


    Many PTI leaders want to contest polls from city

    • Sources say Shah Mehmood, Javed Hashmi reluctant to contest from native constituencies

    By Kashif Hussain

    LAHORE: A rift has developed among mainstream political figures of the emerging political party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), to contest next general elections from the provincial capital, sources told Daily Times on Tuesday.

    Though the capital city of the province is known as a hub of the provincial ruling party, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), but after a successful public meeting and appreciation from youth, the PTI leaders are seeing the city as a ‘political nucleus’ for their party. Sources told this scribe that PTI chief Imran Khan and key leader Shah Mehmood Qureshi are willing to contest next general elections from one constituency comprising posh areas of the city, like Defence, Cantonment and Gulberg.

    The sources further informed that another prominent political figure of the party, Syed Javed Hashmi, had also showed his desire to take part in the elections from NA-123 (Lahore) because he had won elections twice from the same constituency in the past. But, the sources said that another PTI leader, Mian Hamid Meraj, who had deep roots in NA-123, has started his election campaign in the constituency to show his personal vote bank against Javed Hashmi.

    The PTI sources also informed that former minister Abdul Aleem Khan, who has recently joined the PTI, also wanted to secure his seat from his previous constituency, NA-127, while some other party leaders, like Ejaz Chaudhry and Shabbir Sial, were also trying to get tickets from the same constituency.

    Zaheer Khokhar, who had already faced a defeat in by-elections on a provincial seat from southern constituency PP-160 (Lahore), was contesting for the party ticket of the National Assembly seat from NA-128, which is currently held by the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), sources said.

    Abdur Rasheed Bhatti and Sardar brothers of Manga Mandi area were also willing to field themselves in the next general election from NA-128 as it was their native area and all of them have now joined the PTI. Sources said that they all were vying for the party ticket from this constituency.

    Some other PTI leaders like party’s provincial chief Ahsan Rasheed, Lahore Chapter President Mehmoodur Rasheed, as well as Chaudhry Asghar Ali Gujjar, were also willing to contest general elections from Lahore constituencies, sources added.

    The sources said that Shah Mehmood Qureshi and Javed Hashmi were seriously considering contesting election only from Lahore as they had fears of defeat from their native constituencies of Multan after President Asif Ali Zardari’s open support for the establishment of southern Punjab as a separate province and results of by-elections on seats vacated by them in their native constituencies in which the PPP candidate and the son of prime minister, Musa Gilani, had obtained around 95,000 votes against other political parties’ candidates.

  • Syed Javed Hashmi, had also showed his desire to take part in the elections from NA-123 (Lahore) because he had won elections twice from the same constituency in the past<<<<

    And the monkeys would fly! JH is demented to think that he can win anything, even his own constituency. NA-123 is the personal den of Nawaz Sharif and who ever has won from the this constituency in the past, had the blessings of NS and NS alone. Even JH owes all his previous triumphs from this constituency to NS.

  • @asif86

    bro keep dreaming ...... Hasmi cant even save "zarzamanat" frm NA 123. bul k i must Say k PTI's candidate can only save zamant in just 6 constituencies out of 13 in Lahore .and these r as fellow . NA 122, NA 125, NA 126, NA, 127 NA 128,129. while they cud only won one which is NA 128 .

    @Siddiqi bahi.

    Hasmi never won his home seat mean NA 148 and he is been elected as MNA frm Lahore , pindi and NA 149 only on Nawaz sharif Name . U see ordanary worker like zaeem qadri and Shakeel awan won on pmln ticket.he cud not get 10000 votes on PTI ticket . its cahllange to all burgers . u see

  • I think it is a good strategy by PTI top brass. When they get routed, at least their janaza will have some Lahori style dhoom dhaam!

  • NA-123...Hashmi never visited this constituency...if Hashmi contested from this constituency...then "Zamant Zabat" ho jaya g Hashmi ki...yes if Mian Hamid Miraj fight from this seat then they will get votea...Hashmi from Na-123 will be full desaster for PTi same if Shah Mahmood Fought from Lahore...

  • @ GT bahi

    hahahahhahaha right . one more thing i guess for them it is less embarising to lose against PMLN in lahore rather than losing To pmln in Multan . more over Ik ,Shahmehmood and Hashmi will prefor to losr agisnt sharif family candidates to atleast say after defeat taht thay have lost to some leador rathar tahn a ordinarory worker like Dr.Saeed Ilaahi.

  • GT Sahib

    Lahorees are normally very respectful on janazas ...however if it is a political janaza than instead of dhoom dhaam ....arrangements are made for a high quality littar prade

  • @Chaudary Sahib

    For IK's party 'zarzamanat' of its candidates, particularly for JH is not a big deal........its only a few thousand rupees ...and their donors and supporters both national and internal are very rich and normally provide funding in US$.

    If these are not adequate than IK has Mr Kasoori as a secret fundraiser.....who has 'corporate contacts' at international level ....with countries which are not even on the maps?

  • @Lhr bhai.

    waisy this cud be a gud idea . socha ja sakta hai .

  • @ lHR bahi

    ahhahahahaha right . waisy eik baat hai Lahore mein haar k PTI wale bohat akar se phiran gay . akhir Nawaz sharif se haaren gay .

  • pmln k mulazmo itna taraptay q ho jab election ho ga pata chal jaye ga kis ke zamanat zabat hoti hay aur kon london bhagta hay. koi changi nokri lab lo haram khoron say k paiso say zarur guzara chalana hay.

  • @alimuhammad abusive language i will say nothing..when your leader use such an abusive language then you have right too...yes elections will prove and in last 16 years of elections History have proved that PTI is not more than a cake...If any one want prove that pasha was on the pay role of Imran i can give it...My brother is in Army.His Leftinent General told him about the meeting which took place in weeding cermony where Pasha was too there...that was happened 1 month before its retirement.......if one want to listen whole story i can narrate....

  • If these are not adequate than IK has Mr Kasoori as a secret fundraiser <<<<


    Khurshid Yahood can also call upon the Zionist butchers in the Comatose Ariel Sharone, BB Netanyahu, Shin Bet and Mossad to bail out P0nka Khan.

    @alimuhammad Bhai,

    Mein nay aap ko kaal hee sincerely welcome kiya tha discussion forum par. Ab agar aap nay apni yeh gharilo zaban istammal karni hai tu hum aap ko thori hee dair mein "Kaala Paani" ki vacations par bhaij dain gai.

    Please act sober and refrain from using such colourful language since each and everyone of us out here are more than proficient in such verbage.

  • @ muazzamali

    where i used abusive language bro?

    and i agree last 16 years PTI was no where even before 2008 but halat badal chukay hain

    yes imran confessed his meeting with pasha in wedding but not in the darks of night

    and can u narrate relationship story of NS with zia ul haq jab NS har party k dar pay aik mpa ke ticket k liye jata tha.

  • @siddiqi

    Khurshid Yahood can also call upon the Zionist butchers in the Comatose Ariel Sharone, BB Netanyahu, Shin Bet and Mossad to bail out P0nka Khan.

    Jee jee "....with countries which are not even on the maps?"

  • @ siddiqi

    i think i am far sober than u u often show ur backgroung here pehlay khud tameez seekho phir aglay say expect karo simple sule.

  • @alimuhammad Bhai,

    Bhaijaan, jaisay aap ki marzi....phir complain mut karna kay tumharay saath balatkaar ho giya hai.

  • PTI has become the inevitable choice of the people.It will upset all the political parties in the upcoming election.No matter if IK do not gets a majority in the assembly,even then he will have his chance to make government by some political alliances.And even if he don't do so,he will still make a very tough opposition,not like that of PMLN.

  • excellent analysis

    however i am not sure how PTI will upset all the political parties..... I however hope it will not be by name calling their leaders?

    as regards alliances of PTI....I have no doubt MQM, ANP, PMLQ and Maulana Fazl will be looking for a senior party like PTI to help them meet their objectives and pre-election pledges

    also there is no doubt that if PTI has to sit in opposition it will make a very tough opposition......No doubt it will not waste a second and resign from assemblies like it expects PMLN to do?

  • @ siddiqi

    are u administrator here?