Good News For MQM Haters.

  • The man looks to be overreacting.

  • The MQM haters would be elated when besides Layari, such an operation would be launched in Azizabad, Orangi, Korangi and North Karachi as well.

    As for this d0uchebag presenter, someone out to slap this wannabe Peter Jennings silly.

  • bechara pheli bar lagta kisi gang warfare ki coverage ki hai.

    Those who believe that the guy over-reacting then i would ask them how many times have the bullets passed their heads for them to say confidently that the guy is being too emotional.

  • operation had been done in liaquatabad, nazimabad and other areas, but biased, narrow minded, and discriminative people don't realise that not a single bullet was fired in these areas on police and rangers, but here we see all types of fires in retaliation. This is the difference between operation in lyari and other parts of karachi. People of karachi know it very well that where are fire arms and where are target killer and bhatta khors and haram khores for this reason they support mqm

  • Yeah kia kesi burger ko reporting ke liay behej dia?

    remind me hockey commentary

    sami ullah... sami ullah se Kaleem ullah... kaleem ullah se hassan sardar.oooooooorrrrrrr gaend goal se bhar

  • Mana... presentation buhut immature thee .. Lekin Koshish ke pooray number milaiN gay .... Bullets ke durmyan aisi video banana , Khaala ji ka Ghar nahi ...

    We should acknowledge that , Doing such reporting is far difficult than sitting in front of our computer and Blogging in this forum .. so the guy , maybe , due to his amateurish foible, while he may not deserve your praise .. he does not deserve such ridicule also.

  • Agree with you @justhuman

    The ambitious boy almost put himself in danger for unrewarding public.

  • I acknowledge that he has done well by reporting amongst the bullets,but seriously if you watch carefully the residents of that area are acting so normal.In the end you will see an old man strolling,while the reporter is crying that the place is very dangerous.The passengers are getting off the bus just like nothing is happening around.But the reporter is trying to take refuge behind the bus.

  • @Addul Rafay ,,,, Yeah he looked overreacting at times to make it dramatic. While People looked Immune to that cross fire .. seems like they are used to of seeing that type of stuff , happening every other day .. Tragedy!!

    Muskhile'N mujh pay itni PaRai'N ke aaSa'N hogai'N ...

    Kay misdaq :

    GooliaN mujh pay itni Chalee'N ke Kaliya'N Hogai'N

    Anyways still his effort served the purpose to see the glimpse of the life of the people living in Gang War ridden area.

  • The reporter and cameramen should be applauded for providing people a glimpse of what's going on in Liyari. If he did a jig here and there to impress his employer then he deserved the effort because getting a job in Pak is difficult. Unfortunately for the reporter, other people around him appeared to be normal belittling reporter's attempt of getting a Pullitzer.

    Anyway!, competition in news media is getting stiffer, so his attempt should be understood and not ridiculed. Hence I salute to the reporter and the cameraman!!!