Gang of evils

  • Tomorrow on 26Th April 2012 the dishonest prime minister of Pakistan Yousaf Raza is going to Supreme court to hear the decision of in the case in which he is trying to hide the corrouption of an other dishonest person Asif Ali Bhutto ( Zardari).In his defense Yousaf Raza is saying that he is saving the constitution of Pakistan.Which is totally baseless, as he is also trying to save Asif, just to save his family oriented corrouption. It is also announced that that yousaf Raza will go to court alongwith his cabniet of evils and monsters. On the other hand the crook federal interior minister ( A man of all with none )is also also appealing to PPPP workers not to come court due to security reasons. Let me say Mr. minster to whom you are going to make fool, because the request not to come is actually the request to call fools of party to support another fool of party.And all those who will do this tommorrow will not serve the nation and country.They will only serve the corrouption mafia. After doing that no one from any party will be in position to defend themseles by ifs and buts.